Full Name Kezresan
Played by Julian Schratter
Gender Male
Current Home Fort Weyr
Place of Birth Telgar Weyr
Occupation Wingrider - Haast / Jman Healer
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Dark brown
Dragon Yasminath
Song Jaymes Young - I'll Be Good


Kezresan is a young man in his early twenties and is of average height, with a trim and toned physique; subtle muscle definition revealed where clothing does not cover him. With a strong jaw and symmetrical feature, he may be considered attractive by many. Dark brown eyes rimmed with long black lashes and even darker brown hair styled in that casual 'woke up this way' style. There is a discipline displayed in both movement and how he chooses to hold himself in whatever position he might be in. It is mirrored in the focus of his gaze and the thin line of his mouth; more apt to frown than to smile.

Kezresan favors practical, well-tailored clothes when free from work and scrubs with a lab-coat while on duty. His color palette leans toward neutral and mundane rather than bright and flashy.

Kez Icons


The short version is thus: The brownrider Lekzanne won a green flight. Nine months later, Kezresan was born. He was fostered with trusted friends and family at Telgar Weyr, and raised with a “well rounded” education of traditional studies (such as reading, writing and arithmetic) as well as extracurricular activities that included among other things, art, dance, and hand-to-hand combat. All the usual.

Questions of his father were brushed aside and answered simply as “he was a dragonrider” until, in frustration and defeat, he stopped inquiring. He did not lack in male influence and while as a youngster he spent considerable time speculating as to the nature and character of his biological father, age would see acceptance and sensible indifference take the place of curiosity and longing.

That aforementioned “well rounded” education kept him busy enough that forming relationships with peers his own age was difficult at best and downright impossible at worst. While the desire to connect was there, Kezresan simply could not relate to children who spent their time playing tag and throwing snow balls, while he was learning self-defense and basic first aid. Any friendship that managed to form was tenuous and fleeting.

At twelve, having displayed an aptitude and fondness for the subject, Kezresan apprenticed to the Healer Craft and moved into Healer Hall in Fort territory. While the location and training were different, his life changed very little otherwise. Here however, he formed a friendship or two that managed to transcend the differences of personality and background.

Kezresan was a model student. Intelligent and inquisitive, with attention to detail that rivaled those twice his age. Rigid discipline and dedication that had been instilled by foster parents and birth-mother alike meant that he attacked his studies with a fiery passion. He genuinely enjoyed his work, having found something that he was both good at as was appreciated and well-received by those around him. He walked the tables at the age of twenty and received his first posting at twenty-two: Fort Weyr.

At the age of twenty-four he was asked by both junior weyrwoman Kassala and her weyrmate R’hra to stand for Kayeth and Velokraeth’s clutch. The knot was offered after Kezresan treated the weyrwoman for a minor sprain sustained from a little bit of a slip and fall in the shower; a meeting that might have seen a bit of awkwardness (and a whole lot of overprotective weyrmate on the part of R’hra) but ended with Kez accepting the white knot of a candidate.

It was a sense of duty, of obligation to the Weyr that sheltered him, that drove the healer to accept. Trepidation and doubt became the hallmarks of his candidacy, made worse by the touching of an egg that left him wondering if walking away wasn’t the better option. But there were good times to, such as the trip to Monaco Bay that saw the healer attempting (and almost succeeding) at surfing, tentative friendships with fellow candidates, and the realization that he was not as terrible at candidacy as he had initially suspected.

When the eggs inevitably broke, Kezresan found himself among the lucky six to walk away a Weyrling, Impressed to the lovely, lively little dragon that hatched from none other than the very egg that had almost made him walk away: Healer of Hearts green Yasminath. For the first time, Kezresan (now K’zre) felt whole. As if he had a purpose and a worth beyond what he could offer as a Healer. His smile became freer, his confidence deeper, his outlook more optimistic.


Name Relation Location Position
F'inn Weyrmate Fort Weyr Weyrsecond (bronze Nymionth)
Lekzanne - NPC Mother Telgar Weyr Dragonrider (brown Kesketh)
R'sner Father Igen Weyr Weyrlingmaster (green Toith)
N'sir Father's Weyrmate Igen Weyr Asst. Weyrlingmaster (green Elianneth)
Reva - NPC Baby Sister Igen Weyr Toddler (They grow up so fast!)


Jaymes Young - I'll Be Good
Jason Walker - Down
Amber Run - I Found Love
Ruelle - War of Hearts
Sara Bareilles - Gravity
Neon Trees - Animal
Khalid & Normani - Love Lies
OneRepublic - If I Lose Myself
Andy Grammer - Fine By Me
Paramore - The Only Exception
Matt Nathanson - Still
Transviolet - Bloodstream


Healer of Hearts Green Yasminath
What simpler way to describe her, except that she is the epitome of delicate and feminine to the very last and finest detail. From delicate features of head and larger rounded headknobs, to the graceful and sinuous curve of her neck, she is a creature of lady-like appearances and as much a princess as a soldier in her own right. Slender of build and length of limb and tail, what would make some awkward, only suit her ethereal beauty. Incandescent and pure, unbroken, chrysoberyl green holds dominance over her in starlight's regal gown. No other shade of green appears to grace her, but it's within that that she holds her secret. Revealed only by moonlight's kiss will ghostly sage rise in shimmery silver-like dappling. Dusting over her head in a crescent shape, only to flow back over her ridges and down to the broad, elegantly tapered length of her gossamer wings. Even they, with their elongated length, do not throw her off in proportion and only lend a sense of balanced strength about her, despite their fragile translucent appearance.

Theme song:
Hello World - Belle Perez
Better When I’m Dancing - Meghan Trainor


Bronze Acalypha
Brown Nettle
Blue Lupine
Blue Vera
Green Aloe

Other Pets

Scruffy Midnight



Title OOC Date Cast
Winter Woes January 5, 2019 Aignes, K'zre
Proddy Problems January 7, 2019 F'inn, K'zre
Lost and Found January 21, 2019 F'inn, K'zre
Problems at Fort Sea Hold February 4, 2019 F'inn, K'zre
Mindgames February 10, 2019 F'inn, K'zre
Sophisticated Pajama Party! February 19, 2019 Aignes, K'zre
Chance Encounters March 2, 2019 D'had, F'inn, K'zre
Snacks, Chats and Scary Rumors March 6, 2019 D'had, F'inn, K'zre
Unexpected March 9, 2019 F'inn, K'zre
Bones Will Be Broken March 18, 2019 D'had, F'inn, K'zre
Yards of Yarn March 28, 2019 Aignes, D'had, F'inn, K'zre
A New Rhythm April 5, 2019 D'had, K'zre
A Whole Lot (and a Knot!) April 5, 2019 D'had, F'inn, K'zre
Doubts and Reservations April 6, 2019 D'had, K'zre
Newly Knotted April 12, 2019 Aignes, D'had, F'inn, K'zre
Unintentionally April 15, 2019 D'had, K'zre
A Simple Summons April 18, 2019 D'had, K'zre
When Its Warmer April 27, 2019 D'had, F'inn, K'zre, & L'gan
They'll Live. May 2, 2019 D'had, K'zre
How (not) to Make Friends - Mathis is Searched May 21, 2019 K'zre, Mathis
Fine is Definitely Not Fine May 25, 2019 D'had, K'zre
A Very Unexpected Promotion May 27, 2019 F'inn, Inri, K'zre, Marel
Surprising July 24, 2019 Aignes, F'inn, Inri, K'zre, Th'ero
It Was Inevitable July 27, 2019 Aignes, K'zre
TOTALLY a Trap! August 8, 2019 Aignes, F'inn, K'zre
Winning and Losing August 15, 2019 D'had, K'zre
Let's Do Lunch August 17, 2019 Aignes, F'inn, K'zre
It's Not a Bug August 22, 2019 Aignes, K'zre
Making Plans September 1, 2019 Aignes, F'inn, K'zre
To Meet The Family September 12, 2019 F'inn, N'sir, K'zre, R'sner, Aignes