Portrayed By Keenan Tracey
Gender Male
Pre-Impression Name Mathis
Aliases Mat, Matty
Place of Birth Benden Weyr
Occupation Apprentice Woodcrafter
Current Status Greenrider


A boy of diminutive height, Mathis is all arms and legs, his pale skin stretched over a rail-thin frame. Golden brown hair sprouts unkempt from the top of his head, a shade too dark to be considered blond, and has very obviously grown out of a neater style. It falls across his brow, sticks up unruly seemingly at random, and clearly has a mind of its own. The slight chubbiness that still clings to his cheeks allows him to pass for turns younger than he actually is. This is not helped by the inquisitiveness of his brow, large hazel eyes too often filled with wonder or bewilderment, splash of freckles across the bridge of his nose, nor the unrestrained expressiveness of his full lips. All it takes is a simple twist of his grin and a flash of his straight white teeth to transform awkward innocence onto impishness.

Mathis tends to stick to clothing in neutral tones, simplistic clothing mostly consisting of a pair of trousers and tunic belted around his waist with a wide loop of leather. However, everything right down to his boots appears second hand and somewhat oversized, as if in preparation for an eventual growth spurt. On one of his shoulders is an apprentice woodcrafter knot in Fort Weyr's colors.


As far as childhoods go, Mathis's wasn't anything particularly special or traumatic, fostered from birth with a family in Benden Hold without much idea about who his real parents were. The result of a flight, this much he knew, because that's what he'd been told and there was nothing strange about it. It happened all the time, after all. Dragonriders, crafters, traders, and weyrfolk alike; swept away by the passion a rising gold instilled, and the unplanned results shuffled off into the hands of those willing to take on another mouth to feed. Mathis certainly didn't have anything to complain about, having been fortunate enough to end up with a couple who couldn't have children of their own, and so filled their home to the rafters with the eager scurry of footsteps and squeals of delight fosterling brought to them. Just over half a dozen in fact, of which he was on the younger end. It was nice having older 'brothers' and 'sisters' to help him navigate the world and find his place in it as well as 'parents' who were just as thrilled with his one hundred and second runner carving as they were the first. See, Mathis had a natural gift for woodcarving, one that saw to him being apprenticed to the Woodcraft as soon as he came to age and he took to as if it was what he'd been born to do. With age would come speed and decisiveness, the Journeyman would say, but Mathis would spend hours just staring at a log of wood before making his first cut and meticulously place each and every one afterwards. He wasn't interested in making chairs, tables, or any of the many other functional pieces in high demand and this lead to some episodes of impetuousness as he crept into adolescence. what Mathis wanted to do was carve, to bring into existence what he felt was the true shape and form of the wood and reveal it to everyone else. Boyish antics and everything they entail aside, no punishment was too harsh or unwarranted, his rebelliousness bound to a few outbursts easily quieted with time to think and apologies made. Just a few months after his thirteenth turnday it was decided that it was time that he travel to Fort Weyr and study the craftsmanship there, to aid in developing his budding skills. And so, this is where his story truly begins, and what laid ahead was up to the fates to decide.


Name Relation Location Position
Mateo Foster-Father Benden Hold Timberman
Sohri Foster-Mother Benden Hold Glasscraft Sr. Journeywoman
T'om (Tehom) Foster-Brother Telgar weyr Brownrider
Emihr Foster-Brother Harper Hall Harper Sr. Apprentice
Aosih Foster-Brother Benden Weyr Assistant Steward
Hera Foster-Sister Ista Weyr Greenrider
Raehmi Foster-Sister Benden Hold Weavercraft Apprentice




Seamless and Infinite Design Testing Green Cherith

Grandeur doesn't even strike close to the mark with her, teetering as she is on the fullest height and length a green could ever hope to achieve. She's a Master-level of crafted perfection, her lithe elongated frame and sharp angles of musculature married in harmonious balance. Haughtily confident, she holds her narrow, aqualine shaped head high, looking down the gradual concave slope of her muzzle. Dainty carved features accentuate that leanness along high-set cheekbones and curved span of eyeridges, but do not detract from her unemotional beauty. What better a hue to suit her too, than the coldest of icy jades that form the utmost base of her coloring, fading further to brittle hoarfrost-like herderite paleness along head-knob and ridges sharpened sweep. The same covers her face in ghost-like mask, down the snakish curve of her neck and downward again to the curve of her back. Her shoulders brush with dimmed overlay of aventurine with the flickering hint of ethereal oxidizing copper striations. It seeps further down, to the underside of her belly, limbs and tail. Verdigris stains the topmost part of her lean forelimbs and powerful hindquarters, aligned just-so that her sleek predatory nature is displayed in effeminate form — drawing out the silvered-edge to talons now more stark and fetching, despite the cloaked danger they represent. Her wings draw the same verdigris along wing spars, the very edges tarnishing again to duskier jaded hues limned with burnished copper-green. Wingsails, long and shockingly angular in tapered form, bear the same pale, icy coloring as a base to start — until a gradual progression begins, changing jade to amethyst-kissed celadonite.