Lana has a tall and slender build. Her limbs are of a decent length, not too long and not too short. In fact, her entire body is proportionate. While her face was one clear and un-marred it now sports claw marks doing down the right side of her face. If one looks closely they can see that it is not one massive scar but four separate scratches, one going over her eyebrow and down to her cheek, just missing her eye socket. A nice sprinkle of color appears on her face in the form of full, pink lips and lightly colored cheeks. Her eyes are large, round, and green. Long blonde hair goes down to her waist. It is very light in color, edging in on white-blonde. There is a slight curl to it, giving it a nice wavy appearance. On her shoulder she wears knots that show she is a brownrider with the rank of wingrider.


Polana was born to a drudge and bluerider at Fort Weyr. When he heard that she was pregnant her father wanted nothing to do with her mother or the child. So Patilone gave birth to young Polana without a companion by her side. As a very young child Polana was raised by the drudges and taught how to be one of the lowest ranking members of the weyr. She worked wherever she was needed, never really having a specialty.

For two turns she lived as a simple drudge and accepted that. It was not until the bluerider, O'lan, ran in to her mother again that her life began to change. The two talked, and made plans to meet again. This continued for a few months and soon the couple was officially together. When Polana was three turns old her mother gave birth to her sister, Oatile.

As she got older Polana began to question her place. Why was she a drudge? Why couldn't she ride a dragon? While this went on she began to change. As she got older she began to notice that she was attractive when she looked in the mirror. So she started to act like it. This progressed until she was actively acting like she was better than others. However, it was not until she saw a hatching that it reached its climax. At thirteen turns she saw a gold hatch and impress to a girl, a candidate that had come from some hold. That was when jealousy entered her, jealousy for all the girl would surely get. She decided that one day she would be a goldrider, most important person in the weyr. No more sleeping with the drudges, no more cleaning other peoples messes. Her life was going to change, everyone would see just how perfect she is.

And change it did. Polana began to leave her mark on the Weyr, but not in an entirely positive fashion. Pretending to be a heir to a hold certainly got her noticed by a few people, but not in a good way. Being searched? It was absolutely amazing, unfortunately she did not impress. But quite possibly the biggest event since she made the choice to change things was when, when he stepped into the middle of an argument she was having with Inri, she slapped Borodin. Inri's gold called the Weyrleader, Weyrwoman, and Weyrleader's Weyrmate, who threw her down into the brig for a little while. They debated about what to do with her and eventually a choice was made. She would be promoted to messenger girl, provided that she could learn to change her behavior and apologize to Borodin and Inri.

When the time came that she apologized to Borodin she was shocked by him refusing to accept her apology. After much talking and, although she would never admit to it, pleading, he said he would give her a chance. If she can prove that she is a decent person he will forgive her. So far she has been trying her best to do so. Although she is yet to find out where she stands with him she does seem to have ended up improving in her standing with several people in the Weyr along with making some new friends. Eventually she was searched by Weyrsecond D'ani's bronze Dremkoth during an outing involving herdbeast calves and how to properly tackle them.

Candidacy was… interesting. There were outings, chaos, friendships made (and some nearly broken), and one eventful trip at sea that ended in a sinking ship and all of the candidates, crew members, and one unfortunate Weyrsecond being stranded on an iceberg. It was all wrapped up in a hatching in the middle of a rainstorm where she impressed to brown Rauskazeth. Like many things surrounding Polana, who became Lana on that day, it was not uneventful as Rauskazeth accidentally mauled his rider and she gained some brand new scarring. For a while the scars were a strong source of insecurity to the formerly vain girl and they may continue to be so to this day, although if they are she is getting better at hiding it. Upon graduation she ended up joining the Thunderbird Wing as a Search and Rescue rider along with several other members of her class.


Name Relation Location Position
Patilone Mother Fort Weyr Drudge
O'lan Father Fort Weyr Bluerider
Oatile Sister Fort Weyr Drudge


Green Opal
This little green's hide is a multifaceted and almost an iridescent light green color. In the light it seems to shine different colors depending on the angle she's seen at. In direct sunlight she nearly shines gold, at an angle she almost has a purple hue. Her muzzle is average length, and gold markings around her eyes trail upward into a point as if she has gold eyeliner on. The same gold spindles run down the ridges of her back and drip along the spines of her wings. The end of her tail and tiny talons on her feet are also covered in golden plating, and sparkle in the sun. She is a dainty green, slim and slight of muscle and convenient for curling up on her owner.

Brown Mjolnir
A quite large and stoic brown, with rather muscular legs and strong wings. His colour is that of a reddish brown, spattered with golden brown highlights across head and shoulders. The red darkening into a darker true brown as it falls over strong flanks and long tail. Talons of a blue-black complete this brown firelizard. Visible upon his wings are near white-blue flashes of lightning bolts when he moves. His movements are solid and purposeful, carrying him easily to whatever current goal he has his eye on. When he 'talks', his tone is quite deep for a brown and carries with it the strength so very evident in his body.


Show the World Our Desire Brown Rauskazeth

Dark bistre-like hues hold dominion over his small but no less formidable frame, for he is built to be as powerful and stealthy as they come for his kind and while not the most handsome, he makes up for it by far in the hidden qualities of his strength and stamina. Softened and rounded eyeridges and stubby headknobs lend an unusual contrast to his blunt nose and broad, wide and thick jowled head and stand out even more to the eye from the faint patch of rusty and cinnamon brown that marks the left side. His neck is short and thick, leading into a deep, well muscled chest and lean, long body. Thick, muscular and stocky flanks give him an almost unbalanced look with his lean and toned forelimbs, but the proportions work and his lumbering gait is unaffected, if not lending to the illusion that he is prowling when in motion. Long of tail, broad and wide of wing, those complete him and are neither too much or too little given his size and frame of build. Russet browns dust his smoothed neckridges, breaking some of the monotony of the rest of his dark brown hide and when he spreads his wings, the sails both from the top and underside boast a hint of copper and saffron, ghostly pale and often viewed only in the strongest of light, shimmering like the distant stars in a deep night sky.


Title OOC Date Cast
Peaceful Chatter May 28, 2015 Lana, Th'ero
Do You Like Leaves? June 26, 2015 Kyzen, Lana