J'esh has a very oval face with a very pronounced chin and angular cheek bones. He has lightly tanned skin. His blond hair hangs down over his forehead and into his eyes, covering the tops of his ears and most of his eyebrows. He has clear, bright gray eyes that reflect whatever color he happens to be wearing. His nose is long and straight, but there is an odd scar across the bridge of it. His lips are thin but well-shaped and he sports stubble that looks like the beginnings of a gotee. He is tall, but proportionate, with long legs and a sturdy upper body.
His clothing is simple today. He's dressed in weyrhide riding pants, a simple short-sleeved shirt, and thick boots. He wears what seems to be an ordinary black stone on a chain around his neck and a ring on his right hand.


Joesh, now called J'esh, began his life as the by-blow of a green rider who never wanted children. He grew up in the care of his aunt, uncle, and two cousins, who took him in as their own. He never knew his mother other than cursory visits every few turns for her to make sure he was still alive and well. After his teens, they had a discussion and decided that neither of them wanted to see the other, so since then, he has given her nary a thought. His aunt, however, became his surrogate mother and he visits her often at Ista Weyr. He was Searched at 17 and was taken to Telgar, where he Impressed to blue Furgath. The two hit it off instantly, having nearly identical dry senses of humor. After Impressing, he decided that Telgar was growing old and moved to to Western.
At 23, he found a mate, Loria, who birthed a son. Unfortunately both mate and son died in childbirth, despite everything that was done to save them. Years later, he still mourns his true love, and also the child he never knew. He had to leave Western because of the mix of good and bad memories, so he flew Furgath to Ierne, where he lives today.


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