Metan ("Meh-tan") stands comfortably at 5'9", muscled and built for endurance, he's got a striking, if crooked, smile and brown eyes that easily light up with mirth. He keeps his dark-brown hair on the longer side, groomed and pushed back from a masculine visage. A crafted jaw and full lips gives him a youthful appearance that Metan combats through various levels of facial hair; often he opts for a grizzled appearance, but on occasion he allows it to grow to a full beard. He dresses for comfort and function, preferring grays and browns to more vibrant colors. His boots are well worn.



Metan’s past is murky and he never admits to most solid facts. However, it’s easy to assume he has parents out in the world - or had them at one point - and perhaps a sister or two. He has been heard to mention an aunt fondly who is a Harper stationed at Gar Hold. Metan’s accent hints at Tillek origins. He’s intelligent enough he must have apprenticed at a craft at one point - perhaps the seacraft when someone watches him making knots on a rope or catching fish with the barest amount of tackle. Or he could’ve been trained in the Harper art of spinning tales for Metan is fond of elaobrations. Either way, it’ll take many a drink to think one has the truth of his past out of him, only to find out in the morning he remembers enough to laugh at the idea his mother is a junior weyrwoman or that his father is a Lord Holder. His current favorite story of his origins are that he was raised by a group of sailors who spent more time at sea than on land. Maybe that’s the closest thing to truth. The only thing that seems solid about his stories are that of how he acquired his dog, Sister, the little terrier being stolen away from an ill-treating human.


Title OOC Date Cast
The First Rule of Fort Club... October 26, 2016 Doktah, Metan, Pamberna, Russall
Bets and Favors (Metan is Searched) November 7, 2016 Metan, Th'ero
Kitchen Plottings November 10, 2016 Doktah, Metan, Th'ero, Thys
Whelps and Eggs (Egg-touching 1) November 13, 2016 Am'ry, Doktah, Jeltje, M'icha, Metan, Rulayn
Are You Prepared? November 19, 2016 Metan, Rulayn, Thys, Xhanfyr
For Inri's 34th November 20, 2016 Doktah, Inri, Jeltje, Vossrik, Rulayn, "Th'ero" aka Leimna, Sygni, Thys, Metan
Kayeth and Velokraeth's Eggs Hatch (... and cause a bloody mess) December 2, 2016 A'ster, Aion, Am'ry, C'rus, Doktah, Ibreily, Jeltje, K'shok, L'gan, Leimna, M'icha, Merek, Metan, Nyalle, Rulayn, S'ic, Sygni, Th'ero, Thys, Vossrik, Xhanfyr



Sister is a white little terrier that has wiry hair, floppy brownish ears, and a keen nose.


Green Fickle
She takes after her dam in her size, being average in size, but the honeydew green that tints her underbelly is the only resemblance to her dam's coloration. Chartreuse yellow and green war on her hide, intermixing to give her coloration an almost neon-quality that is hard on the eye and not at all appealing on first glance. Where her coloring doesn't harbor beauty, her figure does. Her wings are striking and hued with darker greens that bolster her body, easily taking her wherever she wishes to go far and fast. She is sturdy where others are slender, broad where others are dainty, but her strength lies in that.

Brown Pray
On the larger side of things for his colour, this brassy and bronze-toned brown is a touch uneven of build, yet it hampers him not the slightest in the air. It's his shoulders that are his most prominent feature, wide and somewhat burly, while his figure tapers off towards a more angular, concave shape that makes the rest of him look downright skinny. From those shoulders onward, his hide bares dark, sweeping lines as though someone has burnt them onto and through him, paler dots of caramel edging along them here and there. Long of neck, limbs and tail, he could be elegant, if not for those shoulders and the heavy wings that rise from them, his 'sails a haze of chestnut and cinnamon to contrast amber claws.