Lean lines planed with shadows over brown skin begin the emphasis of 'long' that underscores every detail of this woman's build. Tall, at 5'10", Kajari's vertical length matches her distinctly elongated oval face and bold nose that diminishes the width of her lips and lengthens their height. Starkly angular cheekbones become sides of an incomplete triangle that frames the almond shape of Kajari's heavily-kohled eyes. There, thick black lines provide the only contrast for the few specks of true brown in Kajari's heavily pigmented irises. Thick brows arch slightly in normal expression, and provide the defined starting place for her nose to drop down, straight through her features. Even Kajari's hair, poker-straight, curtains thickly to well below her bottom, but this inconvenience is usually confined to a thick herring-bone braid.

Kajari wears practical clothes of durable fabric. This day, she wears a comfortably-fitting tunic of deeply-dyed blue, and tan work pants belted with durable wherhide that matches scuffed boots.


Born in Eastern Hold, Kaji was eldest of several children. Seeing a craft as the only way out of the distasteful job of raising younger siblings, she managed to get herself apprenticed to SmithCraft, by accident of friendship to a kindly older retired MasterSmith. There, free of constraints of being female in a very traditional family, Kajari blossomed. She favored the physical aspects of the craft, found a niche (no pun intended) in chiseling stone, and her innate ability to gauge space and volume made her a natural for the stonecraft, where she is becoming a specialist in morterless wall-building. Having recently recieved her JM's knot, Kajari has been assigned to Fort Weyr, in order to assist in rennovations going on at that Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
N'drei Maternal First Cousin Fort Weyr Greenrider
Pralius N'drei's weyrmate Fort Weyr J-man Healer
Darius N'drei's son Fort Weyr Weyrbrat
M'lo Maternal First Cousin Fort Weyr Brownrider, AWLM
Ely M'lo's weyrmate Fort Weyr Greenrider, Beastcrafter
Milana M'lo's twin daughter Fort Weyr Weyrbrat
Daniela M'lo's twin daughter Fort Weyr Weyrbrat