Played by Julian Schratter
Gender Male
Current Home Fort Weyr
Place of Birth Telgar Weyr
Occupation Journeyman Healer
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Dark brown
Song Jaymes Young - I'll Be Good


Kezresan is a young man in his early twenties and is of average height, with a trim and toned physique; subtle muscle definition revealed where clothing does not cover him. With a strong jaw and symmetrical feature, he may be considered attractive by many. Dark brown eyes rimmed with long black lashes and even darker brown hair styled in that casual 'woke up this way' style. There is a discipline displayed in both movement and how he chooses to hold himself in whatever position he might be in. It is mirrored in the focus of his gaze and the thin line of his mouth; more apt to frown than to smile.

Kezresan favors practical, well-tailored clothes when free from work and scrubs with a lab-coat while on duty. His color palette leans toward neutral and mundane rather than bright and flashy.


The short version is thus: The brownrider Lekzanne won a green flight. Nine months later, Kezresan was born. He was fostered with trusted friends and family at Telgar Weyr, and raised with a “well rounded” education of traditional studies (such as reading, writing and arithmetic) as well as extracurricular activities that included among other things, art, dance, and hand-to-hand combat. All the usual.

Questions of his father were brushed aside and answered simply as “he was a dragonrider” until, in frustration and defeat, he stopped inquiring. He did not lack in male influence and while as a youngster he spent considerable time speculating as to the nature and character of his biological father, age would see acceptance and sensible indifference take the place of curiosity and longing.

That aforementioned “well rounded” education kept him busy enough that forming relationships with peers his own age was difficult at best and downright impossible at worst. While the desire to connect was there, Kezresan simply could not relate to children who spent their time playing tag and throwing snow balls, while he was learning self-defense and basic first aid. Any friendship that managed to form was tenuous and fleeting.

At twelve, having displayed an aptitude and fondness for the subject, Kezresan apprenticed to the Healer Craft and moved into Healer Hall in Fort territory. While the location and training were different, his life changed very little otherwise. Here however, he formed a friendship or two that managed to transcend the differences of personality and background.

Kezresan was a model student. Intelligent and inquisitive, with attention to detail that rivaled those twice his age. Rigid discipline and dedication that had been instilled by foster parents and birth-mother alike meant that he attacked his studies with a fiery passion. He genuinely enjoyed his work, having found something that he was both good at as was appreciated and well-received by those around him. He walked the tables at the age of twenty and received his first posting at twenty-two: Fort Weyr.

(long version TBA)


Name Relation Location Position
Lekzanne - NPC Mother Telgar Weyr Dragonrider (brown Kesketh)
R'sner - PC Father Half Moon Bay Weyr Dragonrider (green Toith)

A NOTE: Kezresan does not know who is father his. Likewise, R'sner is unaware that Kezresan is his son.


Title OOC Date Cast
Tattoo Inquiry January 15, 2018 Kassala, Kezresan, Lu'ka
Spring January 16, 2018 Fioreyla, Kezresan
Swoon-worthy January 23, 2018 I'am, Kezresan
Formality aside... there is mud. February 9, 2018 I'am, Kezresan
Coughing Fit February 11, 2018 Kezresan, Zahari
The Trouble With Firelizards February 12, 2018 Kassala, Kezresan
Dangerous Jobs February 22, 2018 I'am Kezresan
Life is Dangerous February 24, 2018 I'am, Kassala, Kezresan, Xerosaeth, Toskavath
Late Night Klah & Conversations April 5, 2018 Kassala, Kezresan
Too Early for Cookies? June 4, 2018 Carellos, Kezresan, Aignes
Is or Is Not A Knot (and a Sock) June 12, 2018 Aignes, Kezresan