There's little in this woman's features to recommend her to the world; classically beautiful, Mharen is not. Ash-brown hair is usually pulled back from her pale, round face, whether twisted into a thin plait or simply secured out of the way by a simple tie or band. Hazel eyes, a murky combination of earthy greens and browns, lend her a brightly curious expression when combined with her oft-furrowed brow and a pert nose that's quick to wrinkle. Muscular, but hardly able to be called curvaceous, she stands at a rather awkward 5'10" and moves with an overly cautious walk, perhaps to offset what may remain from a coltish, gawky adolescence.

Favoring trousers over skirts for maneuverability, none of her attire seems built for fashion, but for functionality and sensibility. Plain, unflattering and far from the best marks can buy, it's not uncommon for her to have the occasional patch crudely sewn over a knee or elbow. A standard belt with weaponry sheaths and dark boots complete her daily ensemble; atop her shoulder sits the knot of a resident of Fort Weyr, accompanied by the patch denoting her as a member of the Weyr's guards.


One child among six, Mharen grew up in a small group of families just outside of Fort Hold proper, a tomboy from birth who preferred trying to outrace her brothers and their friends to learning the more domestic trades. It was perhaps fortunate that she had younger sisters who shone in household management, leaving her free to always remain on the fringe of her older brothers' running contests, of the skills in runnerbeast care and selection taught by their father, of how to use and aim weaponry.

Shortly after her seventeenth birthing day, Mharen and one of her brothers were scooped from Fort Hold and taken to High Reaches Weyr to stand for a clutch hardening on the sands. Quietly pleased when her brother left the sands with a spunky blue, she elected to remain at the Weyr after the hatching and began to train with the guards. Her childhood interests now had a chance to be fully developed; as any person does when being allowed to pursue what she does best, she flourished and with only a little stumbling through awkward growth spurts, became a very promising recruit into High Reaches' ranks.

H'drian and his blue eventually made wingseconds a few turns out of weyrlinghood, but split hairs with their wingleader over the handling of a matter involving transients at the Weyr. When the opportunity arose to transfer to Fort, he took it. Aware that having her brother riding so close to home would result only in furthering the familial tension that grew since they were Searched as children, Mharen packed her belongings and went with him, reasoning that one could hone combat skills in one place just as well as another.


Name Relation Location Position
Hadmar Father Fort Hold Minor holder, NPC
H'drian Brother Fort Weyr Wingrider, blue Vedarith, NPC
Marisa Mother Fort Hold Minor holder, NPC

Also NPC: Two more older brothers, two younger sisters

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