Shaggy and black is the hair on this man's head. Dark locks fluff out from his scalp, appearing recently trimmed, with the front locks falling just slightly over his brows. Buried within the inky mass, there's an occasional streak of deep purple to be found, recently dyed by the depth of color. Pale green eyes are set in fairly oval shape, in appropriate proportion to the slender nose that angles down the center of his face. His shoulders aren't broad, a slight downward slope given to them as his thin frame lengthens into a standard five feet and seven inches.

A dark blue tunic with black buttons covers his torso, long sleeved and cuffed tightly at the wrist. Over it is quite a bit more color in the form of a blazing red jacket, although the contrast against the blue at least matches. He wears a set of black gloves, although the fingers have been colored red. The jacket is piped with black as well, with a blackened triangle centered at the back. His pants are made of black leather and typical for riding use, although the color of red again makes an appearance within them. Vibrant red is streaked across the sides and at the ties, accenting the pants rather well. Somewhat large, but functional boots cover his feet, with plenty of tread for help moving in snow and muck.


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Name Relation Location Position
Sheof father Bitra Lord Holder
Sofafi mother Bitra
Tashirin elder brother Bitra


bronze Ace


green Nawyth


  • It Ends Tonight - All American Rejects
  • Poker Face - Lady Gaga
  • My Hands - Leona Lewis