Gender Male
Former Name Jaelyn
Nicknames Jae
Place of Birth Ista Weyr
Wing Position Haast wingrider
Hair Black
Eyes Gold
Played By Ferran Calderon

At six foot two inches tall, J'en possess a wild crop of short kept black hair which tends to stick up for the most part straight up towards the front. Eyes are framed with long, dark lashes, and are colored a distinctive golden brown with tiny flecks of sapphire. These are set on either side of a long narrow nose - the lips below are full and pierced with a single stainless steel loop towards the bottom most left corner. His body is markedly slender and lithe, yet turns of hard work has developed a distinctly dragonrider musculature which is wrapped in a covering of lightly sun-kissed flesh. On the back of his neck is a oval shaped scar that couldn't be anything other than the near perfect impression of an adult's dentition, and nearly the entirety of his back bears an almost gnarled crisis-cross pattern of scar tissue which thins out considerably in descending over his backside and the back of this thighs. As if to offset his scars, several tattoos have been etched into his hide. One covers his left shoulder down to the elbow, depicting swirling waves of blue among gold and bronze lotus flowers, accented by two colorful butterflies. The right side of his body bares a young tree with fine and bold lines sprouting from the apical center of his chest, up and over his right shoulder, half-way up his neck, and down not only the entire length of his arm to the knuckles, but also drapes over the back to end in the middle of his shoulder blade; a thin six inch long scar cuts through some of the branches on the upper part of that arm. Both ears are pierced with simple silver hoops, and on his left wrist an assortment of varied bracelets. The long tapered fingers of his right hand have a few chunky rings; one in silver, and the other black lacquer.

Dressed head to toe (more often than not) in black, J'en wears a form fitting tank top that accentuates the slenderness of his frame beneath his riding jacket, with a pair of leather riding pants, and a set of heavy looking steel-toed boots. Knots pinned to the shoulder of his jacket depict him as a Wingleader at Monaco Bay Weyr and a Senior Journeyman of the Computer Craft. On the upper part of one sleeve is a patch for the land search and rescue wing, Flame.


Jaelyn was born as a result of a flight to former Istan Weyrleader P’rel and a goldrider by the name of Jessira. Jessira was the sister of bluerider I’srie, P’rel’s weyrmate. The rumor stands that Jaelyn’s birth was a matter of some contention between the three riders, for it is said that a vow had been made that should bronze Malphath ever catch gold Roninth, that her rider would go *between* afterwards. Clearly, Jessira’s end of the bargain had not been upheld. P’rel and I’srie separated for a time, unable to reconcile for nearly half a turn, due to Jessira’s incessant reminders that she had borne the Weyrleader a son.

Jaelyn spent most of his early childhood in the care of nannies in the weyr’s nursery, and even then he was labelled his father’s son. While he did not have P’rel’s blond hair, he had inherited the man’s odd colored golden eyes, but this was not the reason for the characterization. Jaelyn shared his father’s pension for being hot-blooded. He often got into fights, or pushed down younger children to take possession of their toys. One nanny once commented that Jaelyn spent more of the day in time-out than not. Perhaps it is for this reason that the raven-haired child failed to make many, if any, friends.

As Jaelyn got older, he seemed to prefer a solitary existence, avoiding large crowds of people and general conversation unless initiated by another party. Some people assumed the boy was just shy, when in truth he’d come to the conclusion that people could not be trusted. It was suggested that this was because of multiple attempts to connect on a personal level with his father, who did not deny his existence, so much as avoided him whenever possible. His mother, on the other hand, gave him attention only if it benefited her agenda. That agenda being of course, to get under the skin of her brother and his prickly weyrmate.

At the age of twelve, he was shipped off to the Computer Craft, for he’d shown more than a few of the Istan riders that he was quite good at taking their computers apart, completely. It was there that Jaelyn flourished, coming somewhat out of his shell among those that didn’t know his past. He made friends, applied himself, and even stumped a few of the masters with the code he was able to write. He learned how to take apart, and reassemble complex computer systems. One of his teachers was quoted to have said: “The boy soaks up everything taught to him like a sponge. He’s not only able to understand quickly, but apply what he’s learned and adapt it however he likes.” This may have been praise at the time, but was not later.

Unable to rise in the ranks because of his age and bored, Jaelyn began to act out again. Friends fell away as rumors began to spread that the boy was starting fights over seemingly nothing at all, leaving him once again alone in the world. Apparently the icing on the cake, had been an undisclosed incident that no one at the Computer Craft is willing to this day to speak about. Two turns after his arrival at the Computer Craft, Jaelyn was shipped back to Ista. This started a seemly endless cycle of searches and being left on the sands. Not once, not twice but six times from the age of twelve. Each failure had the boy shuffled off to yet another part of Pern, only lingering there until the disruptions that inevitably sprouted around him became too much, which forced the hand of the leadership of that area to push him along to the next. The final and last straw came at Igen, and his uncle I'srie unceremoniously dropped him off at Fort Weyr to live with the only relative that would have him: Ponya, his father’s mother.

At this point withdrawn and quiet, Jaelyn was immediately labeled either shy or antisocial. Though it did not bring an end to the rumors of his apparent pension for violence. While he did happen across a boy his age that persisted in calling him friend, it did not quell the whispers behind his back that he was a bully. Coming to a head, he was dragged before the leadership, but oddly let go without punishment. There was talk that the boy's father, being a former acquaintance of the Weyrleader, pulled strings to have him released without incident. However, before this line of thought could be completely explored, a dragon from Half Moon Bay Weyr appeared and he was searched for the seventh time.

Throughout this candidacy, resist as he might, among those also brought together for the hardening eggs were some that would call him friend. A few even got to see what was beneath his mask of indifference and accepted him for who he was. However, the most notable of those was found on the hatching sands one muggy afternoon. Together, Leketh and the boy he named J'en walked off to join the ranks of weyrlinghood.


Name Relation Location Position
Terry (Terysae) Daughter (Estraly ) Igen Weyr Brownrider
B'ay (Bellamy) Son (Bahlima) Monaco Bay Weyr Greenrider
Jema (Jemahnye) Daughter (Hymilee) Fort Weyr Bluerider
Leiukaelyn Daughter (Leia) Monaco Bay Weyr Weyrbrat
Jaspyr Son (Sephany) Igen Weyr Weyrbrat
Riley Son (Irina) Fort Weyr Weyrbrat
Hazyl Daughter (Jazhira) Monaco Bay Weyr Weyrbrat
Jaxyn Son (Alexa) Igen Weyr Weyrbrat
P'rel Father Ista Weyr Bronzerider
Jessira Mother High Reaches Weyr Junior Weyrwoman
Cenrie Half-brother (Cenlia) Ista Weyr Tattoo Artist & Beach Bum
I'srie Maternal Uncle Ista Weyr Bluerider
Rainer Paternal Uncle High Reaches Weyr Master Beastcrafter
Liyan Paternal Uncle Igen Weyr Master Tanner
Nalon Paternal Uncle Xanadu Weyr Master Seacrafter
R'an Paternal Cousin High Reaches Weyr Greenrider
Lord Kevdrien Maternal Grandfather Breakwater Hold Lord Holder
Lady Jessa Maternal Grandmother Breakwater Hold Lady Holder
E'lan Paternal Grandfather Eastern Weyr Brownrider
Ponya Paternal Grandmother Fort Weyr Master Seacrafter (retired)


Cry About It Later - Katy Perry
Rewrite The Stars - The Greatest Showman OST


Dancing with Daybreak Gold Circuit
A burst of morning's light touches upon the pale rose gold hide of this perfect and delicate queen, with shimmering hues that illuminate tiny head knobs, mottling that caresses lovingly across her narrow shaped wedged head, trailing down her long and slender neck, ridges, and wide hips until it vanishes before your eyes down her long whiplike tail. Those same vibrant beams of metallic golden light touch upon her long wingspars, emitting a warm and vibrant glow with each sweep of gossamer sails as though she's guided in a graceful dance by the fire of the rising sun herself.

Delicious Pancake Bronze Conduit
Buttermilk is the primary color in play across this little bronze firelizard's hide. Soft creams, warmed butter, and toasty marshmallow splatter across the available space. While his base color is soft, near white, yellow floats around, slipping across his slender sides and down a pudgy belly. A golden bronze slips in great slashes across his back, zigzagging down his neck and sides, covering any other color that lays beneath before tapering off towards his tail in small browned blotches. Orange slaps itself across his face like a handprint, covering his eyes, eyeridges and pinchable pudgy cheeks. His neckridges are sharp in appearance, pointy, narrow, and close together, clad in yellow, bronze, and gold. A solitary streak of white works its way about half way down his body and dives all the way down his stubby tail.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Bronze Leketh
Let's face facts - this bronze? He's something amazing. His hide is a pure, brass-bright bronze that veers a little too close to gold territory along his joints and the line of his neckridges. His muzzle is narrow and inquisitive, his eyes large and bright. His eyeridges are remarkably expressive, leading into relatively long headknobs. Fine spinner-webs of brighter gold and darker bronze weave their way along his spine, starting at the back of his head and growing larger until they completely wrap around his lengthy, whiplike tail in an intricate design. As for the rest of him, he's long - but he's not bulky. He's long-limbed, lean, and sleek, with narrow wings meant to cut through the air with the greatest of ease. His 'sails are translucent and brassy, laced with yet more of that strange webbed pattern in bright gold and deep bronze.


Title OOC Date Cast
Surprise? November 11, 2019 Alexa, J'en
Sharing the News November 12, 2019 J'en, S'van