Marika and firelizard.

Marika and Hemi
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Though obviously female, Marika can not exactly be described as feminine. Her mousy-brown hair is tied back in a utilitarian ponytail, kept just long enough to be able to do so and no longer. Her eyes are hazel brown in colour, and her nose may once have had an almost delicate upturn to it, but has since been broken, and reset slightly crooked. Her face is roughly heart-shaped, as faces go, with a subtly pointed jawline. She is fairly average in height for a woman in her mid-teens, and quite fit in build.

The clothes Marika wears reflect her rough and tumble personality, when not in uniform she wears hand-me-down pants from her older brother, folded up at the ankles to account for their differing heights, and plain shirts with long sleeves, not overly baggy or disguising of her figure, but not exactly form-fit or designed for women, either. She typically wears rather sturdy boots, with flat soles. The knot on her shoulder marks her as a guard of Fort Weyr.

Marika and Hemi.
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The second child born to a pair of Fort Weyr guards, Marika was exposed to guard training at a very young age, though the barracks themselves remained off limits to the young girl. Marika's parents, Martem and Elika, were careful not to let her get into anything too dangerous, though they realised that children will try to imitate their parents, and tried to teach their two children, Eltem and Marika, how to defend themselves in a safe environment, or as safe as could be managed.

Time passed, and the defence training of childhood gradually became wider reaching, Eltem and Marika's parents subtly grooming their children for a position in the guard ranks. Eltem signed up easily enough, though Marika seemed slow to make up her mind. It was the encouraging of a childhood friend, Hemi, that finally convinced her to sign up - on the condition that he join also. And so it was that Marika and Hemi came to join the ranks of the Fortian guard.


Name Relation Location Position
Elika Mother FOW Guard
Martem Father FOW Guard
Eltem Older brother FOW Guard
Rakai Cousin FOW Cook
Hemi Partner FOW Guard



Sentennial Perennial Loser Blue Lister
This sky blue, ordinary looking firelizard is perfectly ordinary in every way. His head is of ordinary proportions, his neck neither too long or too short, his cerulean arms and legs and rather dirty looking nails appearing non descript and rather plain. His tail is ordinary in length, colored almost a childish shade of baby blue with dancing lights over the very tip, paling into hints of lunar blue. His stomach and chest darken to stellar shades, tender and deep whorls of creation waiting to be and love waiting to be expressed. It is, however, his normally proportioned wings that make him a treasure. The top sides of them are ordinary, and this treasure is hidden when they are folded. When unfurled however, one can see that the undersides are colored with all the glory of the midnight sky, with bright, sapphire sparkles winking from the deep. Its as if space itself has been captured within their span, revealing a truly creative and loving creature if you only allow him to surprise you.

Lover Not Fighter Brown Cat
Sleek and finely formed, this firelizard is leanly proportioned from nose to tailfork. Despite his fine, klah-toned features, he has an air of wimpiness about him. His limbs are thin and shapely, almost feminine, hints of green lingering on head and neck like splotches of mold growing along his frame. The dark klah fades to sepia down his frame and then near white at his paws. Fastidious, too, constantly cleaning, Perhaps that's why his paws are so lightly colored. His tail is light and prehensile, it seems he might even be able to pick things up with it.

Firelizard images by Rhasmir, coloured by Marika.




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