Powerfully built and standing at a sturdy Five feet ten inches, it is obvious young man has spent time at a craft that requires great strength. He has great strong hands and broad shoulders, a fortian riders knot laced with the brown of his lifemate hangs from this mans riding with the patch of Thunderbird on his other shoulder. Angled features give him a handsomely stern countenance and his eyes flash a dangerous blue-grey, like the hottest flame at the center of the fire. His hair is dark brown, almost black, and is currently loose, just long enough to brush his shoulders. Today he wears a simple, dusty colored shirt and vest and sturdy looking pants, obvously dressed for some kind of labor.


Kaldrozen was born in Southern Boll Hold, to a family of poor hold workers. He was the middle child, having one older sister and a baby brother. He left nearly two turns ago to try and make his own not wanting to be a strain on his family any longer. He has traveled form hold to hold, working odd jobs as a handy man of other physical labor.


Name Relation Location Position
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Unprepossessing Suppurate Creature of Wisdom Brown Rhyrith

A skeletal monstrosity is this creature from the madness. No mere illusion, ribs are clearly seen beneath the bistre colored hide. Soft russet colors the grooves between each bone of the ribs, giving more depth to the already clearly defined. The rest of him is quite the same, shoulder bones heavily protruding while the joints in his forearms and forelegs are drawn into attention for the fact that they appear so large compared to the bones that hold his frame together. It appears as if he may lack any sort of muscle until the gaze is drawn to his paws. Large paws with large claws, making the rest of him look quite disproportionate. A thin, long tail is notably one of his odd features, also looking quite as jointed and skeletal as the rest of him. For the final touch, large disproportionate wings hang down beside him and oft drag against the ground when not held properly in place upon his back. Touches of burnt umber rest along the headknobs - which are elongated and quite wider than most - making them look similar to the ears of a felines but entirely stationary.


Title OOC Date Cast
Wagon Jam at the Square January 06, 2014 K'drozen, Lana, So'l, Th'ero, Various NPC Traders
Wings, Wood and Whittling June 5, 2014 Amethyst, K'drozen
No Way to Avoid the Sick July 03, 2014 K'drozen, Kimmila
How to Concentrate July 24, 2014 K'drozen, Thys
Mud and Klah August 13, 2014 K'drozen, Russall
Bunscapades August 22, 2014 K'drozen, Thys
Conflicting Ideas August 29, 2014 C'rus, K'drozen, Thys
Irreverence September 09, 2014 K'drozen, Th'ero, Thys, Zhirayr
Rhenesath's First Flight September 18, 2014 Abigail and Niumdreoth, B'haal and Mephixath, D'ani and Dremkoth, Ha'ze and Kainaesyth, Inri, K'drozen and Rhyrith, Th'ero and Velokraeth, Thys and Rhenesath, T'rev and Draukaith, V'ric and Loxiath, W'mic and Icosuth (NPC), Z'len and Tisjadath (NPC)
An Evening in Shenanigan's September 26, 2014 K'drozen, Rynn, Thys
Pastries to Sweeten Assumptions October 03, 2014 Abigail, S'ai, R'yal, Thys, Br'enn, K'drozen, Katrina