Portrayed By Devery Jacobs
Gender Female
Aliases Laur, Ara
Place of Birth Shadowacre Cothold
Current Location Stonehaven Cothold
Occupation Healer
Status Journeyman


Sombre and reserved, her features plain but not without their own subtle beauty, she is not one to stand out in a crowd or even be entirely remembered. Dark brown, almost black hair falls straight and neat well past her shoulders and is often braided in two braids, one for each side of her head. Even her narrow shaped eyes are a dark shade of brown, resting beneath long, slender eyebrows and over a small, somewhat pointed nose. Dominant cheekbones give her subtle dimples, her strong jawline tapering into a slightly pointed chin. Her lips are on the paler side, but are full.
She is of average height and lean build, though as she grows into womanhood she’s beginning to gain some curves, especially to her hips and thighs. Some might describe her as a late bloomer, as she is still getting that womanly look to her shape. Her skin has a tan, almost olive complexion, smooth and unblemished.
Her clothing tends to be rather simple and utilitarian, as a Healer she needs to wear darker fabrics and cloth that can stand up well to various fluids and stains. When she is not at her work or studies, she still favors sturdier clothing that is practical rather than fancy and often in subdued colors and balanced with neutral hues.
On her shoulder is a knot for Journeyman in the colors of Healer Hall.


Whether she truly does not remember or refuses to speak of it, a lot of Laurali’s past is cloaked in mist and shadow. She claims not to remember much of her early childhood, save that she had a mother once and certainly remembers her father, but beyond that the details grow vague (or she goes silent).

What is known is that her father, Hatskel, was one of Laris’ top men and possibly even the right hand of that holdless madman who would later cause so much grief and strife for both Fort Weyr and surrounding regions and as far south as Xanadu. Presumedly, she spent most of her early childhood holdless with her father, roaming through Fort’s vast wilderness. All that changed when Hatskel joined with Laris and was present the night Stonehaven cothold met an unfortunate end. Laurali had been left with the other holdless women and children in another camp, and only vaguely remembers her father coming to collect her before they snuck away again. Her father had plans to gain the attention of Hold Guards and, in the end, Fort Weyr itself.

It is here that Laurali’s life takes on many twists and turns. After Hatskel turns himself in and is later exiled, Laurali was taken to Fort Weyr. Unable to adapt entirely to weyrlife, it is arranged that she is to be adopted into a small hold. For a short while she lived there peacefully, only to then vanish again and appear later in Xanadu Weyr, where she is found scared and alone by a group of children and young teens. Coaxed into talking, Laurali reveals that she’d been with Laris (against her will) and had been traveling with him under a false name and him as well. Unable to give any further details, Laurali was left to live in Xanadu Weyr until a Turn or so later when Laris and his men, as well as most of his holdless, were caught on Drake’s Lake.

Again, she was uprooted, brought back to Fort Weyr for the trials of which she took part to identify the few men and women she could recall. By now she was in her early teens and her rocky life and unsettled past had led her to a spell of rebellion. When the trials concluded, she and some of the other orphaned children grouped together and planned to leave the Weyr and start their own lives. Only they went about it the entirely wrong way and their decision to try and lift a few minor supplies from the Weyr’s stores had them caught later. After much apology and most of the supplies returned, Laurali and the other children made up for their transgression and for awhile she lived quietly in the Weyr. Later her friends would go on to be Searched and Impress in Kouzevelth’s and Dremkoth’s clutch, but Laurali had other plans for herself.

Though considered “old” to be starting as an Apprentice in a Craft, Laurali none the less applied to Healer Hall and was accepted in. She adapted well to the routines and studies, proving herself a capable worker and student, eager to learn and gained a source of pride in herself and her work within the Craft that she hadn’t had in life until then. Her hard work paid off when she was promoted to Sr. Apprentice, focusing more of her studies on General Practice and Botany and hoping that when she reaches her eighteenth Turn, to be considered for Jr. Journeyman rank and continue to move onward and forwards with her life, on vastly different from that of her past.


Name Relation Location Position
Hatskel Father Unknown/Exiled Holdless
Unknown Mother Deceased Unknown


Title OOC Date Cast


Winter's Frost Bronze Hatchling - Frostbite
His hide is the shade and hue of antiqued bronze, varying in richness and age, mottled and burnished and yet those 'flaws' only seem to enhance his strong, somewhat stocky, features. Broad of head, jaw and chest, he is muscular in his build but not to the point of being a hinderance. He's balanced, each physical trait working with each other to give him a well formed look. Not to long of tail or body or wings, he's a near to perfect specimen of a bronze firelizard and only his colouring seems to be "off" about him and yet works in the same instance. Where his hide is not a shade of antique bronze, dusting of molten or polished bronze flicker in the light, casting strange fractal patterns like frost upon a windowpane. This effect is difficult to see on his body, muted by his movements or his positions while at rest but his wings will always carry the dazzling display, the lighter bronze hues crackling over his wingspars and sails.