Portrayed By Shia Labeouf
Gender Male
Aliases Joan
Place of Birth Ierne Weyrhold
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Tradesmen/Apprentice Smith


A young man in his teen’s stands quite tall for his age, hitting somewhere over the six foot mark. Yet, he maintains a slim athletic build, which could certainly lend to agility in movement. His features are sharp with a jovial touch expressed more pointedly evident around the eyes and his mouth. Eyes, which show more age than what is true and possess an inner strength, are colored like the ocean. On top of it all, he has brown hair that curls in waves from being cut short.

His attire, at first glance, appears simplistic and more suited for comfort, and possessing mainly earthy tones of color, would seem to go against his personality. And yet the flexibility and freedom of movement it grants perfectly embraces the clam fluidity of his soul. With a form fitting fabric shirt, colored like one of the many white caps adorned on the top of the many waves of the ocean, is enclosed by a earthy colored brown wherhide vest; which lets him perform any and all tasks requiring the greatest amount of precision and dexterity possible. A pair of fingerless gloves allow for even greater precision. With them is a set of black wherhide pants that, despite its bulky appearance, is quite light and permits a greater range of movement. Finally two wherhide boots, each having seen nearly two decades worth of use, enables him to move unrestricted, with the speed his tall frame naturally supports. On the right shoulder of his shirt, woven beautifully into the fabric, lies the glorious diamond-shaped badge of Fort Weyr, complete with the black fort on its brown background. Along with that is the badge of Smithcraft Apprentice and a white cord that's interwoven into the Fort Weyr badge, indicating his status as a Candidate



Years of hard labor at the docks and bartering with the captains of the fishing vessels docked at his first home have given Joan his calm, smooth personality and also quick wits and a large amount strength and endurance. Having fought countless bouts with the occasional drunken sailor or mischief maker; Joan's got not only the experience but the skill of an expert fighter, both unarmed and with his trusty sword. His true gift, however, is not his martial skills. Instead, it's his unrestrained spirit that has saved his life many a time. No matter the odds stacked against him; no matter the enormity of task set out before him; no matter how many blows he recieves; he will rise to answer the challenge's call. And through either sheer unwilliness to quit or plain stubbourness, he can get back up even from the most severe injuries.


Name Relation Location Position Age NPC/Adoptable
Joane Mother Ierne Weyrhold Artist +29 yes/no
Nathen Father Ierne Weryhold Trader +30 yes/no


Probably a Brown Hatchling?Grumo
Unlikely Hero Blue HatchlingZaffiro


Brown Macorzath


Joanethen's logs can be found