From a distance, Miki looks fairly ordinary, she’s a short 4'10 with straight, raven black hair. Bangs fall across the right side of her face, almost masking one eye. But when the wind picks up and the hair blows back, a set of large eyes reveal themselves. Their color is blue, and both her hair and eyes contrast with her tan skin. A closer look at the girl’s face reveals a white scar, running through one eyebrow and splitting it in two. Miki’s appearance is brought together by an oversized light blue tunic paired with well fitting breeches.



A big family, a VERY big family with lots and lots of children. That’s where Miki came from. As one of the oldest she spent most of her days caring for the littles and tending to household chores. Her father, Kris, was a seacrafter and hardly ever around, and much to her displeasure, all her brothers were far too young to take over the financial aspects of the home. And with that Miki was burdened with everything from raising children to balancing accounts. It’s no surprise that the girl matured early. Her demeanor is kind and pleasant, but if the occasion calls for it, she’ll be the first to give a good scolding, no matter the recipient. Luckily for girl, her mother, Mina, stopped popping out babies when Miki reached 18 turns. Insistent that the young woman do something else than sit at home, Mina sent the girl off to a small hold to help the burgeoning population of younglings. The girl taught everything from reading to sewing and even helped the babes learn a few tunes or two. She was no harper, but she did have a decent singing voice. Sick of holdlife, Miki eventually left and found herself in Fort Weyr.
The girl spent most of her days doing much of what she always had: helping with the children. But that lifestyle was disrupted when she was Searched by P'rius. Candidacy was fairly uneventful…except for a small lake party and the covering of the barracks with ribbons. When the time came to rush onto the Sands, the tiny nanny was anxious, like many of the others. To the surprise of both her, and her large family, Miki managed to Impress Green Sohnyuoth and became the Weyrsecond's assistant once she graduated. For about 3 turns she kept the position, until Fort's Weyrlingmaster, Melze, threw an AWLM knot at her. With Sohnyu's encouragement, Miki accepted and now serves as one of Fort's AWLMs!


Name Relation Adoptable Position
Mina Mother No None
Kris Father No Master Seacrafter
Kriki Brother No BRAT!!
Aniki Brother Yes Jman Weaver
Siblings Brothers and Sisters Yes Many

Has quite a few NPC that are up for adoption. Page or @Mail me if you're looking to be a brother or sister :)

Notable NPCs

Aniki (25 turns, Journeyman Weaver, psychotic)
One look between Miki and Aniki and it's quite easy to tell that the two are sibling…except for their heights and attitudes. Both share the same large blue eyes and wavy black hair, though Aniki's only falls to just above his shoulders. He possesses a small, angular, face with strong yet thin eyebrows leading to an almost perfectly straight nose. Overall the boy's figure is quite girlish, lean and skinny with almost no muscles to be seen. Hands, fingers, legs, everything about him screams slender, and his 5'9 frame only helps increase that perception. Nine out of Ten times he'll be scene walking about in a fur coat (or several fur coats) and flicking about a foldup wooden fan.
Reference pictures for your viewing pleasure:Picture 1, Picture 2

R'en (Bronze Rider)
He's a REAL man. Which is really all that matter.


Unintentionally Naive Green Sohnyuoth

Bright emerald tones swoop and sear across her hide, clear and bright in any light. Smoother tones of pure aventurine cling to her curves, accentuating each smooth arch of neck, tail, and leg just so. Along her back and especially spread against her wingjoints is a sparkling smattering of gold flecks, glinting and teasing with tones outside the verdant spectrum. Along the supple, natural curves of her stomach is a flare of azure, blended perfectly with the rest of her tone. Her paws, daintily formed, are dipped in deeper forest green to the petite ankles, slim tendrils snaking up from her darkest part and wrapping and twining around her lower limbs like creeping vines clinging to her legs. Each claw and ridge is a smooth pebble of pure alabaster, standing out against her hide like tiny stars in a forest night. But where she really shines is her wingsails. Each section of sail billows in even the slightest wind, just a bit bigger than strictly necessary and clad in the tones of samite sprinkled lightly with flecks of silver, tourmaline, and mossy agate. From a distance they seem almost paper thin, so fine and delicate, but they're properly formed. The last detail of note amidst the smooth, well-defined curves of her form, purely feminine green, is her headknobs. They're not the usual smooth, curvy knobs, oblong and bulbous. No. They sweep up in a solid line to a point, the same length as most knobs, but clearly pointy, more like the horns of Terran legend.


Brown Baru
Like a all-too-well-loved blanket, the khaki color that swathes this brown's strong frame seems stretched a little too thin at some points, carrying the appearance of rips and tatters here and there, though hide is, in fact, smooth and intact. The khaki is interrupted at odd spots with splatters of chestnut and russet, as though this lizard has seen it's fair of rough and tumble spots and bears the evidence of such on his person. His muscles wrap closely to his somewhat stocky structure, always in a tensed state, ready to react to the unexpected. He's not a bulky firelizard by any means, but has a distinctly intelligent look, not the intellectual look, but the look of one who's been around the block often enough to know where the pitfalls and ferocious felines are to be found and how to avoid them. His wedged head bears the most evidence of this wisdom, eyeridges a little wider than average. His limbs are proportional to his frame, though his neck and tail are both a little longer than it looks like they ought to be. Across the top of his head and over his headknobs are wisps of a wet straw golden-brown, giving him the almost comic look of having the receding hairline of a middle-aged male human instead of a young, spry firelizard.

Green Kyumin
Her movements are quick and the clicking of her claws is a thing reminiscent of beetles scurrying about — fitting, really, given that this green firelizard resembles that of a trundlebug in certain ways. She's a round thing, for starters, with her hide being a deep, deep green with an iridescent quality to it. That iridescence can be teased out further with oil, sending shivery arrays of blue and even brown and bronze down her near-black hide. Flecks and spots of something a bit brighter dance along her tail, near-luminescent. Her wings alone are pale, glass-pale and with only a hint of seafoam to mark them as green at all, while veins of ichor sketch out otherworldly designs, right below the surface.

Green Tacchon
From dainty nose to equally dainty tailfork, this little green is bathed in emerald, her curves seeming to almost shimmer like the facets of a gem. Every move is formed with the grace and poise of trained manner. A few thin streamers of gold wind around her headknobs and partway down her neck. The only mar to this lovely form is her wingsails of deepest stormy grey.


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