Idralia is an average woman in many ways - average height, average weight, average looks. Her face is oval in shape, framed by black hair cut to shoulder length with bangs drifting just above her hazel eyes. Her skin is a light tan, the color a combination of genes and the work of the sun. Idra's nose is medium size, her lips slender and pale, with freckles lightly dusting her firm cheeks. Shoulders and hips are broad, with hardly any narrowing at the waist, and she carries her moderate weight in muscle more than fat.

Idralia's clothes suit her work, a plain black blouse over tan trousers. Her shoes are black half-boots that are kept as dust free as possible. She often carries pencil and paper in a pouch on her plain black belt, counterweighted by a simple eating knife on the other hip. Her clothes are worn but well kept, with no significant damage or repair work.



Name Relation Location Position Age Diff PC/NPC
Idoran Father Southern Boll Hold Jman Tech +32T NPC
Nalina Mother Southern Boll Hold Master Harper +29T NPC
Orlin(?) Brother Ista Hold(?) Master Harper ~ +4T NPC
Nadorie(?) Sister Harper Hall(?) Jman Harper ~ -3T NPC
Ranali(?) Sister Harper Hall(?) Sr. App Harper ~ -8T NPC
Name Relation Location Position Age Diff PC/NPC
Seliki Mentor Telgar Hold Sr. Jman Tech +6T NPC
Tamsyn Friend Fort Weyr Jman Harper -2T PC
Miki Friend Fort Weyr Phoenix Wingrider -4.5T PC
Polsie Friend Fort Weyr Simurgh Wingrider -10T PC

NPCs are all adoptable; please contact Idralia if you are interested in picking up one of these characters.


Green Sneak
This green firelizard is truly nondescript, much like her owner. She's of average size with a plain, forest-green hide, lacking any distinctive markings or unusual characteristics. The only special thing about her is the banding on her legs, which is twice the normal size in order to show her owner's affiliations with both Fort Weyr and the Techcraft Hall.

Brown Mickey
Yellow. The bulk of this firelizard's body is… yellow. A dinged and faded yellow, but the colour is unmistakable. In places, along his back and belly, the odd colouring seems to have worn away, chipping away like old paint, leaving a rich earthy brown in its place. Chocolate brown stretches up his legs, and across his wingspan, shining faintly as though still in molten form. Physically, he's sturdy and angular. His body is somewhat squat, and his limbs are incredibly straight, with odd creases running along the edges. His tail comes out in a very wide spade, tipped with silver flecked with brown. The firelizard's facial structure is a little unusual also, the eyes are unusually large, and set high in the face, giving the poor brown a perpetual look of surprise.


Title Date Cast
A Techie Arrives 20 February 2011 Casiella, Idralia, Melze, P'rius, Polsie
Tourist Time 20 February 2011 Idralia, Polsie
Long Lost Treasures? 21 February 2011 Idralia, P'rius
Children and Machines 06 March 2011 Idralia, Miki
Inventions 08 March 2011 Cypris, Idralia
Chitchat in the Caverns 19 July 2011 Idralia, Ely, M'lo, Neyuni
Party Planning 25 July 2011 A'dmar, Eldann(NPC), Idralia, M'lo, Miki, Tamsyn
Charades 28 July 2011 A'dmar, Ely, Idralia, M'lo, Miki
Crafters, on Life 04 August 2011 Idralia, Tamsyn
Elara Returns 25 August 2011 Elara, Idralia, Miki, R'oc
Are You Soliciting Me? 12 September 2011 A'dmar, Idralia
Visiting Miki 19 September 2011 Carlyn, Idralia, Miki, R'oc
Aniki vs. R'oc? 22 September 2011 Deitra, Idralia, Miki
Age Philosophy and Technology 23 September 2011 Deitra, Idralia
Relaxation Comes in Many Forms 28 September 2011 Deitra, Idralia, Mharen
I'm Not Looking for Anything, Actually 03 October 2011 Idralia, Mharen
Straw is NOT in Fashion 06 October 2011 Aniki (NPC by Miki), Carlyn, Idralia
Snowball Fights and Flights 09 October 2011 Carlyn, Deitra, Hanild, Idralia, K'ael, Kairhys, Miki, Neyuni, Th'ero, Ur'con
Where a Trader Calls Home 10 October 2011 Eizra, Idralia
The Nature of Specialties 10 October 2011 Carlyn, Idralia, Shena
Makeover Madness 12 October 2011 Adalinus, Aniki (NPC by Miki), Carlyn, Deitra, Idralia, Shena
Of Darts and Pool 16 October 2011 Idralia, P'rius, R'oc
Just Another Rainy Day 22 October 2011 Idralia, Tamsyn
Darts, Take Two 24 October 2011 Idralia, R'oc
What Makes Eggs Interesting 25 October 2011 Chrystyne, Idralia, Jaylen, Kimmila, Marissa (NPC)