Melze is pretty average, and averagely pretty. On a good day she might manage to attract a few glances, a bad wouldn't have people running, but on the whole she's nothing very remarkable. No hook nose, no webbed feet, no second head. Her blonde hair clearly wants to be straight, but gets bored after it's grown more than four or five inches and then sticks out every which way it wants creating a frizz that reaches her shoulders. Her eyes are stereotypical blue, but a shade that is more boring than sparkly or unusual. Even her clothing tends more to the boring side, and while her slim legs might look nice in a miniskirt once in a while, there is that ripple of cellulite that would stop her from considering short shorts or even a bikini.


The best thing about being brought up by your grandmother had to be the fact that she went to bed far earlier than the rest of the weaver hall. The bad thing was that even though she was asleep there was always that feeling that she was still able to see whatever you were doing. Not that it stopped Melze very much, but she eventually lost track of the number of times her grandmother gave her the disappointed look in the morning and she automatically found herself confessing to her latest transgression.

Not that she was particularly a bad child, she was mostly curious about the world around her and as she aged she found her grandmother's rules more and more constricting and continually pushed against them. The fire, however, was not her fault.

It was a very small fire all things considered, and could have resulted in a lot more serious injury than a journeyman with a broken nose, but she had to admit that she had been messing around in the dyes cupboard and she couldn't actually remember locking the door, even though she was sure she must have. This time the disappointed look wasn't the only thing she got, though she would have gladly traded anything for that. Instead she was told she was being given a second chance. A good thing usually, but this second chance was at another place, with other people, and for once her curiosity was tempered by her own disappointment.

Fort was the place, a distant cousin having just given birth and needing help. So Melze was packed up and sent off with a promise extracted to not set anything else on fire. It would surely only be a matter of time before her curiosity, or her wandering eye, got her in some form of trouble again.


Name Relation Location Position
Eudora Maternal Grandmother Weaver Hall Resident
Permelia Mother Journeying Weaver Journeyman
Sadie Cousin Fort Weyr Resident


Accidental Sorcerer Bronze Gerald
Short, stocky limbs support the rustic frame of this hearty firelizard. A tarnished crop of bronze sits atop his rounded, snub-nose'd head, head knobs askew and polished in hues of caramel that spills down the front and rounds his eyes creating quite the mask that he wears with an almost childish charm. His neck is quite long and spotted with swirls of brass and cinnamon flecks, these swirling and converging on his chest. A remaining hue of brass flashes across his form, rounding on his pudgy stomach to his hindquarters and stubby tail. Highlights of antiqued hues sprawl lethargically across his sails, while ridges atop his back are crested in burnished topaz.

Small but Mighty Brown Martin
Pale sandy brown sweeps over this firelizard, from pink tinged nose to flesh-toned tail. Pale cream circles each eye, flecks of black outlining his eyes and sweeping upwards towards his headknobs. A similar paleness sweeps down his chest, shading into muddy legs and black taloned feet. His wings are mottled, a camoflage blanket of sandy sails tied securely to stout woody wingspars.


Looks Can Be Deceiving Green Ronareoth
Petite and femininely delicate though this green most certainly is, the compactness of her frame only seems to be a stealthy cover for her true strength. What appear to be sumptuous curves and lithe angles from afar are actually layers of lean muscle and sinew hiding in one tiny yet powerful package. Deep pools of moss green trace their way along either side of her slender muzzle and flow up over the gentle arches of her eyeridges, the tones spreading evenly to form a thin mask that only adds to her mystique. Twin tendrils of shadow trail back over her head and run in a faint parallel double stripe down the expanse of her back, the rich shades of verdance cutting easily through the mellower grassy tones of her body. Silvered green creeps along the underside of her neck and down her narrowly-built chest, the pale tones leeching away any lingering brightness along the smooth planes of her belly. Her elegant paws and the length of her whip-thin tail also show signs of bleaching, the green color having bled away to near-white in some places. It's her wings that carry the most striking pattern, though, as the delicate membranes are covered in an intricate latticework of soft leafy greens. Even her hidden strength and the bold attitude evident in her posture does not detract from her overall beauty.

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