Portrayed By Mila Kunis
Gender female
Aliases Lu, Luce
Place of Birth Weaver Hall
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Weyrling


Sleek waves of dark brown hair with golden highlights frame a heart shaped face; despite fine features, a slightly upturned nose and wide dimpled smile makes Lucy more cute than pretty. Standing at a slim five foot four doesn't help matters. Her skin is olive-tawny, making her wide greenish-gray eyes all the more striking in contrast. Her weyrling uniform fits well and looks sharp; Lucy's sartorial sense is fortunately one thing she and Hallenayth don't have to rumble over.

Despite being brought up by a loving, if slightly bewildered, family, her many years at the Weaver Hall as the Weaver-that-wasn't-one has left her with a definite chip on her shoulder and a 'no one is looking out for me but me' attitude. One might charitably say she's willful; on her bad days she is, it must be admitted, a bit of a bitch. Lucy once was comfortably aimless and didn't take anything as seriously as she should, but Impressing Hallenayth has started to forcibly shove her off that track.

Impression and becoming part of her weyrling group, combined with Hallenayth's drive to excel, has given Lucy a sense of belonging that she's never experienced before; it's starting to round off some of her sharper edges, but don't you dare mention it to her. Sibling-like, she may tease her fellow classmates relentlessly and sharpen her claws on them when she's in a mood, but if anyone else lays a finger on them they will be facing her wrath.

Also, she thinks M'icha is awesome.


Descended from a long line of Weavers, Lucy is, well, a bit of a disappointment. She has the germs of talent but no interest except in knitting; her preferred activity is baking, particularly frilly novelty pastries. She grew up at Craft Hall near Southern Boll under the loving but slightly mystified auspices of her parents, but eventually grew weary of the constant struggle to measure up to the rest of her family, including a number of successfully Weaver-ish siblings. Lucy eventually petitioned to go to Fort Weyr, where she could at least help in the kitchens and perhaps sell some nice warm socks and hats.


Name Relation Location Position
Rayndall Father Weaver Hall Master Weaver
Lorette Mother Weaver Hall Master Weaver
Serah Sister Weaver Hall Journeyman Weaver
Frances Brother Weaver Hall Journeyman Weaver
Adelle Sister Weaver Hall Senior Apprentice Weaver
Caleb Cousin Weaver Hall Journeyman Weaver


Brown Whitman

Green Jeanette



Working Woman Woes Green Hallenayth
Practical. Undeniably practical, in every possible way, channelling steel and grit into flesh and ichor. Each inch of her stocky form is nothing but purposefully useful beneath the haphazard mottling that darkens her hide, making her rough-hewn curves less easily distinguished. A bold camouflage, combining every dusky shade of the earth's green spectrum, marls her hide from her blocky nose down to the tip of her stubby tail, echoing the ground's sturdy reliability within the powerhouse of her chest and hindquarters, and challenging the sky through her expansive wings.


Title OOC Date Cast
He's Insane! February 27, 2015 Beyrl, Ha'ze, Lucy
What're Those? (Lucy is Searched) March 07, 2015 Beyrl, C'rus, Kera, Lucy, M'icha
Schizophrenic? Or Simply Egg Touching? March 17, 2015 Alister, Inri, Lucy, Kouzevelth, M'icha (npc'd by D'ani and Inri)
Don't Get Caught March 22, 2015 Alister, Beyrl, Gabriela, Lucy, NPCs by Ha'ze
Does This Make Me Look Fat? March 22, 2015 Beyrl, Daralyn, Lucy, NPCs by Th'ero
Robes versus Loincloths March 24, 2015 Beyrl, Gabriela, Haristal, Lucy, Senira
Everyone Dyes In The End March 30, 2015 Alister, Beyrl, Brebain, Lucy, Senira, Tiye (npc by Inri)
Kouzevelth's And Kainaesyth's Eggs Hatch April 01, 2015 Aaron, Alister, Beyrl, Brebain, D'ani, Daralyn, Gabriela, Haristal, Ha'ze, Inri, Kera, Kyzen, Lucy, M'icha, Senira, Thys, Zhirayr, Kainaesyth, Kouzevelth
Nudgy-Nosy April 02, 2015 Lucy, Thys, Hallenayth, Rhenesath
This Wasn't Covered In The Manual April 03, 2015 A'ster, B'ryl, Gabriela, Lucy, and lifemates.
Snow in Uncomfortable Places April 28, 2015 A'ster, B'yrl, Lucy, M'icha
Third Time the Charm May 18, 2015 Lucy, M'icha