Sex Female
Flits Rocky, Elan, Garou, Phantasma, Ember, Nightowl
Craft Beastcraft
Rank Apprentice
Specialty Runners
Mentor NPC
Posting Fort Weyr
Age 17
Position Weyrlingmaster
Significant Other(s) None



Short could be one of the first words that come to mind when you see Moydeo, who stands a modest 5'3" tall. What she lacks in height, she makes up with in other ways. She inherited her fathers long and lean build, and despite her size, most of her length is in her legs. She doesn't have the build of a runner however, as working in the stables have built up her muscles in to a rather good build on her arms, and in her legs, adding strength and muscle to them. Her, just below the shoulders length, klah-brown hair, is curly, and kept well brushed, and clean, keeping it free from tangles. Dark eye brows, and lashes, cover almond shaped eyes, that shine a lovely amber brown coloring to them, and shows her spirit. Nestled between the amber eyes, is a rather average nose, and an average mouth beneath that. She has the soft curves, of that of a woman of her age. Her hands have been roughened a bit by the work, so no silky smooth hands here, but they are not callused as of yet.



Moydeo was born in a small hold, outside of Fort Weyr, since her father was often busy doing his work. She grew up like any hold child, learning the proper things, and manners she would need as she got older. When she got old enough, she started to work in the stables, just as a simple stable hand, and did well at it. When she was ten, her parents let her learn how to ride the runner beasts, as well as how to tack them up, and all. She did learn other things as well, however. She learned how to mend clothing, and how to knit, from her mother. Growing up near a weyr, she often saw the dragons from Fort, and others, and was intrigued by them, and curious. She'd seen her friends searched by dragons, and taken away, but hadn't been searched herself. But it didn't matter, she was content with the life she had, and was happy for her friends, whether they impressed or not.
When she turned fifteen, she decided to strike out on her own, and after wishing her parents well, and promising to keep in touch, she headed up to Fort weyr, finding a job as a simple stablehand, and hoping to make some new friends, in her new home.
While she was at Fort Weyr, she made many friends, including growing feelings for a young, and older Bartender. Also on the advice of a Healer friend, she tried for, and got apprenticeship into the Beastcraft. A few months after this, she witnessed the clutching of Choth's newest eggs, and looked forward to the extra help in the stables that the candidates would provide.
That was, until one day in the living caverns, a blue dragon by the name of Dalasith searched her, by saying she would look good in Blue, brown, and finally white. Astonished, Moydeo agreed to stand, and moved into the barracks with the rest
Over the months, she was excited to see her friends, including the bartender, get searched. When the hatching day day finally arrived, at the insane hour of two in the morning, she along with the rest were ushered out onto the sands$. Nervous, and anxious, she cheered for one of her friends, and others, until the Outer Space Aerialist Brown Hatchling hatched, and impressed her, declaring himself Furuihaneth. Moydeo, now Meo, was quickly ushered off the sands to feed the starving brown, and joined in Weyrlinghood with the other ten chosen.


Name Relation Location Position PC/NPC/Adoptable?
Meoxove Father Fargra Hold Runner NPC/No
Riaqix Mother Fargra Hold Seamstress NPC/No
Qixove Younger brother Fargra Hold Runner NPC/Yes
A'deo Cousin Fort Weyr Roc Wingsecond PC/No
Moyrel Aunt Harperhall/Ista Weyr Masterharper PC/No
Kyldar Cousin Harperhall/Western Weyr Archipelago Greenrider PC/No
K'urk Uncle Harperhall? Blue Rider PC/No



Get a Piece of Me Blue Rocky

This craggy blue fades from nearly sky blue along his spine to a drab slate-gray along his stomach. Every joint seems just a little /more/ angular than most. His snout is flat and long, as is his tail, giving him a distinctly flat look.


Brass Band Brown Elan

Brown, or bronze? With the mellow, coppery tones of this little man's hide, it's difficult to tell. The bass notes of mahogany underscore the trilling threads of bright copper covering his lithe, well-muscled frame. Fawn wingsails stretch between russet spars, with claws of deepest chocolate tipping his paws like deadly little guitar picks. Each step, each beat of his wings in the air is measured and sure, as if to the rhythm of his own drum.


Transmogrified Brown Garou

Of a medium brown color, this firelizard seems…. hairy and malformed, hardly like a firelizard at all. There is a pattern all along his hide of a thick, coarse hair, especially around his unusually thin and needle-like neckridges, and accentuated on his wings and muzzle. His fangs on his upper jaw are larger than normal, extending past his muzzle. He has broad, overly muscular shoulders that hunch more often than not, as if he can't straighten out, and his neck is shorter than is normal. Overall, he looks as if he's caught between a firelizard form and that of…. something else.


Ghost in the Shell Green Phantasma

Whatever this firelizard is, she definitely doesn't look normal. Lightly built, she seems nearly nonexistent. Her frame is delicate to the extreme, as if the slightest breeze might dash her into bits. Everything in her form, from her headknobs to the last ridge on her thin tail, looks as if it should be intangible. She is a tea green hue, almost white, and yet she stays on the sickly-looking side with her color. She almost seems to glow against darker backgrounds, her large faceted eyes almost eerie the way they peer out of her ghostly form and seem larger due to how frail she's built. Her spars darken just a little to moss green, while her neckridges and underbelly take on a slightly-darkened celadon. Even her claws are a very pale hue of off-white.

Fuel of a Star Bronze Ember

An imposing presence unfolds itself in this large bronze firelizard. There is something about him which makes him seem so much larger than life, and in the way he holds himself, he must know it too. His frame is heavy, muscles wrapping thickly about every well fit bone to give him a power and endurance which is not often matched. His large flowing head sits upon a rather thick but not quite stocky neck that ultimately blends into the wide arc of his chest. Wingsails are stretched between sturdy spars, their expanse a mass of billowing gaseous folds which never quite look the same from one moment to the next. Tail flares elegantly behind him, long and supple its length shimmers in health. It is flame licked by a red-bronze which fades into the heated bronze of his body. The hue is a steady sizzling stream of heat and energy which ensconces his main body in a burning bronze, rippled by shimmering waves of heat. They cool towards his extremities to a deeper, darker bronze on his face, feet and hands. Despite his heavy appearance he moves with the grace of the smallest green, as if he was as light as a feather, floating over the landscape.

Deepening Shades of Night Brown Nightowl

This brown is surprisingly lithe for his color. He has the typical mass for a brown, but it seems to have been smoothed out somewhat, managing to keep him looking too bulky. His body is a play of the darker shades of the brown spectrum, beginning with the darkest along his spine, from the tip of his snout to his tail spade, a deep, charred umber. It grows gradually lighter down his body, becoming a warm, dull gold as it spills along his legs, eventually lightening completely to tan. The charred umber surrounds his whirling eyes, giving him the impression of wearing a mask, while the rest of his face and belly are a soft, taupe-hued ivory. Each of his claws are pure black, except for two on his hind right leg, which mirror the pallor of his face and stomach. His wings are a touch short for his body, but not so much you would notice unless you were focused on it. The wingsails are the same mineral-flecked ivory of his stomach as well, while the wings themselves look as though they may have been covered with burnt dirt.


Accident - Canine
This canine is dark brown, almost black in color. His feet, elbows, ears, and other points are marked in a light tan coloring. His eyes of a rich klah brown. The strangest marking of all, are pale twin lightning marks that go over both eyes, almost like scars, and yet they aren't. Being a puppy right now, his paws are a little too big, and his ears are floppy, but are slowly showing signs of straightening out.


Outer Space Aerialist Brown Furuihaneth
This large dragon's form is drenched in a deep liver chestnut for a base, though there are shifts of light and dark to make it interesting. The reddish hue comes out in the gleam of light against soft hide, where shadows darken to black. Falling down the front of this brown's face is a stark, flaxen looking hue almost like a forelock, which then coats his average headknobs and trails down his neckridges down to the tip of his tail. It breaks only for his back. His patterning is truly a remarkable sight: the hide is edged in near-black chocolate in a "cloudy" pattern. Within these clouds, dark palomino bordering on bronze lightens things here or there, up to ruddy tan. At its lightest, mostly on the inner legs, chest, throat, and under his tail, it's distinctly sandy-toned. His wingspars take up the cloudy patterns before lightening to a definite brown, and then a tan, with pale sails.