Portrayed By Luka Sulic - 1/2 of 2Cellos
Age 20
Height 6'2
Eyes Green
Place of Birth Southern Boll Hold
Home Fort Weyr
Craft Harper Hall
Rank Journeyman
Position WeyrHarper
Specialties Instru playing/making & rhythm/drums
Song Youth Gone Wild


Leuka is a tall young man at six foot two with an athletic build, dark brown hair and green eyes in his early twenties. The journeyman's hair is clean-cut, but if any growth is allowed, it will try to curl without a thought. The man's face is usually clean shaven, but he has been known to let go for a few days at times when he's feeling on the lazy side. He has a nice complexion, but could do with a few more hours out in the sun every sevenday. When his arms are bare tattoos can be seen. Overall, he's kinda easy on the eyes.

Leuka is almost always very well dressed, that tends to happen when your mother is a Journey weaver and a Tailor. Right now he is wearing a bright blue shirt with a black t-shirt underneath, and a thick pair of finely woven pants in dark blue to keep him warm from the freezing temps. To keep him cozy warm he's wearing a wool lined hooded long coat made of the softest hide. It's the shade of forest green that matches his nicely broken-in boots exactly, and has large pockets that hold an assortment of things he needs.

He wears knots that shows him as a Journeyman WeyrHarper and Fortian Bronzling


Leuka, sometimes Luk, was born wayyyy too early one morning, according to his mother, Sulic Tulloce, at Southern Boll Hold. She's a Journey Weaver who specializes in dressmaking. He knows his father was a bluerider that spent a few months at Southern Boll Hold back in the day, and that his mom considers him a good man but that it just didn't work out. Beyond that, his father's identity is unknown, To this day Luk keeps an eye for blueriders of the right age that have his build and features. Maybe he'll come across the man one strange day.

He had a typical childhood, did his chores, snuck off to play with friends, got into trouble here and there but nothing too serious. He studied and did his lessons just like other hold brats, but it was obviously with reluctance, he would have rather been off finding something interesting to do. That changed though when he took an interest in music. Leuka was like a little sponge with all things music. He couldn't really carry a tune, but he could learn to play most any instrument with a passing grade. But he excelled on anything with strings, making them sing for him, and percussion instruments. His enthusiam when playing was not always appreciated though, since he's known to be quite rough on instruments when he's lost in the music. So much so, that he's turned his hand towards instrument making. His first attempts were almost laughable, but he gets better with each new creation under his belt.

Over the turns, one fellow musician, Thautseruck, seemed enthusiatically bent on always showing Leuka up or sabatoging him in some manner, which drove him to constantly perfect his skills and think outside the box when playing or writing music. When they were still apprentice's several Journeyman suggested that separately, they were both great at what they do. But that if they were to work together, they could surpass there own limits as musicians. Turns out that everyone was right. They started working together rather than trying to show the other up, and the outcome soon had them both walking the tables to earn their Journeyknots. Not long after that, about a turn, they were posted to Fort Weyr. So Leuka's off for a wild ride, and get lots of heads banging and feet stomping along the way.


Name Relation Location Position
Sulic Tulloce Mother Southern Boll Hold Journey Weaver


Who What Why
Thautseruck Fellow JourneyHarper & Best Friend/Enemy Depends on the day and if his sister Sada is around. He's been Leuka's best friend for turns, but sometimes they do have their disagreements.
Sephany Apprentice Weaver/ Favorite Table Dancer @FOW Hot little blonde that used to live at Fort Weyr.
I'am Apprentice Harper Eiram has great potential. I've taken him under a wing to corrupt away from the stuffy traditions of the old ways. He also happens to consider me a ROCK IDOL!! So he's obviously a Genius!!
R'hra Hunter/Explorer Drinking buddy who's not too bad on a guitar. He does find the most out of the way places to get drunk and hang out. I may have to kill him if he doesn't stop readjusting my drum set though!
Jaelynn DHealer Grade 2 Friend trough Triven and fellow Candidate at Fort. She dances a Warping good twist!
Triven Tattoo Artist Tattooist Leuka met when the man passed through the Hall. Struck up friendship over Ink Therapy. He has a knack for sketching just the tattoo you need.

Leuka's Playlist

Skid Row - Youth Gone Wild
Twisted Sister - I Wanna Rock
2Cellos - Welcome To The Jungle
Bad Company - Bad Company
The Sweet - Ballroom Blitz
Tom Petty - I Won't Back Down
Tesla - Signs
Tom Petty - You Don't Know How It Feels
George Thorogood - Bad To The Bone
Wild Cherry - Play The Funky Music White Boy



Right Forearm


Left Upper Arm



This Dragon For Hire Bronze Roth

They say that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, and seldom is that more accurately represented than in this bronze. He's a formidable dragon, all sharp edges and lean angles, stunted of maw with deep-set eyes that peer from beneath a long, sloping brow. Headknobs are viciously twisted, more akin to horns or the warped branches of a tree than traditional telepathic receptors. It is not the first hint of arboriousness to define him - indeed, his very hide appears variegated, strong, ageless bronze streaked over and over with lines of sepia and umber, tracking across his flesh in markings akin to the armored bark of an ancient tree. Neckridges rise in jagged crags, surging from his spine like so many axed stumps, ending as abruptly as they rose. His wings are no less grisly, bent and twisted things that prove themselves flight-worthy in their vast expanse alone, for thin, finger-like spindled excuses for wingspars certainly lend them no credence. This dragon's tail operates much like his every joint and knuckle, knobby to a fault, ending in two long tailtips with a fondness for creeping ground wards. Only the crest of his head seems to harbor any sort of softness of physical demeanor - nestled in amongst dips and valleys of striated color are pale shoots of springtime green, dank crusts of feldspar, mottling over his brow like so much moss, containing within their nurturing depths small hints of leaf matter, perhaps hinting at a gentleness to his nature that can't help but break ground.


Take Care With Your Words - Scribe

Lithe but no waif, this lady lifts her head to return your look with an even stare. It neither judges nor demands but simply meets yours in equal intensity. Longish muzzle is pleasantly tapered with fine large nostrils flaring with such emotion she hardly needs words to express her opinion when she cares to share it. Long neck is studded by small but rather sharp-edged ridges. Like miniature emeralds slipping out from the more even darker jeweled hue or her hide they somehow glint as the light slips across. The hue ensconces her frame, making chest seem a bit smaller than it actually is, belly tighter and legs a bit thinner. Truly, darker hues do hide more and the cloak of her suede soft hide is ever deeply that rich emerald. As such, she lacks nothing in riches, thin elongated tail often wrapping around her perch like a living necklace. Wings are equally saturated though the pattern is more reflective of the unpolished gems from the ground, sliced ever so thin and stretched between spars that look less than able to support such a load. Yet they flutter with an effortlessness as she gracefully moves taking care in the choice of each stretch and contraction of muscle and bone.

Thank you Neyuni! She's Gorgeous!!


Title OOC Date Cast
Ice Skate Part-AY! January 12, 2018 Lu'ka, I'am, Sephany
Xerosaeth's Maiden Flight January 13, 2018 Kassala, R'hra, Lu'ka, I'am, with mention of: J'en, Ila'den, and Z'ki
Tattoo Inquiry January 15, 2018 Kassala, Kezresan, Lu'ka