Full Name: Lhiannon (Hanalee)

Born: Day 13, month 10, Turn 2697

Birthplace: Plateau Hold

Current Location: Fort Weyr

Position: Assistant Weyrlingmaster

Dragon: Green Fjainoith

Affiliations: Fort Weyr, Harper Hall

Played By: Jeri Ryan


Sun-kissed, blonde locks fall about a pleasantly symmetrical face dominated by large, blue eyes, full lips and framed by thick eyebrows. There's something almost wholesome about Lhiannon's fair features accented by the tell-tale promise of laugh-lines in the making, but her carriage at 5'6" speaks of a contained intensity, movements controlled and deliberate. The physical training required of a dragonrider has sculpted muscle and afforded definition to her arms and legs, build lean and athletic. She appears to be somewhere in her early forties and wears the shoulderknot of a weyrlingmaster's assistant from Fort Weyr, braided with a cord of green.

Common Knowledge

» Holdbred, well-educated, hell-bent on precision.
» First joined the weyrlingmaster staff in early 2728 as a junior assistant.
» Impressed Fjainoith at Fort out of a clutch of Kouzevelth's and Velokraeth's in 2725.
» Those who knew her prior to Impression would once have known her as harper Hanalee.
» Worked in the weyr's archives for about a turn prior to her Impression.
» Rarely Known Member of the network of harper operatives trained in espionage and information dealing.




Meeting proud, wintry Fjainoith at the end of summer 2725 gave holdbred Lhiannon both a new name and a new life. Harper journeyman Hanalee arrived at Fort Weyr from Southern Boll in mid-2724 to begin her second posting in her late twenties. A former apprentice of master harper Yuon before both were promoted, Hana has been generally known to be friendly and relatively easy-going (if you ignore the way she lines up her writing utensils and compartmentalizes her food), but those who only have ever known her as Fjainoith's rider are more often shown a woman of some reserve. She was almost never seen filling in for the teaching harpers prior to her Impression and to this day, tends to make herself scarce when performance opportunities arise. At present, she and her green serve on Fort's weyrlingmaster staff and fill in for transport jobs to-and-from Harper Hall as those duties allow.

Fjainoith's Flight Record

# IC Date Winner Logs
1 08.2726 Ila'den's bronze Teimyrth The War She Craved, ... For My Shirt
2 01.2727 D'ax's bronze Azirath Morning Routines
3 08.2727 Th'ero's bronze Velokraeth Awkward
4 01.2728 M'o's brown Zhaneriath No Expectations
5 08.2728 Ila'den's bronze Teimyrth Correct Sentiments
6 - 13 02.2729 - 08.2732 Various NPCs  
14 02.2733 Lily's blue Yaszaelgith  
15 - 18 08.2733 - 02.2735 Various NPCs  
19 08.2735 M'zal's blue Tsoth  
20 02.2736 Male NPC's bronze (Fort)  
21 08.2736 Male NPC's bronze (Telgar)  
22 02.2737 Male NPC's blue (Monaco)  
23 08.2737 Female NPC's blue (Ista)  
24 02.2738 Male NPC's bronze (High Reaches)  
25 08.2738 Female NPC's brown (Igen)  
26 02.2739 Male NPC's blue (Igen)  
27 08.2739 Male NPC's blue (Igen)  
28 02.2740 Male NPC's bronze (Ista)  
29 08.2740 Female NPC's brown (Xanadu)  


Of Roses Divine Gold Fairytale
Upon first observation, there is much to presume about this dainty little gold. Her stature is diminutive, her posture practiced, her visage held regally despite the wicked cut of bone structure. Ruffled wings are swept back and low, worn more like a train than pinions for flight. The careful tuck of paws up against her chest whilst seated almost hides the sparkle-white brilliance of overlong claws, elbows nearly shrouding the prominence of ribcage streaks that marr her otherwise scintillating, rose-touched beauty. Alas, that is where things begin to fall apart, for you see, where her demeanor implies a princess, she is undeniably a queen. It's there for those that deign to spare her a second glance, there in the way burnished gold writhes and wroughts over her shoulders like armor, the thorns and vines that flow from floral grace making her wings an impassable tangle, an impossible barrier. A sword of near-white light blazes down her spine from brow to hip, cross-guard circling her neck in parody of a choker, a singular citrine gem dotting the center of her throat. This is a gold whose chaos and beauty have long intertwined, who has made herself the hero of her own story when no others would do.
Credit: R'hyn


Title OOC Date Summary
Esoireth and Velokraeth's Eggs Hatch!
ft. Ainyan, Ava, Dahj, Lhiannon, Pollina, Saverio, Th'ero, Tiberius, Xavier
December 29, 2022 Esoireth and Velokraeth's clutch finally hatches on a wintry afternoon. Ten new lives begin!
The Great Kitten Heist of 2735
ft. Lhiannon, Tiberius
November 20, 2022 Tiberius is trying to keep some kittens warm and fed; Lhiannon proposes an alternative solution.
Eggcounters, Round Two
ft. Ava, Lhiannon, Saverio, Tiberius, Xavier
November 17, 2022 More snapshots of candidates getting to know Esoireth's and Velokraeth's clutch.
Surprises on the Sands
ft. Ainyan, Dahj, Lhiannon, Saverio, Tiberius, Xavier
November 16, 2022 Surprising encounters are in store for a few candidates who get to meet some of the eggs.
Throwing Down the Gauntlet (Xavier is Searched)
ft. Lhiannon, Xavier
November 13, 2022 Xavier tries to go toe-to-toe with Yuon's journeyman and gets maneuvered into the demotion of candidacy.