Sex Female
Dragon Gold Kouzevelth
Location Fort Weyr
Position Jr. Weyrwoman
Birthplace Breakwater Hold
Casting Call Bridget Regan



Once-pale skin has been sun-kissed for so many Turns that it is burnished to a pale gold, freckles a darker tone bridging over her nose and cheeks, and her brown hair has been bleached with streaks of reddish; her eyes, too, have been paled by the sun, leaving a once-vibrant blue a far paler, greyer shade. Her slender build does not leave much room for a woman's curves, but her femininity remains evident both in her sweetheart-shaped face and honestly cheerful smiles and in her usual manner of dressing. No matter what she wears, however, the strength of her graceful arms tends to shine through sooner or later.

Her outfits and other descs have their own page now.

Things Most People Know

  • She was a barmaid at the Gemstone before her Search and hops behind the bar sometimes to this day; her specialty is fruity drinks.
  • Kouzevelth has the most unpredictable mating pattern of Fort's golds, and has been responsible for some expensive property damage.
  • She knits.
  • "Good at math" is at least well-known amongst Weyr adminstration (Phoenix wing, Steward and Headwoman's higher staff)
  • By default you are her cautious friend until you do something to make her demote you. As a rule with its given exceptions, she likes everyone, and is the most gregarious one of the weyrwomen.
  • Has an enormous herding canine named Durahiko (brother of Ezra's Zoi) who is frequently found on her ledge, as well as a smaller fluffy canine.
  • Used to be somewhat promiscuous, and has been romantically linked to a number of inconsequential people; that abruptly stopped and nothing else was really said of it or done about it for around two turns. She started actually naming then-Weyrsecond D'ani as her weyrmate in the summer after Kouzevelth's third flight, which came to an end about three turns later.


Name Relation Location Position
Ciara Mother Breakwater Hold Tavern Owner
Iabre Father Breakwater Hold Fisherman
Casimir Brother (+3) Breakwater Hold Master Woodcrafter
Cowal Brother (-2) Breakwater Hold Bartender
Aifric Sister (-5) Breakwater Hold Jockey
Se'ras (Seoras) Brother (-8) Fort Weyr Wingrider
Maiona Daughter (-28) Fort Weyr Weyrbrat



Cloaked in Storms Gold Kouzevelth
Rich colors of burnt orange cascade in thick waves down from angular elongated maw, down along her neck, across massive shoulders stretching out past her wings and down to the very tip of her spindly tail. Rich tenn color the joints of gangly limbs upon the gold's hide, additionally coloring along where wings attach to her body and giving an appearance of age as if worn from constant use. The joints of her tail, in which there are many due to the length, also dabble in shades of rich the tenn, giving it the appearance of constant motion. Gentle, soft tangerines spark at the center of her underbelly in uneven jagged lines that echo the appearance of lightning as it kisses the ground. The soft colors shoot outwards over the deep gold of her hide, stretching along the underside of her wings, dancing in wild undistinguished patterns as they mix with jagged lines of Princeton orange and rich amber hues. They dance along each wingsail as a beautiful, yet raging thunderstorm.

These wings, while appearing to be of normal width in wingspan are much longer in length. The ground is their constant companion, even when they are drawn back in rest. Cloak-like in appearance, they are topped off by the singular talon that dons each wing. Colored a bright, metallic gold they look as if they were meant to be clasps that hold her fine cloak in place upon her shoulders. While rich in color, she is certainly not rich in curves as her long figure consists of angles and sharp edges. Lovely in her own way, at times she almost appears to be twisted into herself. Long neck with a very slight bend from the angling of her head, long cloak-like wings, and even longer, visibly kinked tail that must be kept close lest it trail far behind her and, eventually, stepped upon. Her hide certainly gives the appearance of smoothness, it is not the case. Constantly rough to the touch, it is as if her hide has been starved from hydration, constantly craving the relief and replenishment that oil offers but never sated once received.

lineart by HeartofPern, coloring by Zhirayr; more (authentic) art of Kouzevelth can be found on her page!

Flights & Clutches

Kouzevelth's flight record can be found here, and her detailed clutch record here.


Clutch PC/NPC Egg Number Sire
1st Clutch PC 8 D'ani's Dremkoth
2nd Clutch NPC 4 Unknown
3rd Clutch NPC 14 Br'enn's Tovihasuth
4th Clutch PC 10 Ha'ze's Kainaesyth
5th Clutch NPC 4 Ashwin's Rinxyth
6th Clutch NPC 11 L'kan's Elenth
7th Clutch PC 9 Ila'den's Teimyrth



The White Lion Knight Bronze Liechten
Polished in gold and burnt umber, this proud brute does not lack for being handsome, in fact, he appears rather perfect in his pristine cloak of hot-white bronze. Every inch of him is wrought with magnificence that comes with a noble bearing. Muscles wrap in all the right places, his gold chest flares with broad brilliance, and his wings soar out behind him like shimmering white sails. Even his wedged shape head has the cut of being flawlessly projected so that his face is sweet to look upon. Neck ridges dash down his spine with graceful curves, extending down to his whip-dash of a tail. Burnt umber and gold washes over the tops of his shoulders and down to his rib cage, changing mid way to that white-hot bronze which licks his under belly and tail. His talons are made of silver blades, each one cast with the potential to rip his prey apart.

Things Some People Know

  • Revamping!

Logs & Vignettes

Title OOC Date Cast
There's Nothing Ominous About This November 7, 2018 Inri, Th'ero

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