Ringlets slip down this teen's head, blond rides the waves down, dancing past her shoulders before washing up midway down her back. It's parted off on the right side so that one solitary wave dips down, nearly covering an eye before corkscrews continue the rest of the length. Her eyes are startling blue, stormy cerulean which slowly converges to ash towards the pupil. Slender arched darker blonde brows are plucked to hold their current form while a nose that's slightly too big for her cream hued face can be found above plump pink lips. Her form is slight, lacking much of a chest or curves that could possibly make her appear more womanly. As it stands it's easy to judge her at about sixteen turns as she hardly reaches a height of five foot four.

An expanse of pale blue, ties around her neck and snuggly fits around her rather non-existent chest before it drops down to the floor. It's a dress for warmer weather, light, airy, and something that loves to frolic in the wind. The bottom half dances with each step of a small sandaled foot. Bracelets made of different materials (Hide, beads, rock, shell, and even bits of metal) slide up her left hand while only a solitary braid of black and red adorns the right. Wooden rings of different sizes and types of wood can be found on several of her fingers on both hands.



Nayale and Nyekal were born on during the calm before an unforgiving winter storm slammed into Benden Weyr. It was an unforgettable time for their parents, who ushered in the twins the same day that their oldest child, Yalean, was killed mere hours later. Storms up there gave and took, as the couple knew all too well. While the pair, Y'ka, a bluerider, and Nalae, a journeyman woodcrafter, found it difficult, raising two newborn children with the death of their first son still so raw, it wasn't long before their life settled into normalcy. Things of course were never /exactly/ the same, for as long as Naya could remember, her mother would cry every time a big storm could be heard howling outside. After turns of trying to suffer through it, combined with the fact that Naya had developed a fear of storms due mostly to her mother's reaction, the family took their leave of the frigid Benden Weyr and packed their bags to some place warmer.

A few turns were spent in Igen, but the sands and blistering heat which seared their bones proved too much for Nalae. As soon as it was arranged, and the twins were the age of seven, they were packed up and moved again, this time to the sandy shores of Ierne. They settled in well at the Weyrhold, savoring the mild weather and the trader atmosphere, Nalae found her craft of great use while Y'ka helped her transport her goods all over pern. Nayale and Nyekal grew up not really wanting for much. But during their eighth turn, their parents surprised them with news of adding another member to their family. Before long a baby girl was brought into the world and dubbed Alae. Turns later, life continued moving, growing, and changing, but the day-by-day of the family changed very little. Nayale was trained in the footsteps of her mother, unofficially becoming an apprentice to her. If it wasn't for the closeness to her parents and siblings, she perhaps would have joined the craft to follow in her mother's footsteps, but the thought of leaving them is still rather unbearable to the teen.


Name Relation Location Position
Nalae Mother Ierne Weyrhold Journeyman Woodcrafter
Y'ka Father Ierne Weyrhold Bluerider
Yalean Older Brother Deceased
Nyekal Twin Brother Fort Weyr Resident
Alae Younger Sister Ierne Weyrhold Weyrbrat