Portrayed By Adam Cowie
Gender Male
Aliases Rio
Place of Birth Somewhere near Southern Hold
Occupation AWLM / Hunter
Dragon Bronze Wiliyeth
Current Location Fort Weyr


A pair of deep blue eyes gives stark contrast as they stare back under a deeply tan brow. Dark brown hair that has been trimmed short enough to keep his ears warm but not long enough to be easily grasped is kept in a wild mess atop his head. Standing just under six feet tall, with broad muscular shoulders, thick arms and legs that have well defined muscles, his chest is square and while he does not have much body-fat, he is by no means gangly. A strong jaw-line is starting to take shape as his face starts to take shape into the man he will become. He has laugh lines at the corner of his eyes and mouth. A ragged and jagged scar that runs the length of the outside of his face starting at the tip of his right eyebrow all the way down to fallow the curve of his chin.

He is wearing a button up long sleeve shirt that is a dark red with dark brown pants. About his waist is a belt of black leather that is hand tooled with a floral design, finished with an antiqued silver buckle set. His mid-calf high boots are shined and polished to reflection. There is a knot attached to his shoulder that shows he is a resident to Fort Weyr.


Riohra was born middle child of a 4 generational hunting clan, he was born down near Southern Hold, his family would move around fallowing game and trading with other cot holders in the area. When he was 15 turns the family patriarch, his maternal grandfather, died…his Father became the head of the group and decided to go back to the place of his birth near Peyton Hold. That was 3 turns ago, Now a full-fledged hunter in his own right he is currently looking to trade with the Fort Weyr and establish a more permanent contract with them.


Name Relation Location Position
Celebran Father Near Peyton Hold Hunter
Divina Mother Near Peyton Hold Caregiver
Aerian Older Sister Near Peyton Hold Hunter
Gronci Older Brother Near Peyton Hold Healer
Grenkin Younger Sister Near Peyton Hold Twin to Tralia
Tralia Younger Sister Near Peyton Hold Twin to Grenkin
Brom Younger Brother Near Peyton Hold Child
Racquel Younger Sister Near Peyton Hold Twin to Danina
Danina Younger Sister Near Peyton Hold Twin to Racquel
Piper Adopted Sister Fort Weyr Huntress in training

People likes to call Friend

Name Relationship Location Notes
Kassala Undefinable Love Fort Weyr Jr. Weyrwoman
Catwin Friend Half Moon Bay Good friend
Sephany Friend Fort Weyr Sounding Board and Expert on all things Clothing
Eiram Friend Fort Weyr Fellow mischief maker and possible protege
Carellos Friend Fort Weyr Fellow Pie enthusiast
X'fyr First Friend Fort Weyr First Person he met and who showed him around the Weyr, also the one who glitter-bombed him!!!!
S'van Good Friend Half Moon Bay Learning how to be a Great man and is missed.
Baylee Good Friend Half Moon Bay Keeper of the ways of 'Do what I say.'
Tanit Friend Half Moon Bay Swim Coach, and fellow hustler of drunken sailors
Leuka Friend Fort Weyr Master of Musical Mayhem and Lover of many women


Lost Everything He Ever Loved Or Feared Bronze Wiliyeth

Well-framed and not ill-formed, he is none the less no city-slick prettyboy of a bronze. From over-pronounced headknobs to sure-footed paws, from the flare of canvas-stretched 'sails to the emphatic punctuation point of his tail, he is sturdy, solid-hulled. It is clear he was constructed with care, though by no master's hand: the striated variation in his hide carved with the grain, rather than against. While gifted with an expressiveness ranging from sardonic to sincere, there's something in the lines of his broad-planed face that says clearly: this dragon's heart will be always faithful.


Qorten: Bonded at HMW during Candidacy.
The end of this Firelizard's nose is turned up maybe just a bit more than most, be it a physical thing or a conscious air he has, no one could really tell simply by looking at him. Beneath a dark brow, sparkling eyes scrutinize everything, taking the world in and perhaps trying to understand it. The majority of his hide is creamy brown colored, the color flowing over his neck, shoulders and back to his tail. Upon closer examination the creamy surface reveals hints of the darker blend, swirling as if recently stirred, appearing to be set in motion as the dragon shifts and moves. Darker areas, like his wingsails, are a rich brown that seem almost bitter - no cream — compared to the lighter flavors. Nearly black they are so brown, his wings are strong, just what one would need to be kept up for the duration of Fall or flight. Grounded, he stands on what will prove to be powerful legs, with percolating muscles ready to send him forward, or upward.

Krayt: Bonded at Fort Weyr during Candidacy.
The forces of darkness envelop this bronze firelizard in shades of the sooty oblivion, cloaking his form in his own personal night. Darkened neckridges flow down a charcoal-touched spine, the occasional glimmer of unearthly green-gold appearing across his wide chest and the tips of his highly polished toes. Obsidian varnishes haunches and flanks, while exquisitely tailored wingsails seem to trap all the light that touches them, save for the swirling galaxy pinpoint stars that has been liberally sprinkled across the surface.


Title OOC Date Cast
Xerosaeth's Maiden Flight January 13, 2018 Kassala, R'hra, Lu'ka, I'am, with mention of: J'en, Ila'den, and Z'ki
Brah! July 10, 2018 Phineas, R'hra
Kezresan Searched! July 11, 2018 Kassala, R'hra, and kezresan
Nanny Duty! July 14, 2018 Phineas, R'hra
Kezresan, Carellos, Phineas Egg Touching July 20, 2018 Kassala, R'hra, Kezresan, Carellos, and Phineas
In the Saddle Again August 4, 2018 R'hra, Aignes
Mugged! August 5,2018 Phineas,R'hra, Kezresan, Aignes
A Midnight's Hatching! August 11, 2018 Aignes, Carellos, Phineas Kaetryn, Kassala, Kezresan, M'icha, Nyalle, R'hra Th'ero