Location Fort Weyr
Craft/Rank Healer Master
Position Weyrhealer
Birthplace Fort Sea Hold
Played By Rachel Weisz


Mirinda's dark-brown hair curls invitingly past her shoulders, framing a heart-shaped face that is divided from her long neck by her strong chin. Delicate features suit her, with a slender, long nose and thin brows drawing attention to her deep, dark eyes, and a broad smile nearly always upon her naturally pink lips. The darkness of her hair and eyes draws all the more contrast to the fair paleness of her skin, stretching, untanned, across all of her five-foot-six slender and delicately curved frame.

She is wearing a richly knitted overlarge sweater in beige, with a tall, folded-over cowl neckline and cabling in vertical rows, hemmed mid-hip above her serviceable black trousers, tucked in turn into her boots. Atop it all she wears a fairly plain white knitted cap, to keep her hair out of her face. She wears the knot of a Master Healer on her shoulder.

Things You May Know

  • Most people think she's Blooded, though that isn't actually the case — she's a blood-in-law of Fort Sea Hold.
  • Came to Fort Weyr on the tail end of a divorce as a newly-minted Sr. Journeyman, moved up the ranks to Weyrhealer as Master Grigory left the knot in her hands. Was promoted to Master several turns later. Will give up Fort's infirmary over her dead body, and does intend to do exactly that.
  • Knows considerably more about causes of death and dead bodies than her sweet, gentle nature and smooth bedside manner would ever let on.
  • Was in an off-and-on-and-off-and-on relationship with Steward Zhirayr, who she once accused of murder. Then they got married.
    • She has three children, one from her first marriage (daughter Taimri) and two with Zhirayr (son Mirhayr and daughter Mhairyn).


Born and raised at Fort Sea Hold, Mirinda is not really Blooded — her father's sister is Lady Fort Sea, married into the family — but was fortunate enough to be raised with something of a silver spoon in her mouth anyhow. The fourth of eight children, she was always well cared for and comfortable, if not overly privileged. She was also always very dedicated; healing had her interest from a young age as her mother was also a healer and she wished more than anything to follow in her footsteps. Mirinda started at the hall at thirteen, and spent so much time focusing on her studies that despite being an exemplary student, the hall was concerned about her lack of friendships.

So she was encouraged to be more outgoing, and didn't that backfire a bit; Mirinda became a little bit louder and a little bit brighter and soon she was coming up with revolutionary ideas about how to streamline patient care and improve relationships between healer and patient. (Most of her ideas didn't stick because they simply took too long and required too much focus, but she had been encouraged to become outspoken and so outspoken she has since remained.) The fact she wasn't able to implement most of her apprenticeship suggestions didn't get her laughed out of the Hall, at least, and a relatively uneventful childhood and largely smooth-sailing apprenticeship blossomed into a satisfying promotion to Journeyman at 22.

Encouraged to actually journey, Mirinda left the Hall for Landing, the exact opposite of her conservative upbringing. It was thought that it might widen her horizons, and it certainly did; widened them right into the arms of Tasirn, a journeyman techcrafter only two turns her senior who had brilliant ideas both for innovating Healer technology and for romantic nights out (or in). By the time Mirinda was 24, she was married, and by 25, pregnant. She returned to the Healer Hall with her husband to give birth, citing feeling safer there. The baby was a girl, given the more Weyr-styled combination name of Taimri, and the family never left again — he found work on the Hall's infrastructure and Mirinda fell into teaching, amassing a small army of apprentices.

Two turns later, the marriage disintegrated for reasons Mirinda still can't put her finger on and tries even now to not really think about. She was given her senior journeyman's knot as acknowledgement for the teaching work she had done, but it was a reward that fell rather flat. That is, until it opened doors instead — Mirinda's mentor encouraged her to use the knot to her advantage and accept a higher position elsewhere, rather than continue to work at the Hall; Fort Weyr had an opening for a Weyrhealer, and it certainly wasn't the worst place to raise a child. She'd likely have more help with Taimri there, and it wasn't far from her family or from the Hall.

While uncertain about the wisdom of this move, Mirinda did it anyway — couldn't hurt, could it?


Name Relation Location Position
Toriane Mother Fort Sea Hold Hold Healer
Dairin Father Fort Sea Hold Merchant
Isama Aunt Fort Sea Hold Lady Holder
Linbain (+ 8 T) Brother TBD TBD
Brebain (+ 6 T) Brother Fort Weyr Weaver Master
Daina (+ 4.5 T) Sister Harper Hall Harper Master
Unnamed (- 3 T) Sister TBD TBD
Unnamed (- 4 T) Brother TBD TBD
Unnamed (- 4 T) Brother TBD TBD
Ranildra (- 6 T) Sister TBD TBD
Lianri Niece Fort Weyr Child
Zhirayr Husband Fort Weyr Steward
Taimri Daughter Harper Hall Harper Sr. Apprentice
Mirhayr Son Fort Weyr Child
Mhairyn Daughter Fort Weyr Child



Gold Whitethorn
Like something cleaved from a rockface she is inelegant, rough-cut and rough-hewn; gargantuan, even for a gold. What beauty she possesses is austere, found only in the quartz-pale whitegold of her hide. It is a stark contrast to over-large, jewel-toned eyes. Their vibrant color is almost obscenely attention-grabbing, their size making them like a badly-chosen set of faceted accents stones inexpertly paired with un-worked matrix crystal.

Whitethorn was gifted from Angharad and is out of her Aerin and bronze Thrall. Her desc is by A'ster. Image source has been lost.


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