Sex Male
Age 21
Position Candidate
Place of Birth Fort Weyr
Casting Call Aaron Johnson


Kazulen is a fairly young man of medium height (if perhaps on the tall side of medium). His dark hair persists in curling about on the top of his head, resisting all attempts to have it lie flat against his forehead sedately. His eyes are a pale blue-grey, eternally washed out unless his shirt-of-the-day is also blue, set above a long (although not very prominent) nose and a mouth prone more to smirking than to a guileless smile.

He's back to wearing his Guard's Knot, also.


If anyone has kept track of Kazulen's family, it isn't the young guard himself. Just another weyrbrat as far back as he can remember, he's made his own name for himself: friendly enough, with a slyly-wry sense of humor and a tendency to tell jokes (that don't always fall flat!), he's usually good at dispelling tension and tempers quickly enough that his quick fists aren't needed. Being a guard has never been his highest goal, though, and anyone who's been in more than three conversations with him (or about him) is probably fully aware of the fact that he intends to be Weyrleader someday — he's just waiting for his dragon to finally hatch. Having stood every clutch in the weyr since he was 12, that dragon just /has/ to come along soon, right? That's what he keeps telling himself. (And everyone around him.)


Name Relation Location Position
Zika Mother Fort Weyr Seamstress
U'selan Father Fort Weyr Brownrider
Izkas Brother Western Weyr Healer




Title OOC Date Cast
Utterly Blatant Secret Mission January 19, 2013 Gershel, Kazulen, Taegan, Unevyr (NPC), Yurolt