Karona has light brown hair, bordering on red, that reaches to her shoulders. It starts out straight, but becomes wavy around the jawline, almost curly. Her eyes are dark green. She's of average height, and her build seems to have a tendency towards the slender end of the scale, but her work as a smith has given her muscles, muscles that almost look out of place on her frame.

Karona dresses very plainly, in neutral tones, browns, tans, creams. She always wears trousers and a long sleeved shirt, a sturdy pair of boots, and sometimes a warm coat, depending on the weather.

She's in her early twenties and wears the knot of a Journeyman Smith posted to Fort Weyr.


Karona was born in a northern Hold to travelling parents, her father was a journeyman Harper by the name of Karell, and her mother Leona was at the time working odd-jobs around Pern. As soon as she was old enough, she was sent to live with Leona's parents in Telgar Weyr, and she still considers that Weyr her birthplace. When she was just a toddler, her parents returned to Telgar, and took over caring for their daughter. It wasn't long before her mother was searched, impressing brown Lakareth. A few turns later, Karona and her parents moved to Ierne Weyrhold, as Leona wanted to be closer to the dragonhealing school, to see if anyone could help Lakareth's leg. Karona grew to like Ierne, she made friends there, and life was good.

After the birth of her little brother, when Karona was ten, Leona got antsy, and decided it was time to move again. They resettled in Ista Weyr, though Karona was not at all happy with this, and it drove a wedge between her and her mother. When Karona turned twelve, she seized her opportunity to leave, and applied to several crafts, joining the first that would take her, the smiths, and departing for the craft hall as soon as she was accepted.

Though she dislikes her mother, Karona shares the woman's work ethic, to an extent. She does work hard, but a part of her resents the fact that she even has to work, the spoilt little girl nurtured by her father's lavish gifts and adoring attention.


Name Relation Location Position
Amare Maternal Grandmother Telgar Weyr Rider to Brown Chulath
L'lon Maternal Grandfather Telgar Weyr Rider to Blue Dioth
Yelina Paternal Grandmother Harper Hall Cook
Grendel Paternal Grandfather Harper Hall Deceased (old age)
L'ren Uncle Ierne Weyrhold Shopkeeper/Rider to Green Reonth
Marelon Aunt Telgar Weyr Nanny
Lomare Aunt Ista Weyr Rider to Green Hausisth
N'mar Uncle Traders Trader/Rider to Blue Poroth
Karell Father Harper Hall Harper Master
Leona Mother Xanadu Weyr App Vintner/Rider to Brown Lakareth
L'nel Brother Ista Weyr Weyrling to Green Prisath
Milo Half-Brother Xanadu Weyr Infant


Slit-Eyed Furry Demon Brown Kistane
The pelt of this dark, dark brown firelizard appears to be furred, soft and silky to the touch. Overly graceful for his color, his lithe and sinuous movements are reminiscient of a feline, and he tends to arch his back and flex his narrow wings to garner attention. The blackish brown is for the most part uninterrupted along his entire hide, although there are two exceptions: On his chest, there is a fiery red star surrounded by a circle that practically glows in the dark. Otherwise, he seems to have the attribute of a feline: One minute he's there, the next he's gone, only to reappear again, particularly when there's food involved. As a final feature, his talons are larger than necessary, and a pure alabaster to draw the eye. Watch out.

Frontier Justice Blue Shafe
Steel blue colors this little firelizard like the barrel of an Old Terran firearm. He has a broad stance to his legs, bowlegged some might even say, and the formation of his head is such that one eyeridge is slightly lower than the other so he's forever squinting. Atop his head and covering the knobs thereupon, is a baby blue splotch that for all the world looks like some form of hat. It almost pulls down to his eyeridges, in fact. He's a little stout, but nevertheless supple and agile somehow. Denim blue starts low on his hips to trail down his back legs, darkening to nearly black midway between hock and toes. His front feet are a darker cobalt blue, like gloves. His wings are long and supple, and a dark blue, somewhat irregular band encircles his waist, fading out towards the belly.