Silky raven black hair flows along this young man's head, streaked with darker browns that falls just short of the nape of his neck. His hair is always kept neat and clean and it shimmers with health under the warmth of the sun. Long bangs caress his soft-looking cheeks and have a tendancy to fall into his triangular-shaped face. His skin having an obvious tan to it from being out in the sun for long periods of time. Sapphire blue eyes peer out from under wire-thin eyebrows, overlooking a rather stout nose. His long, lithe body shows evidence of a long history of work. His arms are ripped with muscles, but his hands are soft to the touch. Barely any evidence of hair is prominent along his chest. Abs are evident in his stomach, which flows into his nicely-shaped hips and his long-legs. His body has a muscular tone to it, especially in his rather long arms. And although he is of average height, his muscluar body doesn't make him look stocky, but gives him an air of subtle strength.

A silky, button-up, black t-shirt caresses against his skin which only seems to enhance his muscular form. A simple necklace hangs from his neck, at the end of which is a blue dragon with a green eye, and on his wrist is a beaded black and blue bracelet. A brown belt wraps about the young man's waist, the tail of his shirt is stuffed into his pants, giving him a formal air. Dark black khaki pants sprawl along his long legs. Completing his ensemble are dark black boots, most of which is covered by his pants, leaving only the foot part visible for eyes to see. A Fortian knot rests on his shoulder with a bronze thread interweaved with the other colors, indicating the color of his lifemate.


Kelemi was born and raised in Igen Weyr, his parents being kitchenworkers. Having grown up with several siblings, a older brother, Kelnami; a younger brother, Rikemi; and a younger sister, Elemi . Kelemi always felt like he had to make a statement with so many children in a family, especially when his parents focused on his younger siblings instead of himself and his older brother. This caused Kelemi and Kelnari to become rather close to to each other. Kelemi didn't like his younger siblings and spent most of his time out wandering in the weyr. One thing Kelemi loved more than anything was listening to music, he'd do everything he could to get his hands on the latest music or go out to listen to the harpers. Music moved his life, and he was often out dancing with his friends. So it wasn't surprising that Kelemi decided to become an apprentice over at the hall. It was where he really started to come into his own, favoring playing instruments rather than singing himself. And as much as he loved music, it took a few turns of practicing before he was good enough to walk the tables and become a journeyman. And when he did, he moved back to Igen, where he resides now.

A few turns or so after staying at Igen Weyr, a most peculiar thing happened, Kelemi was searched for Igen's sands. It wasn't something he particuarly enjoyed, he hated rules and wasn't really one to care much about consequences. However, a consequence of being a candidate did happen, a bronze dragon claimed Kelemi as his own. And together they became Ke'mi and Dzekecth.


Name Relation Location Position
Ikani Mother Igen Weyr Kitchen Assistant
Kelemar Father Igen Weyr Kitchen Assistant
Kelnami Brother (older) Ista Hold Holder
Rikemi Brother (younger) Igen Weyr Weyrbrat
Elemi Sister (Younger) Igen Weyr Weyrbrat