This young man stands at about six feet tall. He has mostly straight black-brown hair and almond-shaped black eyes under a broad forehead and straight eyebrows. A nondescript nose is set over full lips which always seem to be hinting at a smile. His chin is stubborn, and he has a strong jawline. He keeps himself clean-shaven, mostly because he's still too young to properly grow a beard. He's finally grown into his frame, with proportionate arms and legs that are neither too long nor too short. His muscles are beginning to approach the solid bulk which he has the potential to develop later in life. On his shoulder he wears the black and brown knot of the Weyrsecond of Fort Weyr, with an additional brown ribbon for his lifemate.

Milodann is about 25 Turns old


Nothing much here, yet. He grew up in Eastern Weyr with a couple of older brothers, two older sisters (one is adopted, PC Wyndrei), and a younger sister. He is the son of a Tanner and a Healer.

He is a skilled, but untrained artist, and has been known to trade his art for marks, and to do commissioned portraits, as well. He's often been told that he should train at Harper Hall, but he's not sure what he wants to do with his life, yet.

Since he's been at Fort, he's met Elyciana. They hit it off, and are currently dating as boyfriend and girlfriend. He sculpted a snow sculpture for the Weyr-wide contest of Ely getting out of a bathtub, and won first place. His reward was a gold firelizard egg, given to him by Kessa.

Milo was Searched by B'ky and his blue Avideth, to stand for Choth's clutch. Because of that, his relationship with Ely is on hold.

On 2683.4.9 (20Nov2009) he impressed brown Irelanth.

The weyrlings graduated, and Ely and M'lo moved into a weyr together, becoming weyrmates. With the help of his cousin, Kajari, they are building a wall between the inner weyr and the outer weyr, quite an expensive endeavor. On top of that, M'lo and Ely just found out that they are going to be parents! Oops!

On 2684.7.21 (played on 17Mar2010) M'lo and Ely's fraternal twin daughters, Milana and Daniela, were born.

Dani's first word was "Dada."

On 2685.3.5 M'lo was promoted to AWLM, under his friend and fellow weyrling-classmate, Meo.

M'lo and Ely have another child, a son named Eldann.

Currently, M'lo is the WeyrSecond at Fort Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Neve Mother (NPC) Eastern Weyr Healer
Keno Father (NPC) Eastern Weyr Tanner
Talan Brother (NPC) Eastern Weyr Tanner
M'el Brother (NPC Eastern Weyr Bronzerider
Celeste Sister (NPC) Eastern Weyr Resident
N'drei Sister (PC - adopted) Fort Weyr Greenrider
Remi Sister (NPC) Eastern Weyr Child
Ely Weyrmate (PC) Fort Weyr Greenrider
Milana Daughter (NPC) Fort Weyr Child
Daniela Daughter (NPC) Fort Weyr Child
Eldann Som (NPC) Fort Weyr Child


Brown Irelanth



Green Emmy
This cute, delicate, little green firelizard is mostly just a pale, generic blue-green color, but with strips of yellow green along her tiny, delicate belly fading to a frosty white green on the very bottom. Her forepaws and back paws are out-sized, the tea tree green toes are rounded at the tips with slightly duller than normal tan-ish bone talons. Her long, limber, hummingbird shaped wings are very delicate, and fold behind her slim silhouette almost perfectly. She stands on her hind legs more easily than your average lizard.


Gold Lucy
Darker than most, this firelizard is caressed in an arcane cloud of gold, a mystic allure that wafts over her graceful contours. Veins of solarised yellows and Spanish golds help to outline the clouds rolling over her, giving her a streamline appearance as the defining seams dart over her muscles. Her long muzzle looks like it was dipped into a vat of molten gold and the bright perfect color dribbles down her chin to her neck and rolls back over her eye ridges and head knobs. Her broad wingsails are much more pale than the rest of her body, like a solar flare tone which can be illuminated to intensity by the real sunlight when it filters through her sails. Dainty talons are the final touch to this fashion goddess, as they are dipped in an accessorising garnished opal, which mostly show soft pink highlights.

Blue Tauri
This blue is scrawny and pale, nearly white at times. A darker blue swatch coats his back with two more dark patches around his eyes and one atop his head like a bespectacled scrawny freak.

Title OOC Date Cast
Where is the klah!? January 13, 2013 K'drozen, Jajenelja (NPC), Kimmila, M'lo, Th'ero