Portrait By Nastassja Alfonso
Dragon Brown Cikitsakath
Gender Female
Aliases Jayashri, Jaya, Jay, Ashri, Ash
Place of Birth Landing
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation - Roc Interim Wingleader
- Journeywoman Computer Crafter
First Appearance The Arrival
Logs The Art of Code


Softly spiraled curls of cinnamon lay in faintly unruly layers about a slender oval face. kissed with bronze and now copper highlights, the gilt locks tumble nigh halfway down the young woman's back when not otherwise pulled back or put up. Striking hazel eyes are delicately set like gems with glints of peridot, amber and sapphire all twinkling there within her bright, oft inquisitive gaze. Finely wrought cheekbones are set slightly high, dusted with a series of faint freckles upon her olive complexion. Vermilion lips pout gently above a slightly angular chin, supporting a small, straight nose dappled with sienna. Small facial figures give way to a proportionately dainty figure, her tiny five foot frame weighing little more than a hundred pounds, all of which appears lean and firmly toned. Her chest has finally developed something of a curve, her body that of an older teen, but still more boyish than womanly with its barely noticeable slopes.



Now nearly twenty, Jayashri has seen her share of adventures, many of which are chronicled in logs. For the curious, the Computer Crafter's history is condensed here, though as life moves on it will only get longer…


Name Relation Location Position Age NPC/Adoptable
Jayden Father Landing Master TechCrafter +26.5.9 Yes/Maybe
Ashrika Mother Landing Senior Journeywoman Harper +21.7.17 Yes/Maybe
Kaden Brother Landing Journeyman TechCrafter +1.3.7 Yes/Maybe
Ayari Sister Harper Hall Journeywoman Harper -1.6.13 Yes/Maybe


Star-Eyed Wandering Brown Cikitsakath

This dragon is long, lean, and lanky. Every part of him seems to be longer than average, but taken as a whole, he somehow seems just right. He is lengthy and wiry, built for speed and agility rather than strength and endurance. Some might even call him skinny. Even the toes of his feet and the fingers of his paws are long and thin - though somehow, still very masculine. Stretched over this gangling frame is a hide that is most definitely brown. It's a rather nice brown, the kind one sees in rich, fresh klah, deep and warm, catching hints of red and tan in the sunlight. That klah-brown color is broken in only a few spots - most easily seen, there are two small mirrored triangles of nearly-white tan on his chest at the base of his neck, as sharply defined as a gentleman's shirt peeking from beneath a coat. An identical shade of off-white coats the toes of his hind legs. Between his neck and his shoulders, in the absence of ridges where a saddle will be fitted, there is a dark nearly-black spot, perfectly round and as soft as the rest of his hide. Sweeping away from his spine at irregularly spaced intervals are very thin stripes of hard-to-see iridescent navy, none reaching more than half-way around his form, and none the same length. That same elusive tint is present on the underside of his wing-sails, visible only in strong, direct lighting, at just the right angle. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this dragon is the pair of large eyes in his rangy face. Not so large as to be alarming, his eyes are truly windows to his inner thoughts. Of course, as with all dragons, the hue of his eyes gives a good indication of his mood, but beyond that, his face, and his eyes particularly, are mobile and expressive, conveying a wide range of emotions both subtle and broad.



Prince of Dreams Bronze Ravi
Dark, antiqued copper swirls in polished and tarnished eddies along his broad form. Strong shoulders support a somewhat stocky body, with powerful legs drawn up underneath him. The green of aged metal clings to his rounded belly and stretches down onto broad feet. A lighter hint of this time-aged color flows with silver tints across his expansive wing-sails, held up by drawn-out spars of rich bronze. Dark, onyx-tinted talons show from powerful paws. A long, ebony tail curls behind him, dotted here and there with a metallic sheen that reflects like dulled steel. His rounded head is accentuated by a short muzzle that is dipped and dappled in darker tints as if the metal has been charred or left to sit in the elements too long.


Smok'n Suitor Bronze Mohan
Oddly peculiar is the way his hide appears to be layered in shadowed fabric, with the pattern causing an illusion of thickness. This thickness is created not only of his coloring but because he's actually a sturdy little man. Near the base of his belly, the bronze lightens, showing a bit of a line as if he were wearing an undershirt, with this same colour wrapping in a collar around his neck. Each subsequent layer above is touched a pigment darker. At the very bridge of his spine, it becomes so dark one would have trouble telling it was bronze.
His long wing span carries this dark tint along the wing-bones, yet the sails are pleated by a red bronze colour, lending this fire lizard a slightly otherworldly or underworld appearance. Pale bronze shrouds his feet and talons, making him appear to be wearing stockings by how the colour climbs the robust limbs. His head is rather broad with the muzzle set wider than its girth. Beady little eyes hide under eye knobs and standing prominently behind them are his grand head knobs - pointed and arched in such an elaborate way. A thick neck settles on lean shoulders, his build made for power and endurance.


Perfect Pitch Brown Ninad
Dark brown, nearly black, with lighter faded areas around his eyes, the tips of his wing-spars, the end of his tail, and on his paws, Perfect Pitch Brown Hatchling isn't precisely good-looking. He's short and squat, though undeniably muscular. However, none of that matters when he opens his tiny maw and warbles. Rarely has a firelizard ever sounded as beautiful as this one, and the sound of his singing identifies him more readily than his appearance.


Clockwork Avian Blue Dhir
Segmented and echoing back to the egg from whence it came, this firelizard is definitely avian in appearance. Metallic blue feather patterns are the norm for his hide, his wings, back, and tail being of a darker shade than his muzzle, chest, and underbelly. His wings appear to be moving parts, folding and unfolding with mechanical precision, and his limbs seem fitted, his tail consisting of joints. A final distinguishing feature for this blue firelizard are his rather enormous, white-ringed eyes, nearly taking up his entire head.


Tentacled Freak Blue Sanjiv
This blue is rather oozy, glopping here and there. He has wavy patterns all over him, and is a greenish bluish shade reminiscent of some horror from the depths of the sea or the far reaches of the universe. Wavy tendrils creep down his muzzle, following the curve of his throat, and his forelegs are constantly grasping at something. Red rings his eyes, and his wings are a darker shade, almost black.


Infinite Spiral Green Avani
This pretty little green is awash in shades of brilliant leaf green from the tip of her snout to the tip of her tail, fading into maize gold on her underbelly. A belly, it might be noted, that is perhaps a little more rotund than most, but lacks the sheen of her larger gold cousins. Between her eyes, feathery tuft-like patterns of golden brown trail up to twine about her headknobs, like silken threads caught up in an unseen breeze. Sails of pale jade with a faint hint of blue stretch between 'spars of the same brilliant green, catching the slightest breeze. Her gait, as she hops along the ground, is reminiscent of an expectant mother, making her look as if she is waddling about. Claws of onyx tip each talon like a scythe, sharpened and ready for harvest.


Slightly rectangular in shape, this room bears the straight stone cuts that mark it as an original carving of the Weyr. Approximately thirteen feet by eleven, the room is slightly wider than it is deep from the sole oaken entrance. The cold floor is covered in a giant 'rug' that mitigates the persistent cool of the rock, but appears old, likely having been dug up from storage. To the right of the entrance, along the shorter side wall a 'desk' has been situated, mostly barren save for a few odds and ends, a 'desk lamp', a portable 'terminal', and a 'photograph'. A 'chair' has been pushed in at an angle, betraying the frequency of its use. A 'bookshelf' sits a little further down the wall from the desk, filled with reading materials from the academic to the fanciful, the scuffed veneer lending it personality. Along the back wall is a long, cushioned 'bench', squarish with an angled back a numerous pillows, long enough to seat three or four people. A simple 'nightstand' is pushed in by the seat, parting the bench and the bed and adorned with another lamp and often a book. Next to that, along the left-hand outer wall is the 'bed', roughly full sized, the elegant foot and headboard scratched and scuffed from Turns of use. At the foot of the bed is a small 'dresser', the top littered with grooming items and also a large mirror mounted along the back. Finally, an 'amoire' sits in the front left corner, one door never /quite/ closing all the way, scuffed and well loved like all the rest of the pieces here. The walls are barren, lacking much by way of whimsical decoration, leaving the room functional, but not quite personal.


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