Playful, dark brown eyes dance out of a chubby, heart-shaped face. Dark brown hair is brushed tightly down, and then braided up and then into a tight bun on the back of her head. Slim fingers are on a medium-height body, and then her hands have calluses on them.

Isa's wearing traditional weather great, brown boots and bants and a light colored tunic with a riding jacket. She wears a double-cord/double-looped shoulder knot of brown and black, with a silver tassel, marking her as an AWLM.

For a really interesting picture of Isa, look here:


Born, and partially raised in Southern Boll Hold, Isa went Apprentice Baker while living with her family. At the note of her interests she was shipped off to Xanadu Weyr to train. She did some Weyr hopping of her own thanks to candidacy, finally ending up in Fort Weyr for a Candidacy/Hatching Class. One of the many supposed 'wacky' members of the candidacy class, Isa held her own while having fun. She truely liked it there in the caverns, and around the dragons, working on her Journeymanship between egg touchings, candidate classes, and so forth.

On the day of the hatching, Isa was blessed with the mental brunt voice of Caluprith, her brown dragon; at about 19 years old, she had Impressed! She was so totally pleased with herself, and as is, went through a lot of life lessons over the next few years with Caluprith, and her fellow weyrlings. Upon graduation, she was assigned to Thunderbird Wing. She's been there ever since, not only doing her training in emergency response, but also working on her journeymanship(again) for Bakers.

After a few years in the Search & Rescue wing, however, things palled. Caluprith's easy going, fun-loving nature wasn't just cutting it… so when the call for AWLM's went out, she happily volunteered - her first go watching her sister Is'abel impress to Sandith.


Name Relation Location Position
Is'abelle Sister Fort Weyr Wing Rider
Isaya Mother Southern Boll Hold Baker
Ishmel Father Southern Boll Hold Guard


Bronze Jset

Burnished bronze covers this creature from head to toe, shining with a hint of olive age where the shadows lie. It takes a golden hue at his head, flaring out from his headknobs back down his neck like a starburst. A brown-bronze eyeridge contrasts with its mate on the other side, a greenish hint encircling it. He has a sharp, angular face that looks nearly cunning. His legs are a deep color halfway down, but his forearms have a lighter bronze color spilling over them like lace. It does the same with a V-neck at his chest and shoulders. Darker hues act like a vest at his torso, and a dark brown-bronze clothes his lower half. His wingspars and neckridges are a very dark bronze color, and his talons are black.

Green Sisa

Springy, energetic greens liberally clothe the hide of this flit. There is an air of youthful curiosity to her that comes out in her fine-boned frame and defined muscles. Simple, emerald green is the base of her palette from nose to tail, with her neckridges, spars, and talons all a darker version. It changes to pine green, deep and dark, from atop her forehead and runs, spills, down the length of her elegant neck. It whirls and pools across her shoulders and back before vanishing. Her sails are a light jade, which dapples her flanks against a color that has taken on a bit more blue. Her torso has what seems to be melted-looking lighter and darker green patterns over her chest and barrel, barely seen against her natural coloration.


Rangy Auburn Brown Caluprith

Dark brown tinged with auburn is gently brushed over a the dragon's compact and long body, through which the faintest splotches of reddish cream and dark brown peak through. Though not of a particularly large size and possessing lean shoulders and build, there is no denying that the outstanding feature of this brown is the length of his body, accentuated by a perhaps longer than normal tail that ends in a defined point tipped in dark soil. This color motif reappears at the tip of paws and talons, as well as in freckled patches that color his pale buttercream wingsails. Filling out his rangy frame are sinewy muscles that hint at the reserves of strength and power that lie beneath his brown colored hide.