Portrayed By ?????
Gender Female
Aliases Pip
Place of Birth ?????
Occupation ????
Current Location Fort Weyr


Smooth, beachy waves of brilliant red fall from the crown on this young ladys head to just past her waist. Her hair is interwoven with tiny braids and pulled delicately out of her face with combs, pins and other such accouterments. Her face is delicate, and oval, her ears slightly pointed at the top. Her eyes glow the deep green of the hidden glens of Pern. Her nose and mouth are both small, but well shaped and add elegance to her graceful features. She is lightly muscled throughout the flow of her lithe form. Arms, legs, hands and feet are all appropriate in size. Her hands bear no callouses and her skin is near flawless.
Her clothing consists of a well tailored dress in rather fine fabrics. Smooth lilac cotton covers her torso, filmy sleeves of a nearly transparent black fabric covers the bodice and her arms in delicate sleeves. A fine skirt falls in an a-line pattern from her waist to her ankles, but the fabric is now a lighter lavender fabric, again covered in the transparent black to darken the shade. At the hems of the skirt are bronzed designs sewn expertly around the skirts, elegant floral patterns that are obviously hand stitched.


Piper is the bastard daughter of a Blooded bastard. One of the offshoots of the Southern Boll family. She hasnt always had it easy though. She may dress fine, and look fine and not honestly want for much, but tragedy is at the heart of this young ladys life.
Her tale is one that is not unheard of, but fraught with danger. As a child, no more than fifteen or so, her father and mother decided it would be best if Piper and her mother leave the Hold, so as to not embarrass the family any further. Beginning a long journey away from their home, they were sent off with plenty to see them comfortably in a new life. Along the perilous journey, the group they were traveling with were ambushed by renegades! Men and women were killed, including Pipers mother. The children, girls and boys were all kidnapped and taken to a raider camp.
Luckily for those poor children, whatever the bandits were planning for them, their plans were disrupted by a wing of dragonmen (and ladies) who were hunting said renegades. As the outlaws fled into the darkness, not one thought to take their prisoners or spoils with them. As the children were freed by the dragonriders, Piper picked through the things left behind, finding her mothers purse in the sands, dropped, with the precious currency in it for her to begin anew.
The riders were from Fort, as it turns out, and all those orphaned were taken there. Many split off for other Weyrs, Holds, and Crafts to reunite with family, or find their own way. Whoever her father was, he wanted none of her, and so there Piper stays for now, trying to find her own way through life.


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