Tall and lanky, S'phoj is in the last stages of awkward adolescence. His features and form are just a little too long, with the lurking promise to fill out with just a few more years. Bright green eyes stare out of a pale face, which is usually wearing a cynical expression. His features are angular, his lips fairly thin. Black hair grows wildly over his head, usually shorn short to keep from being too unruly. The boy is tall, just under 6', and promises to be an imposing adult.


Born and raised in Landing hold, Joseph had only a minor interest in technology. He's fairly familiar with it, and can use most of the non-specialized equiptment found at landing hold competantly, but it wasn't his cup of tea. Something of a dreamer and an anarchist, he tended to rub people the wrong way both by not focusing, and questioning any authority that didn't make sense to him. Though fairly close to his family, his relationships with individual members of the household was occasionally rocky, increasingly moreso as he hit puberty and whatnot. He's calmed down in the two years since 16, but only just. He's recently got into a fight with his parents, and thus has been sent to persue a life in Fort, with his sister. He's not terribly unenthusiastic about this; there's a harper hall there, and he's always leant towards the harpering art. There's also the weyr-factor, whose freeish-lifestyle appeals to him.


Name Relation Location Position
Jerid Father Landing Hold
Hariet Mother Landing Hold
Sabrina Sister Fort Weyr Hairdresser
Andrew Brother Landing Hold
Emmaline Sister Landing Hold


Brown Eightlion

This brown's right headknob is missing completely, but otherwise he seems healthy and hale. He's not bulky, but he bears himself with a subtle strength and confidence of a true warrior. Gentle swirls of auburn and copper twist across his subtle ochre hide, giving him a simple but unique appearance.
The bands proudly worn by this flit are brown and black, marking him as Firelizard of Fort Weyr.

Other Pets

Cat, the Cat

Small and lean, this little kitten's coat is a lovely cream tabby color, broken by a spot of white on her nose, which dribbles, like milk, down her chin. The white reappears on her belly, ghosting down the backs of her legs to mark her feet with little socks. Cat's wearing a small leather collar, from which dangles an engraved tag. If you manage to catch this little animal long enough to read it, the tag says, "My name is Cat, and I belong to Joseph."


Bronze Tevenoth

A vision of flame and metal, this dragon seems to have stepped right out of the forger's fire. Glinting bronze, heated to a bright hot red fans out from his blunted snout across his face and down his thick neck. Each ridge along his neck has managed to cool to a perfect brassy bronze, shining brightly in even the dimmest light. The heavy mucles of his legs and body appear to be banded rods of varied ages; ranging from still hot to centuries old black. His talons are like hot coals, nearly glowing and sharp enough to appear like they could cut through the toughest rock. His sails and spars are spun perfection, cooled to the same quality of his ridges. The picture of new strength. The only thing that ruins the image, is the rakish tilt of his head, giving him a devil-may-care look.

LJ-Log Dump

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