Sex Female
Position Candidate
Age 19T
Birthplace Keroon Hold
Home Fort Weyr


Her hair is cropped close in a spiky pixie-cut, platinum blonde but for the barest hint of auburn roots against her pale scalp. Long, heavy-lidded eyes are a mossy green with hints of gray, framed by dark lashes and defined by arching black eyebrows. Small, short, and slightly pointed at the tip, her nose is decorated by a tiny silver hoop curving delicately around the right nostril. Full cupid's-bow lips are framed by the faintest of smile-lines, legacy of her happy nature. Her jaw is broad and full, just short of masculine, ending in a pointed chin betraying an inborn stubbornness.

A soft cotton top, with its elbow-length sleeves and hem cropped short just below her ribs is dyed a rich sea-green, trimmed in cerulean and celadon embroidery at the hem, collar, and cuffs. A hint of midriff flashes between the shirt and the dove-grey woolen trousers that cling to her long legs like a second skin. The leggings are tucked into a pair of knee-high boots, black wherhide with thick, clunky soles and silver buckles ranging up the side from ankle to cuff. A line of silver rings glint from the curve of her left ear, chains linking down the line before terminating on an emerald stud, a match for the single earring in her right lobe. A black wherhide choker encircles her neck, from it dangling a small, stylized runner tucked into the hollow of her throat. Hints of tattoos can be seen here and there where skin shows beneath her clothing.


Although Kaetryn's mother rides brown for Fort Weyr, it was her father, a Steward at Keroon Hold, who had the raising of her, along with her three siblings. The relationship is not one much talked about at the Hold; in addition to being Steward, Matryn is also the younger brother of Lady Marsopia, and his attachment to a dragonrider and insistence on claiming and raising her children (even though at least one is clearly not his) is a bit of family scandal. Regardless of the irregular nature of their births, however, Marsopia saw to it that Kaetryn and her siblings were raised alongside their cousins as proper Keroonese Bloods, offered every advantage and given the same opportunities as her other nieces and nephews.

Although Lady Marsopia was forward-thinking enough - a surprise for the normally hidebound Lady Holder - to accept her brother's children into the Hold, she found it difficult to accept her niece's more… esoteric… habits, particularly as she grew old enough to develop a personality beyond that of 'child'. It's not that she was particularly rebellious or difficult; Kaetryn enjoyed attending her harper lessons and settled in under her father as his assistant with the ease of one born to administration. However, she had a fascination for bodily embellishment, and preferred to adorn herself in tattoos and piercings - and the clothing that shows such off - to the dismay of her conservative family.

After ordering, attempting to bribe, and finally issuing threats had no effect on her niece's preoccupation with self-alteration, Marsopia felt she had no choice but to send the wayward young woman off to stay with her mother. Although Matryn protested, pointing out what a promising assistant and asset to the Hold she was, the Lady was as recalcitrant on the subject as her niece - proving, ultimately, exactly where Kaetryn got her incredible stubbornness from. With the Lady ascendant, Kaetryn found herself shipped off to Fort Weyr, hopefully to find a position suitable for her talents in an environment more accepting of her eccentricities.


Name Relation Location Position Status
Kellanah Mother Fort Weyr Wingrider (Brown Tiorileth) NPC
Matryn Father Keroon Hold Steward NPC
Marsopia Aunt Keroon Hold Lady Holder NPC


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