Portrayed By Jessica Pitti
Sex Female (androgynous)
Position Hair Stylist
Specialty Style
Age Early Twenties
Birthplace Monaco Bay Weyr
Home Fort Weyr


Small in size and stature, with not much in the way of curves it's difficult to say whether Dani is a young man or a girl. With slick black hair cut short and styled much like a boys but thick eyelashes that frame green eyes in soft and gentle face that could easily be a girls. Hands are delicate and well-manicured and quite feminine in nature and skin is mostly unblemished.
On a slender body is a well-fitted white shirt made of a silky fabric, with shell buttons and a well worn but still good jacket of soft suede that is a deep shade of purple. Upon slender legs, and nearly form fitted is a set of deeply dyed black suede pants that slip into black slouch boots.


Dani was born at Monaco Bay Weyr, formally known as Eastern, to Bluerider K'nan. However, she was raised mostly by her dad Ur'yu and his weyrmate S'dan. She did spend time with her mother, but as the bluerider had a habit of flitting about, whole Turns could go by before she ever saw her. She had a happy childhood and spent much of it exploring and gadding about the Weyr and keeping out of peoples hair. So all in all she grew up rather secluded from the other kids of the Weyr. Not that this seemed to bother her at all, since she spent most of her time with her twin brother. Time goes on and people move on and so did Dani and she decided she was tired of the Tropical life and ended up doing some traveling herself. With her twin quite happily learning about cloth and sewing here wasn't much to keep her around. Perhaps it's the wanderlust in her blood from her mother, or maybe it was just awkward having a niece almost her age, but either way she left Monaco and eventually ended up in the Northern Continent, ready to check out Fort Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
K'nan Mother Pern Bluerider
Ur'yu Father Monaco Bay Weyr Greenrider
S'dan Father Monaco Bay Weyr Brownrider
Zandanin Brother Monaco Bay Weyr Handyman
Arania Sister-in-Law Monaco Bay Weyr Weaver Master
Zafirah Sister Xanadu Weyr Green Wherhandler
Kiera Sister Monaco Bay Weyr Seacrafter
Z'ran (Ziekieran) Brother Ista Weyr Bronzerider
Danyunan Twin Brother Monaco Bay Weyr Weaver
Kerri M. Grandmother Keroon Hold Kitchen Asst.
Taendah M. Grandfather Keroon Hold Field Hand
Metria P. Grandmother Telgar Weyr Goldrider
J'em P. Grandfather Monaco Bay Weyr Bronzerider

danyunan.jpg kismet01.jpg
Danyunan Kismet
Portrayed By Jessica Pitti OOC Breed American Eskimo Dog (Toy)
Sex Male (androgynous) Sex Male
Position Weaver
Specialty Textiles
Age Early Twenties
Birthplace Monaco Bay Weyr
Home Monaco Bay Weyr


Title OOC Date Cast