Sex Male
Dragon Zhieth
Flits Poison Ivy
Shai Hulud
Craft Healer
Rank Journeyman
Specialty Obstetrics
Mentor none
Posting Fort Weyr (on hold due to weyrlinghood)
Age 22
Birth Place Telgar Weyr
Significant Other(s) N'drei
Children Darius
OOC Casting Call Chance Crawford


Pralius is a tall lad, more than a little too long in the leg. His extended appearance makes him seem gawky, almost out of place in whatever he might choose to wear. His hair is a light, sandy blonde, trimmed short and kept neatly in place by its length alone. Bedhead would seem almost impossible for him. His eyes are a light, dusty hazel, varying between greens, blues, and browns depending on the environment and his clothing of choice, so most often they settle in a light greeny range.

Resting low on the waist a pair of khaki cargo pants are cinched with a brown utility belt just above the button flap. The pants themselves are loosely fitted and tuck into brown workboots which are dark in color and made of soft leather. His shirt is a soft chambray and fits somewhat loosely as well with rollable sleeves should the need arise. Topping it all is a brown bomber-style jacket bearing a patch on the upper right sleeve which signifies the wearer as a Healer.

Purple and white twine together in this simple and worn Sr. Apprentice's knot. A deep brown tassle hangs from the apex denoting him as posted to Fort Weyr. The non-tassle portion of the knot is faded with turns of wear and the ends of the long single tail have become frayed, kept from unraveling only by a few deft stiches.


Pralius was born in Telgar Weyr to Prail, one of the lower caverns workers there. He never knew his father, at least not that he knows of, and if his mother knew who it was, she wasn't telling either. He lived in Telgar until he was 12 and, instead of waiting to be searched or not, he decided to move on. It wasn't that he didn't like the idea of a dragon, he just didn't care to waste his life waiting.

Instead, he sought and received an apprenticeship at the Healer Hall. He gladly move half-way across Pern and to much colder climes just to study healing. While many apprentices lean towards a speciality within only a few turns of study, it took Pralius a bit longer. He'd been a Senior Apprentice nearly 3 turns before he settled on general practice, more from a lack of ability to decide between other specialities than from any special love of it. His subsequent assignment to Fort Weyr caught him completely by surprise, but he went willingly and with new winter clothing.

During his first Turn he was shocked when Turns of disinterest in the opposite sex was overturned by one simple kiss. Moreover, a kiss that was meant to be nothing but a joke. Somehow, though, it brought Pralius and Wyndrei together in a way neither of them had expected. They had a few months together before they finally decided to move in together. Woe of woes, not a sevenday later Wyn had been searched by D'mos for Choth and Garanth's clutch.

After that, several hard months passed, wanting to be together but not being able to be. During Wyn's candidacy, her brother Milo seemed almost like the emotion police. Every hug, or light kiss was treated with a harsh word by the younger lad. His brief encounter with her older brother, bronzerider M'el, was, well, awkward.

The day of the hatching came and left Pralius torn between joy and depression. His love impressed green Shisuth. Over the Turn and a half of the green-pair's Weyrlinghood, the relationship difficulties continued. For the first few sevendays they feared even to touch because of the confusion the rush of emotions might cause the young green.

As time went on, they sent eachother notes, keeping in touch as best they could until Shisuth was old enough to understand what held them together.


Name Relation Location Position Age NPC/Adoptable
Prail Mother Telgar Weyr Cook +28 yes/no
K'rius Father Telgar Weyr Rider to Perseverance Through the Storm Brown Kilaneth +15 yes/yes
Master Rafael Former Mentor Healer Hall Master Healer of Obstetrics +6.3.? yes/no
N'drei (Wyn) WeyrMate Fort Weyr Rider to The Hunter's Forested Defense Green Shisuth +0.6.4 no/no
Flavia Half-Sister (K'rius) Fort Weyr Beastcrafter - 5.3.6 no/no
Enka Foster Sister Ista Weyr Jr. WeyrWoman to Ollie Ollie Oxen Free Gold Miraneith -2.3.14 no/no
Noelle Half-sister (Prail) Fort Weyr Stablehand -6.1.3 no/no
Darius Son Fort Weyr Baby -22.4.24 yes/no


Toxic Treasure Gold Poison Ivy
Deeply Forged Diamond Bronze Shai Hulud
Perilously Patterned Bronze Tiger
Prince of Fools Brown Harkonnen
Eternal Impaler Brown Vlad
"It's a Lake Monster!" Blue Aquarius
What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen Green Slither
Egg Machine Green Yoshi


Environmental Hazard Blue Zhieth

Immersed in the waters of the loneliest depths of the ocean, this dragon has been forged with the darkest pigments of Prussian blue ever to be seen. It becomes nearly black on the splice of his proportionate tail and along the lines of his tapered jowls. Cast in this subaqueous shroud, the definition of his muscle is lost on hide drowned in the inky surface, only after taking closer inspection would one be able to witness that this dragon is built for aerial superiority. In fact, a narrow chest and small compact rib cages tailor him with a streamlined body, that paired with long reaching wings will make him one of the elite most flyers of Pern. And yet, the dark fathomless pattern of color is shocked by a brilliant glow of toxic azure and periwinkle that dapple his rear haunches in a sheen of oily residue, which further becomes surrounded by patches of a blue so dark it blackens. This molten mixture is then mottled alongside his tail and sweeps to the point just underneath his wings. Further pools of gleaming periwinkle are socked on his wide feet. Each foot neither showing the same color scheme or pattern as any of the others. Each toe being dipped uniquely to host a sharp pearlescent talon. Craggy neck ridges also see this sporadic display of periwinkle, like the tips of frothing waves, it rolls down from the top mast of his head toward the center press of his wing muscles. Higher up, the trailing edges of his wings, sails, and wing spars catch the mist of these frothing waves, as if constantly buffeting the rolling tide of the sea.

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