Names Izi (Maizin, Maizaylin)
Played by Sebastian Stan
Gender Male
Current Home Fort Weyr
Place of Birth Healer Hall
Occupation Danger Bait, Thunderbird Wing
Hair Md. Ash Brown
Eyes Vibrant Blue
Song Monster - Imagine Dragons
Dragon Blue Tsoth

OOC Disclaimer

Real talk, y'all. In life, they say, there are some people who need hard lessons, and there are some people who are the hard lesson. ICly, M'zal is both of these things. M'zal's story, whatever it ends up being, will have no magic switches and no drastic turnarounds, unless there's an OOC comfort factor to accommodate. The top of his niceness scale is "apathy." From there, thing swing down and down. It's my hope as the player that this variety of character will be able to offer unique growth opportunities for other characters. That being said, please only engage as you are comfortable and I will be glad to communicate with you about what that is or isn't, to include M'zal's not joining a scene, or slipping out of a scene, if it makes it less than fun on the OOC side of things for anyone involved.


Just look at those baby blues! The most notable feature of this face that manages to mesh boyish sweetness with a man's self-assurance are those vivid blue eyes, framed by long, brown lashes and set off by straight brown brows above. Thick, medium ash brown hair is permanently rumpled despite its short-cropped style at the top of his 6'0" athletically muscular frame. The long planes of forehead and cheeks and blunt angles of jaw and face are softened by a cleft in his chin, soft pink lips and a slightly too short nose that rounds at the tip. Though his skin is the kind that pales in winter and tans well in summer, his cheeks always hold enough of a hint of a blush to lend him even more youthful appeal. The effect is contradicted and tempered by his perpetual five o'clock shadow. Down his neck just behind his left ear and stretching down to the top of his collar is a black-inked tattoo: a scalpel. In the same position on the opposite side a trio of not quite parallel lines drift toward his collar sinuous and silvery, though these are ridged scars, not an image of ink.

M'zal's functional attire does little to draw the eye except the most straight-laced, having a tendency to look somehow just a little sloppy. Taken from the stores, but kept in relatively good repair, his wardrobe consists largely of browns and blacks (Fortian colors, don't you know~~), with the occasional addition of something more colorful. The most eye-catching thing about him is the tattoos and scars exposed at the back of his neck, and the various tattoos that can be seen when he's wearing short sleeves or shorts. Not a one makes him look like the kind of man anyone should be interested in taking home despite such good habits as a tendency to have meticulously cleaned hands. Whenever possible, Izi ditches his knot. When he must, it's there, already looking a little frayed despite its lack of age.

Izi's Tattoos

DISCLAIMER: Not suitable for all viewers (nothing R-rated, just tats and locations). You cannot unsee this. Choose wisely.




Name Relation Location Position
Inaero Father Deceased Healer Master
Maizayla Mother Deceased Healer Jman
Noemi Wife Deceased Wife
O'mirel Father-in-law Fort Weyr Brownrider (NPC)
Nezora Mother-in-law Fort Weyr Bluerider (NPC)
Emiel Brother-in-law Fort Weyr Weyrling (SUCKER)
Other in-laws Related somehow Fort Weyr All over
Aami BioDaughter Fort Weyr Tiny Human (not in his custody)

Fan Art and Commentary

DISCLAIMER: Not suitable for all viewers. You cannot unsee this. Choose wisely.



My Monsters Are Real Blue Tsoth
Primordial wonder in the flesh, his hide rivals the most glorious of nocturnal skies. Balance and precision attend every inch of his modest, finely built, stature. He is perfection personified in the very depths and pageantry of space with deepest nyxian blue cloaking the entire breadth of him. Starlit strokes of midnight hue stretch from slender tips of blunted head-knobs and angular features, the swirling shades touched with the deepest azure and blues so deep they are nearly indiscernible from black. This captured twilight continues down the curve of his neck and tapered shoulders and further over the length of his ridged spine. Expanding ever outwards to reach along the outermost leading edge of his wings and the sinuous length of his tail. Wisps of ethereal vibrance dance along the curve of his lean muscled frame and limbs, a flickering gradient of overlaying hues from deep stardust to paler cerulean. It carries up to his wings, a bygone nebula over billowing sails in a breath-taking display of celestial majesty.


Title OOC Date Cast

M'zal has been in 48 logs since Fort Weyr contracted the plague that is Izi.