Gender Female
Age Young Adult
Position Pastry Chef
Dragon None
Craft Apprentice Baker
Quote "Get ready for a sugar rush!"
Actor Amy E
Theme Song A*Teens - Sugar Rush


Feisty red hair is the young woman's most prominent feature as it is shoulder length and wily. A bright, foxy red as opposed to the more darker tones one is used to seeing. Katrina's eyes are a bright, sparkling green of happy energy. Slightly plump cheeks are dotted in sunkissed freckles upon her light skin. She looks as if she was to spend 'too' much time in the sun she would burn easily.

Wearing a pair of brown pants tucked into the tops of black boots to go along with a light green tunic, Katrina's body is more plump and squishy rather than toned and muscular. It appears she may be a fan of the sweets now and then. She tends to wear a bit of jewlery here and there in the form of small hooped earrings and simple necklaces. Upon her shoulder she proudly displays a baker's knot of an apprentice's rank.


Katrina is the epitome of happiness and optimism. She carries herself with a bright, sunny disposition. To her, life is always half-full instead of half-empty. Shy at first, she can open up with an explosion of enthusiasm depending on the topic. She loves to sing goofy love songs and poetry and enjoys a dance at the local revel now and then.


Growing up in Southern Boll Hold, Katrina lived a simple and happy life with her two parents and five siblings. From a young age, she knew that she wanted to be a baker and learn as much as she can about pastries. She wound find herself tucked away in the kitchens, bantering wth the cooks and quizzing them about different types of sugars and flour. Having traded toys for cooking utensils, Katrina immersed herself in kitchen life while trying to balance her family and friendships. Her greatest joy was being inducted into the bakers craft hall, where she currently works out of. When one of her favorite mentors decided to transfer to Fort Weyr, she tagged along as his apprentice and 'side kick' to continue her studies and discover the exciting routines of a Weyr life.


Name Relation Location Position
Katniss Moss Mother Southern Boll Hold Master Baker
Jakob Moss Father Southern Boll Hold Master Baker
Gerald Moss Uncle Monaco Bay Agriculture (Fruit)
Dee Moss Sister Southern Boll Hold Weyrbrat
Brent Moss Brother Southern Boll Hold Blacksmith


Title OOC Date Cast
Pastries to Sweeten Assumptions October 03, 2014 Abigail, S'ai, R'yal, Thys, Br'enn, K'drozen, Katrina
Fire! October 04, 2014 Abigail, Br'enn, D'ani, Dtirae, Ha'ze, Inri, Katrina, Kimmila, R'yal, Ralik, Russall, S'ai, Th'ero, Thys, Zhirayr, plus NPCs!
Chatting Over Breakfast October 09, 2014 Katrina, Kiena, S'ai
The Prospect of Snowballs October 10, 2014 Br'enn, Katrina, S'ai, Th'ero
Spring Walks November 05, 2014 Dtirae, Katrina, Nyalle, S'ai
Sharing the News November 13, 2014 C'rus, S'ai, Th'ero, Katrina
Finders Keepers November 19, 2014 Abigail, Ha'ze, Katrina, Kyzen (NPC)
Salt and Cream November 29, 2014 Inri, Katrina