A quiet, pretty young woman, of average height. Her delicate face is surrounded by short cropped black hair, almost with a purplish tinge to it, which sets off her deep violet eyes. She's almost always smiling, although there's a shyness there as well.


Lidia was born and raised at Fort Hold. Always a quiet child, she prefered her lessons and studying to playing with the other kids her age. She wanted to be a harper, but unfortunately had absolutely no musical talent whatsoever. In addition, whenever she tried to help out in the kitchens or dining hall, it invariably turned into a disaster as the poor dear is one of the most accident prone children to ever walk the face of Pern. As a result, she found her niche helping to take care of the younger children in the nursery.

Not more than a couple of turns later, Lidia's clumsiness, combined with the scheming of another, slightly older, girl, led to Lidia leaving Fort Hold, and moving up to the Weyr. Unfortunately, she was just as clumsy up there, and, as 'punishment' for breaking a whole stack of plates, she was given a special plate and cup from the plasticcraft, along with a brand new knot, marking her as a candidate at the weyr. During her candidacy, she became close to Ceresy, another of the candidates, as well as being reunited with her friend Shevenia.

Eventually, all three young women impressed, Lidia to Blue Zsihaventh. During their weyrlinghood, Lidia and Resy's friendship became more, as the two blueriders began to spend all their time together, eventually becoming weyrmated following graduation. For several turns, they were a couple, even as Lidia matured, her clumsiness disappearing as she grew into adulthood, and her self confidence was bolstered by her lifemate.

Eventually, both Lidia and Resy left Fort, to relocate to Ista. Sadly, while they were there, they grew apart, and Lidia found herself alone, but for Zsihaventh and her daughter, Jeddia (born from a mating flight.) For a turn, she stayed at Ierne, then returned to Fort, and her position as a Wingrider in Roc. Eventually, she became Wingsecond, then Wingleader for Roc, and once again found love, when she met Starra, rider of Green Arrowyth.

As the turns passed, Liddia was happy with Starra. Jeddia followed her dream of becoming a Harper, being accepted into the craft on her twelth Turnday. However, Lidia's health began to fail. Eventually, she retired from her position as Wingleader, and she and Starra retired to Ierne. After a few more turns, and the chance to meet the love of her daughter's life, she passed away in her sleep at the Weyrhouse she and Starra shared.


Name Relation Location Position
Jeddia Daughter Eastern Weyr Journeyman



Blue Zsihaventh