Gender Female
Aliases Lia
Place of Birth Fort Sea Hold
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Infirmary Aide


Freckles. All the freckles. They coat this young girl's face from nose and sprinkle across fair cheeks. High cheekbones give a delicate cast to the whole of a face wrapped around with gentle waves of fire-red hair. Hazel eyes, bold and curious, complete the face. She's of normal height, standing no taller or shorter than other girls her age, and has a body that, while not athletic, holds the simple grace of childhood still. She's dressed in colors that complement both hair and eyes, knee-length skirts, a flowing tunic, and simple brown shoes made for the in-doors.


Lianri is the oldest daughter of Linbain (and one of SEVERAL children), brother to Brebian and Miranda, and great-niece of the Lady Fort Sea. Impulsive and headstrong, she's always been a bit of a handful for her parents, so after some serious discussion, it was decided to send her to foster with her aunt, Miranda, in hopes that she will take to the healer's craft. The decision was not made lightly, and not without some resistance from the nine-turn-old, who had zero interest in leaving home. Being overruled though, she has packed her bags and now lives at Fort, and as possible, works in the infirmary as an aide to her aunt.


Name Relation Location Position
Toriane great ant Fort Sea Hold Hold Healer
Dairin great uncle Fort Sea Hold Merchant
Isama great great aunt Fort Sea Hold Lady Holder
Linbain father TBD TBD
Mirinda aunt TBD TBD
Brebain uncle Fort Weyr Weaver Master
Daina aunt Harper Hall Harper Master
Unnamed aunt TBD TBD
Unnamed uncle TBD TBD
Unnamed uncle TBD TBD
Ranildra aunt TBD TBD
Taimri cousin Fort Weyr Child
Unnamed sister TBD TBD
Unnamed sister TBD TBD
Unnamed brother TBD TBD
Unnamed sister TBD TBD
Unnamed brother TBD TBD


Title OOC Date Cast
Kids and Smithing Don't Mix February 28, 2015 Aaron, Kiena, Kyzen, Lianri
Pleading Innocence March 01, 2015 Kiena, Kyzen, Lianri, Mirinda, Tiye (NPC), Zhirayr
The Weird Ones Come in Pairs (Kouzevelth Clutches) March 07, 2015 Ha'ze, Inri, Kouzevelth, Kainaesyth, Mirinda, Lianri, Zhirayr
Can't Touch This March 08, 2015 Kyzen, Lianri, Kainaesyth, Kouzevelth, Velokraeth
But Those are BOY BOOKS March 14, 2015 Aaron, Lianri
Don't Cry Over Spilt Wine April 14, 2015 Kyzen, Lianri