Jaylen is a rather unremarkable young woman of a rather average height. Deep klah-brown eyes peer out from beneath too long bangs with a wary sort of shiftiness. After proper cleanup, her hair is reddish-brown, long and straight. The young woman's skin is deeply tanned, it seems she has spent much time out in the sun. Her skin bears plenty of odd scars across it, the majority of them over her back and along her arms if one should get a glimpse. Also there appears to be some sort of branding above the inside of her left wrist, a burn scar in the shape of a B. She's not a pretty girl, and she probably wouldn't stick out in a crowd if it wasn't for the various scars over her skin. She is thin, almost too thin, and scrawny.
Jaylen is dressed for Fortian weather. A long-sleeved light blue blouse covers her upper torso, the shirt is rather plain but functional with off-white buttons up the front. The shoulders of the shirt have been padded a bit to provide protection from the sharp talons of her nearly ever-present algae-ball of a green firelizard. Over top of the shirt is, in the colder months, worn a heavy coat of brown with plenty of pockets and a hood that is often drawn up to cast a shadow over her face. Her lower torso is covered in functional leather pants, a natural brown in colour. The pants would be loose if it wasn't for the belt that keeps too-big pants snug on her hips. The legs of the pants are loose, and they flare out at the bottoms. The flared part of the pants legs fall over durable and sturdy brown boots. The girl's whole wardrobe is a tad worn, as if handed down from someone else and given to the dark-skinned girl as an afterthought. A newer Dragonhealer and a Fortian Wingrider, shot through with a strand of nearly black brown, knot are pinned to Jay's shoulder, almost constantly being chewed on by her firelizards when one of them is present on the girl's shoulder.
If one was to guesstimate the young woman's age, they could probably be safe saying late teens, near twenties.



Some pasts are better forgotton, and Jay seems to have forgotton hers. But for those OOCly curious souls, here is some info about the character that is Jaylen. While there is no record of her parents, she does have them, as we all do. She actually had a fairly normal trader's(or so her parents would have her believe) childhood…until about her eleventh or perhaps twelfth turnday, then her world was turned upside down. See her little caravan was minding their own business, travelling around Pern trying to make a living by selling various goods to weyrs, holds, and crafts when the caravan met its fate in the hands of a band of rogue renegades. Without going into gory detail, Jay's parents and older siblings wound up either wounded or dead and she found herself captured by the rogue group's leader, who decided she might make a nice little prize. So yes, she spent some turns as a captor to this wicked man before he got tired of her. And of course, when a renengade gets tired of someone it's all bad for that particular someone. But, luckily, instead of being dealt with that way, she was merely sold to a mysterious dark man by her original captor, sent to serve this crazed mysterious man in any way he might wish of her. She had no life, really, locked up or doing everything the man told her to for fear of the consequences. She longed for freedom, oh how she longed for freedom, so she planned and plotted, trying to think of a way to be rid of this man for good. It was in the confusion of a large storm that she was able to make her escape onto a ship where she hid under riggings and goods. Unfortunately for the girl, this ship was destined to be lost in the storm. And now, with the help of that shipwreck and some head trauma, she finds herself in a big scary world with no one to depend on and absolutely no memory of what she has been through aside from the marks of punishment that she bears upon her skin and a small chainless locket with the name Jaylen upon it. With nothing but a name and the scars, she wonders who or what she may have once been.
After rescued from the shipwreck, she soon found herself recovering at Ista Weyr, the place that would soon become her new home. She discovered that Ista wasn't a bad place to start a new life, she enjoyed all the rum and the parties on the beaches. Still, despite the partying and the constant crowds of people, Jaylen was quiet and withdrawn. All the alcohol, parties and sex were fun and all, but she felt like she needed to do something, so she soon decided she'd learn a skill that would help her earn her keep at the weyr that so graciously let her stay. She tried many activities, finally finding that she had an affinity for fishing. It was one night after fishing that she met someone that would change her ways, at first the time spent with the weyrling K'drozen and his skeletal brown Rhyrith was just for fun, she enjoyed their companionship. She grew close with the brown weyrling, spending most nights together on the beach or in the caverns just talking. She found herself longing to spend more and more time with Kal, but she knew he was still restricted by all the weyrling rules, so she was willing to wait. But would this waiting prove to be too much for the girl?
It was one day, after a nice swim with K'drozen, that Jaylen found herself sunning on the beach thinking about how wonderful it would be once he graduated and they could be together when she found herself suddenly nearly run over by a very exuberant Fortian green named Sohnyuoth who was visiting Ista that day. The green was followed close behind by her poor rushing rider, Miki, who had apparentlybeen trying to catch up to her green. The rider and the fisherwoman started talking about the dragon, and Jaylen's lack of memories due to the amnesia caused by her accident. But soon Miki would ask Jaylen something the girl had never considered before, she invited Jay to stand for Zuhth and Velokraeth's hardening clutch. Of course Jaylen was torn at that moment, on one side there was the chance to see if she could find a lifemate to spend the rest of her life with and on the other side there was K'drozen and all the promises she had made to him. After wrestling with the choice for awhile, she finally decided to accept the white candidate's knot, Kal would understand wouldn't he? So the girl went to seek out the brownling and tell him the news and, even though she knew she wasn't supposed to, that news was accompanied by the pair's first kiss. Granted this wasn't the way first kisses were supposed to go, but time was short and Jaylen had to find suitable clothes to arrive in cold Fort with. After Kal helped her find some clothes, the pair said their goodbyes, with promises that K'drozen would visit as soon as he was cleared for betweening. And then Jay was whisked off to Fort to become one of the first few candidates.
Her first few days at Fort wasn't the most pleasant, going from Istan heat to Fort's frozen winter will put a body into shock. The first sevenday or so was mostly spent in the infirmary with a terrible case of the sniffles. But soon she recovered and finally settled into her role as Candidate, doing chores and whatever else is required of her rank. The no drinking and no sex rules were a bit difficult, at first, but it was a sacrifice she was only too glad to make. Soon K'drozen and her started sending letter back and forth thanks to the assistance of their two firelizards. The Istan weyrling visited when he could, and Jay was always happy to see him.
But, alas, Jaylen was swept away to stand for Fort's clutch before K'drozen was graduated from Weyrlinghood. And so there was more waiting, and hoping, and dreaming. Jaylen's first sevenday at Fort was spoiled by a cold as her body just couldn't adjust from the hot Ista to the freezing Fort. Like all things, the cold passed, and the only problem the rest of the candidacy was the waiting. Hatching day would come and she'd be able to go back to Ista, back to that brownrider that managed to steal her heart, at least this is what the girl thought would happen. Things never seem to go as planned, though, and during the course of the hatching Jaylen found herself face to face with a brown shadowbeast. The dragonet stared at her, and she suddenly felt a pang inside as if someone had hit her in the gut. Soon that astonished staring turned into a joyous cry as the brown before her informed her that he was her Maehwazeyeth, and that she was his Jelly, err Jaye. And so, once again, Jaye and Kal's plans were changed, they would have to wait longer before they could be together, and both were willing to wait.
Weyrlinghood was a slow process, or at least it seemed slow until the time that Maehwazeyeth and Jaye were finally allowed to fly. The freedom was wonderful, they spent as much time in the air together as was possible, exploring Fort and finding neat little hidey holes scattered amongst forests and rivers. Jaye was a recluse, she was happy as long as she had her brown and her firelizards, which she somehow acquired three more during the course of candidacy and weyrlinghood, with her. Not one to be hanging out on the ground or even with the other weyrlings, Jaye was a free spirit, and was ecstatic when they were taught to between. Their freedom increased moreso when they were allowed out of Fort by themselves, she planned to make the best of it. After visiting the different weyrs for awhile, she found her favourites, Eastern and Ista were some of the pair's favourite weyrs to visit.
It was during one of those visits to Ista when the weyrling pair's life would change again for without even having their mating flight lecture yet, Maehwazeyeth decided he just couldn't resist the flight of a local Istan green. And as any male discovering flights, he gave his all in the chase and was rewarded with a win. So green in his talons, the weyrling pair had their first flight experience and it was wonderful! Jaye and Maehwazeyeth were hooked, from then on Maehwazeyeth decided that no matter what, he was going to chase all the tail he could get. Jaye was pleased when, instead of getting into trouble upon returning to Fort after that first flight, the weyrlingmasters seemed to understand, Maehwazeyeth was an early chaser, perhaps, but it was only a day or two before they would have gone through the whole lecture anyway. So now, here are Jaye and Maehwazeyeth, final months of weyrling lessons during the morning, and freedom at night. Life is wonderful!


Name Relation Location Position
Unknown Father Unknown Unknown
Unknown Mother Unknown Unknown
K'drozen Weyrmate(Sorta) Ista Weyr Brownrider

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~~In Darkness and Fire Forged Bronze Forge~~

~~Ever the Steadfast Sailor Brown Freckles~~

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