There is no other way to describe Kai's eyes with a passing glance other than muddy, while a closer look reveals a distinct golden undertone with highlights of fulvous and burnt sienna. Lashes long and thick surround them, the brows above arched and neat. His nose is overall slender, broadening slightly at his nostrils. It paves the way down his oblong face for a set of bow shaped lips and an angular jaw line that flows neatly into a smooth rounded chin. His ears are unremarkable, save for a single tiny loop of silver adorning each of the lobes. Atop his head, is a crop of brown hair with reddish-gold accents. He keeps it short overall, save for the top which is actually noticeably a bit longer then the rest. There's something in it there, wax perhaps, to keep it fixed in a ruffled-mussed style. His frame is long and slim at his height of six foot two, with a toned and defined musculature beneath a tight covering of pale skin.

K'hys wears a set of custom tailored riding leathers in a shade of blue so dark, it's often mistaken for black. The cut of his clothing accentuates his assets flatteringly, comfortable and serviceable right down to the fit of his low-slung trousers. The jacket has a distinct military-inspiration, with a precisely tapered waist and a wide front panel fixed with two rows of brushed nickle buttons. There is precious little other adornment, cuffs and collar simple and ordinary. The interior is lined with a thick plush fur, perfect for colder weather and trips between. Beneath, he wears a simple solid colored shirt, long sleeved or short, depending on what's clean. Feet are dressed in black, meticulously kept, thick soled boots. They possess plenty of tread to prevent slipping on most terrains. Upon his shoulder is a knot in the colors of Fort Weyr, showing his status as a wingrider with a blue cord for his lifemate.


Born: 2675.12.2

Kairhys appears to be good-natured, friendly, and possessed of a practically endless amount of patience. To the fact, someone might just have to be persistently and intentionally annoying to get him even remotely worked up. When it comes to his past, if asked, he'll tell you his childhood was relatively normal. Parents, little sister, and pretty uneventful. He broke his arm once falling out of a tree. Boring, really.

His motives for moving suddenly from Fort to Ista is shrouded in mystery, and everyone has their own theory. Whether it's escaping an arranged married to as severe as having killed someone, to anything in between - the guy just seems to find the rumors quite amusing. The truth is likely far more simple, as the Weavercraft apprentice spent most sunny days, on the beach sketching. Turns out, he had more than just a talent for getting a tan and taking in the scantily clad scenery. His sketchbook, which is his constant companion, proves to be filled with pages upon pages of illustrations. People, places, animals. All done with great care and attention to detail, with a flare for photo realistic. Kai is an artist, and a downright talented one at that.

At the behest of his father, the boy applied himself in a practical field of study that still utilized his natural abilities, leading him to the weavers, where he's focused his specialty on design. The boy denies any interest in being anything more than he is. An artist, with little ambition other than to live his life to the fullest and do what he loves. Draw.

His stay in Ista was only a few months, some say just long enough to get that tan of his, before he was called back to the Hall for a time for some serious learning. Though even this was not a long stay, as several weeks later word was sent that his younger sister Cielyn had suddenly taken ill and was asking for him. So it was back to Fort area once more for the young apprentice, spending time at his family's home whenever he can and learning about his craft from the posted weavers at the weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Rhysciel Father Fort Hold Holder/Stablehand
Kailynn Mother Fort Hold Holder/Cobbler
Cielyn Younger Sister Fort Hold Holder Brat




Title Date Cast
Weyrling Graduation January 08, 2012 A'lin, Dtirae, Elara, K'hys, Jaye, Melze, M'lo, Neyuni, Th'ero, Various NPCs


Call From Beyond the Sea Gold Siren
Desc Coming Soon.
Touch Me Gently Bronze Eros
Desc Coming Soon.
I'm So Gunna Mess You Up Blue Muse
A bubbled and tufted mix of indigo and iris decorate the small wedge-shaped head of this firelizard, hints of royal purple are present at his eyeridges, headknobs, and at the the curl of his tiny nostrils. This tappers off to a point right between his shoulders along his neck ridges. Starting just under his chin is a hint of wine fused with magenta tints his sleek and smooth hide, following along the slope of his neck to just kiss sparely at the very underside of his belly. Beyond this is a startling explosion of azure blending in and out of deep sky blue - blocked into place within a cobalt-lined honeycomb over the entirety of his slender body. Thin strands of periwinkle bead and flow like dew on the gossamer threads of spider silk down his delicate legs and over his tiny paws, ending in talons of midnight blue. Spurs and tail stalk continue this theme, but with branches upon branches of lilac tinted veins stark against a field of cerulean hued wingsails.


Sharp-Witted Warrior and Strategist Blue Jheth
Medium of size, shades of the purest azure form the majority of the color of his smooth hide, accentuating the lithe and powerful build of his well-proportioned body, though it's by far not the most striking of his features, but eye-catching all the same. Sky blues wrap themselves over each of his long, powerful forearms, while his muscular hindquarters bare only a darker shade of the azure hues that remain untouched over the curve of his sleek sides. Azure is broken again by another ring of sky blue around the base of his neck, one end slipping down across his low, narrow chest and disappearing below the curve of his underside. Cerulean encases his wide-set head and blunted muzzle and up along his short rounded head knobs before ending abruptly just past the angled curve of his jaw and cheek bones, leaving the rest of his short, slender neck and ridges in a pristine and untouched shade of pure blue. Paled cobalt accentuate his whirling eyes, symmetrical in pattern and clean-cut lines broken by the more dominant cerulean below while the eye ridges above are a striking power blue in hue. That same hue, almost white against the rest of his coloring, pools along his lower jaw, coming up in sharp angled lines over the sides of his face, meeting the same abrupt end along with the cerulean. Cobalt returns in a narrow triangle that extends down his forehead, the point resting just above the start of his muzzle while the rest sweeps back over the top of his head. All this forms the most handsome of his features, each accentuating one detail over the other, painting the image of strength and cunning in each carefully placed line. As a final touch, his broad wings, perfectly proportioned for one his size and build, seem on whole a uniform azure until they spread open, revealing sails borne of hues of ice and snow in an ever shifting pattern under the play of light.