Classically pretty, Merrill has the paler features of a northern native. Large, almond-shaped eyes are a brilliant blue, quite at odds with the fiery waves that tumble just past her shoulders. Neither particularly tall nor short, she's willowy with gentle curves, small hands and feet. Despite appearing to be in her early twenties, a small amount of acne continues to dot her forehead in a last remnant of adolescence, accompanied by a stubborn set to her shoulders and in the lift of her chin. Neatly affixed to one shoulder is the knot of a Fort resident.


Merrill's beginnings aren't akin to the tales sung by harpers. Like many other weyrbred children, she's the product of a mating flight who grew up happily enough in Fort's lower caverns. Quietly studious, her strong sense of fair play originally prompted her to say that when she grew up, she wanted to be a harper who specialized in law. The headwoman, however, had other ideas for the clever, well-organized redhead. On her eighteenth birthing day, Merry was casually wished many happy returns and given the crisp shoulderknot of an assistant headwoman. Astonished, she automatically accepted.

Half a turn into her new role, Merrill is gaining a reputation for being prompt, efficient and a cheerful presence that complements her superior's. Despite being quite capable and able to work well with the other woman, it's clear that she's still growing into her job. Whether or not her future truly lies with organizational management remains to be seen.