Skin the color of burnt sugar ripples caramel over a physique which defies any such candy-coating: muscled from a guarding career and turns of dragonriding labor, he's a far cry from the lean youth of yesteryear. Kh'nai stands a smidgen shorter than average, but the boxy breadth of his shoulders promises a similar mass to a taller man. Eyes of liquid espresso-klah stray to opacity in most contexts, the mobile width of supple mouth counterbalanced by a nearly too-sharp jaw, squared-off neatly to angular slants just below his ears. Dark eyebrows are perhaps the most expressive function of his face, wide-set over eyes deep-set about a long nose.


Born and raised at Fort Weyr, Khyonai; he's never so much as thought about life outside. Raised by nannies and an indulgent mother, at thirteen he stepped stubbornly into the realm of the guards and hasn't quit yet. The guards haven't quit him, either; the past six turns have honed and sharpened him as much as the blades he works with. Young to have made full guard, he's well-known for being a quiet, somber young man, often pegged for much older than his chronological turns.


Name Relation Location Position
Kiralla Mother Fort Weyr Greenrider
Ai'doni Father Fort Weyr Harper / Brownrider


Arcane Magic and Darkness Green Lyrienth


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