Ligeia is the reason the phrase 'resting bitch face' was invented. Thick eyebrows rest low over hazel-green eyes; naturally narrow and heavy-lidded, she always seems to be staring someone down, even if her mind might be elsewhere. A straight, even nose and a strong jaw frame bowed lips, ones which are much more accustomed to pouts and stern purses, rather than smiles. Black hair is kept long and slightly curling, that midway point between straight and ringlets that everyone covets until they have it and they realize there's little they can do to style it. She tries, however, as evidenced by small braids and beads frequently woven in between loose curls. A natural beauty, she doesn't need to wear makeup, but she chooses to for her own amusement (or, what substitutes for amusement with Ligeia), eyes frequently lined with kohl and lips stained with various colors to match her mood.

Of medium height and relatively slim build, she has some grasp on the world of Pernese fashion, and she puts it to use. Clothing is carefully coordinated, and though her sense of style can't quite be described as eclectic nor fancy, she certainly never appears disheveled or thrown together (not unless that's what's vogue). She definitely shows preference for clothing with fur, lace, buckles, and hoods, but there's also a time and place for simple shirts and riding boots. It all depends upon what the situation calls for.

Her knot marks her as a resident of Fort Weyr, while a badge worn on her shoulder indicates she is a Certified Dragonhealer.


Ligeia's childhood was hardly auspicious; in fact, the most exciting thing that ever happened was her introduction into the Dragonhealing craft. Born to two shop owners at Ierne Weyrhold, she grew up in relative sanity, surrounded by family and fabric. Though she frequently helped out around the shop, stitching and selling clothing as an extra hand was needed, the astute young woman knew from a very young age that the family business just wasn't for her.

As soon as she was old enough, she calmly explained her decision to join the Dragonhealing craft to her parents, providing an inescapable web of logic until finally, they realized she wouldn't let up on the idea and could easily out-argue their counterpoints, even at fourteen. She enjoyed her time learning the basics and practicalities of the craft at Ierne, excelling adeptly as expected, but six turns later, she's decided it's high time to branch out and learn the craft hands-on at a proper weyr. Though there were several options available for her, she finally decided a residency at Fort Weyr was the most appealing. She's accepted a position studying and operating under their Grade 4 Dragonhealer to practice her current skills as a Grade 3 and learn the basics of dragon surgery.


Name Relation Location Position
Adrastreia Mother Ierne Weyrhold Clothing Shop Owner
Antares Father Ierne Weyrhold Clothing Shop Owner
Eulalimaes Brother Ierne Weyrhold Shop Assistant
Andriannaste Sister Ierne Weyrhold Apprentice Harper

Ligeia's family is Bitran in origin, and is absolutely huge on both her mother's and her father's side. If you are interested in being related - distantly, or otherwise - please feel free to let me know. It's entirely plausible.


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