Portrayed By Zoey Deschanel
Gender Female
Aliases Kess, Kessy
Place of Birth East of SouthBend Hold, in a place called Whistler Ridge
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Senior Weyrwoman
First Appearance Eastern's New Mouse


Captive in an emotive gaze is the kindness of a gentle soul. Almost tangible, as if a person could put a finger on it, the allure of compassion in her teal eyes becomes the point of concentration - brought to life even more when she expresses optimism. With an almond shape and the emphasise of thick dark lashes surrounding them, they are bold and yet subtle. Her eyes aren't overwhelmingly large, but they maintain prominence over an otherwise ordinary face. Such a face is common, with a slender bone structure that is rounded into an oval with only a slight point near her chin. She certainly doesn't have high cheekbones, but instead possesses a smoother appearance, as if dainty. Her lips continue to portray her petite femininity, as her mouth in general is small and lips thin, only made fuller and luscious by added colour painted on. Set above them is a broad base of her nose, helping to create the imagery of a tiny mouth, although the bridge of her noise is petite in nature as well. Animated and framing the soft angles of her face are the loose waves of black hair, cut just shy of her shoulders, often styled or pinned in elaborate and trendy ways.

For her age, which is roughly early twenties, she has a well defined body. Curves delight the young woman, especially in the hips. Although she isn't by any means over weight, instead she is healthy and an average size for a young woman who stands only five feet six inches in height. Though one could tell she isn't overly athletic either. Any muscle tone in her arms appears to be created by her profession as a dragon rider, as her body otherwise carries minimal definition. And usually upon her, for attire, is some sort of chic fashion. Her clothing tends to be unique, as if influenced by a weavers creativity. The garments often tend to be made out of light fabrics, or have some element to them that can swish around her limbs. Dresses or skirts are quite clearly a favourite. As for a declaration as to whom she is, a Sr. Weyrwoman's knot of Fort Weyr is likely interwoven with what she chooses to wear, becoming a part of the apparel.

With friendly mannerisms and an outward energy, the girl is highly approachable. She is motivated by the desire to make her own life better and to succeed in doing something she loves. She embraces life, improving her own as well as others if the chance is given to her. She's down to earth yet prone to day dream. Her attitude is often always charming and she has a level reasonable outlook on life. Her fashion sense intact and unique despite coming from a sheltered hold. Kessa is also quite the determined spirit; a girl who faces her fears and conquers it with a smile and a laugh, often moving herself beyond the old threshold of her sheltered life.

She lives by one golden rule: Your life is your own to live as you choose.


Her long story starts here… taking her from naive hold girl, to a candidate, to an apprentice, and to so much more…

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Through triumphs and tragedy, Kessa has proven herself to be a persevering young woman. Born in a minor hold she wasn't immediately given the opportunities of other young people in highly populated areas. That said, as soon as the girl's eyes were opened to the wonders of the world, she began to blossom. Immediately her talents were put to use. Sophie, a local weaver in the area, caught onto the talents of the girl, encouraging her to decorate hats like she had back at her hold. Combined with her youthful and optimistic views, she set about her work with all the love her nimble fingers could endure. Soon enough, this earned attention of a few residents and riders at the Weyr; some of which commissioned these decorated hats from the girl - ensuring she would root herself down to the Weyr at least for the time being.

It was not a surprise then that she focused all her attention toward learning the entire process of Hat making. Thus, she designs, tailors, dyes, and decorates hats - making them from scratch often times enough.


Name Relation Adoptable Age
Baret Father Yes Kessa's age + 28 yrs
Kestilran Son By S'dan Yes Kessa's age -16 yrs
Matovik Son - Father Unknown (OOCly Veski) Yes Kessa's age - 18 yrs
Makeskai Son By Ma'kai Yes Kessa's age - 21 yrs


Fetch Me A Price Green Fedora

A fair lady green with sharp tiny eyes, scanning the area. She never seems to stay in one place. Agile and lean, the figure is almost serpent like as she scopes high and low. Her body turns and twists easily, made of only curves and wavy lines that fit into tiny cracks and pouches. Her coloring is of a dull green, mossy and old with almost a wise look behind it. Flickers of brighter shades of green and light bronzes dance about the back of the firelizard and burst more rapidly into her tiny wing sails. The rest of the color comes to rest on her nose in a copper tone, making this the most notable part of the firelizard. The odd color compared to the rest of her deep green body.

Grilled Balsamic Porterhouse Bronze Culter

Heavy muscles bulge across the thick and large form of this arrogant bronze firelizard. Large eyes whirl beneath prominent ridges on his large wedge shaped head. Thick jaws are licked by a silvery green tongue as he gauges the world about. A deep stain of balsamic vinegar tinted dark bronze colors his hide in uneven waves. Some of the overlapping drizzles stain to near black along the bottom of his thick short neck and wide belly. Across his sides and flank are odd darker streaks, like grill marks they sear darkly upon his tasty form. Wings are strong and sturdy, the large expanse of sails are kept meticulously clean. Despite this grooming, the inherent splatter of grizzle and seasoning spice up the darkened bronze sails.



If Only It Were -I- To Be Envied Gold Choth

Light never illuminated such a graceful creature as this, an ethereal form that, as a whisper in the wind, seems ghostly compared to others of her kind. Gold she is, but of a hue so pale and lustrous it appears more silver in tone, with the edges of her physique the only radiant points that glow in sunshine golden color. Like a metallic paintbrush wafted across her figure, swirls — like dusty fog curling around a source of movement — dance about her frame, accentuating round structure and delicate features, but thin into streaks, rather than swirls, along the functionally built appendages of legs and tail. The tip of her tail lights to pure white, edged in a striking hue that stands out amongst the almost lack-thereof; the hue, a pale but sensual metallic blue, coats the entirity of the thin membranes of her wings, whose spars hint a darker shade of such. The color touches only one other place; her face, between eyes but just before thin knobs, a dripping crown of glory is held… But not all glory is fame; for some, it only becomes a chain.