Portrayed By Tyler Aubrey
Gender Female
Aliases Ibby, Ibs, Ibreily
Place of Birth Xanadu Weyr
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Thunderbird Wingrider


I'rly has a lot of presence to make up for her slight form, a natural energy that buzzes just below her skin, gleams in her too-wide eyes. This is not a tall woman; she's tiny, 5'2" and too-thin. The stubborn set to her thin shoulders is matched by the abruptness of her movements, aggressive whether the situation calls for it or not. She's got short, dark hair and sharp features not terribly feminine, instead leaning strongly towards a more neutral appearance. Her nose is straight, and her cheekbones are on the sharp side, echoed by a strong chin. This carries on through her whole body, a figure that has an utter lack of curves, or even evident muscle tone in spite of having every reason for one. Sharp posturing and constantly moving arms and hands, mobile expressions and frequent grins are far less ambiguous. I'rly won't stay in the background, plain in form or no.
This woman's wardrobe has seen better days, but it's improving with time. She favors cool colors, faded blues and greens, greys and soft tans, and durable weaves over soft fabric most of the time. Her knot is that of a Fortian brownrider, generally fastidiously neat and in far better-condition than the rest of her outfit. Ibby wears soft, but sturdy boots - not heavy, but built for wear and grip, taller in the calf than most light-duty boots. Soft scarves, a variety of bags, and bright jewelry seem to be an essential part of the woman's accoutrements, as she is never without at least one or two. Her riding jacket is form-fitting and hip-length, dark brown leather with a multitude of pockets. The jacket is double-breasted, and buckles around the waist; already, the leather is scuffed with hard use. A Thunderbird wing patch is sewn carefully into a shoulder, given pride-of-place above several other patches and odd decorations.


On the trailing end of an entire passel of children, Ibreily was fifth-born and the smallest of the lot, to boot. She learned early the benefits of sharp wit and sharper fists, and her first lessons were on how to land a good kick to the shins and then find a good hiding spot. As a child, the girl was given her reins, her parents a loving and busy background to the drama of young weyr-life. Raised by riders, although not as uncommon as it once was, wasn't the most common choice. She certainly had enough siblings to make up for the lack of the lower caverns hoards, and generally, her early life was charmed.

Unlike her more wayward siblings, Ibby joined a craft as soon as she could - she had a surety they didn't, an understanding of how she wanted her life to go. She was always stubborn, and she petitioned her parents daily until they sent her off to Harper Hall a half-turn earlier than normal. This was only a minor advantage, though, as she did inherit a propinquity for wandering attentions and wandering feet. She was more interested in adventure than hard work, and followed in her eldest sibling's footsteps of trouble-making for the first several turns of her time in the Craft. Nonetheless, she managed not to fall too far behind, with plenty of time spent in disciplinary retribution without free evenings to catch up on her work.

Ibreily walked the tables with others her age, neither ahead nor behind. She'd studied history extensively, only taking up an archival sub-specialty once she'd walked. With only the vaguest visions of taking on huge projects, wrangling history to her will, she managed to catch a second wind of the family wandering at just the right time. A family friend needed help; he'd lost a good hand on his ship, and Ibs decided she was just what the Captain of the Quinto needed. Even as slight as she was, the Harper handed in a notice of leave, and went off to be a sailor. It was not an easy few turns, and life aboard a ship wasn't particularly inspiring. It was, however, an adventure. Rei grew into herself, learned a few lessons, and then she found Hallac somebody to replace her.

She had places to be. Nothing lasts forever: not studies, not sailing the high seas, not any posting she'd take as a Journeyman who had some things to catch up on. After a few sevendays of testing and assuring that she hadn't lost too many of her marbles, Ibreily was off again, on her next adventure. Back to the Hall: but only briefly. After a turnday celebration gone wildly right, Ibreily showed up to the clutching of Kayeth and Velokraeth's eggs hungover to the point that she slept through most of the event. Puking her guts up after, she was searched by A'ster's Akleteyth even though she barfed on the poor guy's shoes. Her favorite cousins were searched for the same clutch, by purest chance — and their group was a lucky one. All three girls Impressed, and nobody actually died during the hatching. Brown Kralkth knocked I'rly over on her ass, and Ibby found part of herself she didn't know she'd been missing. He ate her favorite hat the first night, got into fights with everybody within the first few hours, but he was…hers?

Weyrlinghood was rough for the pair. Kralkth made it difficult, and Ibby was too stubborn to back down from anything. The barracks fell on their head and a classmate was kidnapped, and somehow the pair managed to graduate more or less on time. Thunderbird was the obvious choice for Kralkth — I'rly wasn't a slouch on the dashing adventure-rescuing-endless-patrols front, either. It was different! Adventure! Less chance for Kralkth to get them grounded for the rest of their lives, if he was too busy to talk!


Name Relation Location Position
O'rly Mother Xanadu Weyr Starcrafter - Green Sanldoth
R'iahn Father Xanadu Weyr Dragonhealer - Blue Jaesriuth
Zan'ri Brother Ierne Weyrhold Hobo Shop-Helper - Bronze Rymrth
Esiae Sister-Cousin Ierne Weyrhold Shop-Runner - Gold Sonyxaeth
Briahla Sister Healer Hall Sr. Journeyman
Seilistrae Sister Somewhere Traveling clown?
Belsiaryn Brother Somewhere Terrible acrobat?
Syn 'Cousin' Fort Weyr Rider - Green Morizanth
Leia 'Cousin' Fort Weyr Rider - Blue Foryth
Azchel Niece Xanadu Weyr Trouble
Narilut Nephew Landing Mischief
Unabri Nephew Landing Trouble
Lutrila Niece Landing Trouble
Rialune Nephew Xanadu Weyr Toddler
Tayhlani Niece Xanadu Weyr Toddler
Sijaesy Niece Ierne Weyrhold Infant
Loesija Niece Ierne Weyrhold Infant
Heribly Daughter Fort Weyr Infant


Title OOC Date Cast
Girls Gone Wild November 04, 2016 A'ster, Ibreily, Leimna, Thys
Everything's... Perfect? (Kayeth Clutches) November 05, 2016 C'rus, Doktah, Ibreily, Inri, K'vir, Nyalle, Rulayn, Th'ero, Tiye, Zhirayr
Beauty and the Feast (Ibreily is Searched) November 5, 2016 A'ster, Ibreily
The Shrining November 6, 2016 Ibreily, Leimna, Sygni
Thievery and Things Go Boom November 12, 2016 Doktah, Ibreily, Sygni
JUICY November 13, 2016 Ibreily, Vossrik
Injury-Prone November 14, 2016 Doktah, Ibreily, Sygni
Of Butts, Explosions, and Other Things (Egg-touching 3) November 15, 2016 Am'ry, Ibreily, Leimna, Sygni
'Tis but a scratch! November 16, 2016 Ibreily, Sygni
Goblin King! Goblin King! November 18, 2016 Ibreily, Thys
How To Make A Splash November 18, 2016 Doktah, Ibreily, Leimna, Sygni, Vossrik, Xhanfyr
Rumored Demises II: Electric Boogaloo November 19, 2016 Doktah, Ibreily, Leimna, Rulayn, Sygni, Vossrik, Chadham (NPC)
Be Normal November 21, 2016 Ibreily, Leimna, Rulayn
La Vie Boheme December 1, 2016 Ibreily, Leimna, Sygni
Kayeth and Velokraeth's Eggs Hatch (... and cause a bloody mess) December 2, 2016 A'ster, Aion, Am'ry, C'rus, Doktah, Ibreily, Jeltje, K'shok, L'gan, Leimna, M'icha, Merek, Metan, Nyalle, Rulayn, S'ic, Sygni, Th'ero, Thys, Vossrik, Xhanfyr
So It Goes December 14, 2016 I'rly, Thys
Cave-in: The Inside Perspective December 20, 2016 I'rly, Jet, Syn, Taimri, Thys, V'sri, X'fyr
Cave-In: The Outside Perspective December 20, 2016 Am'ry, Inri, Kralkth, Leia, Nyalle, Qhynnveslacth, Rhenesath, Zhirayr
Is it Your Winning Personality? December 23, 2016 I'rly



Drag Your Clan to Glory Brown Kralkth
A hulking mass of carved, aged sandstone, this brown is as far removed from lithe and sleek as one of his kind could possibly get. Reddish brown coats most of his rough looking hide, where it only fades to dusky taupe over his blunted muzzle. It sweeps up over his wide spaced and heavy features, down over squared, thick jowls and to his throat and beyond to the curve of his underside. Umber and slate overlay like plates of heavy armor, giving further illusion that he is a creature of raw power. The beginning of this armor starts by capping his already huge, broad head and blunted head knobs above, then leading on to his short, thick neck and down over his back and over each limb. Brutish in looks and just downright ugly in others, he's barrel chested to the point that he is heavy-set in the front but balanced and supported by stocky, muscled forelimbs, and powerful strong haunches. His wings are as wide and broad as he is but suited for a beast his size, even with a tail that is shorter and thicker than it ought to be but not to the point of imbalance. In essence, he is a winged armored tank, a brown of formidable strength and stamina and just about unstoppable.
Thanks be to balustriad of dA for the excellent, if temporary template for the picture of Kralkth which may or may not be a wher, Definitely A Dragon.



Canine Wee


Technically given a string of names that gets longer and more complicated every day and having undergone more than one name-change, this giant of a dog is young yet. She's approachable yet, no matter the size. Is it the hilariously drooping wrinkles? The affable look on her face? The fact that she answers to everything from 'dog' to 'treat' or 'toy', which is too adorable to be contained by any form? It's not clear. Growing into her type — herding, guarding — well enough, this canine is developing a solid habit of slowly, surely shuffling people where she wants them. Mostly this involves her food bowl, and if you're not paying attention, you'll find your foot in her water dish. Wee is certainly large enough to scare off all but the most terrifying of foes, and she's starting to show signs of being a decent guardian.

Feline Wherry


A thoughtful graduation gift from her eldest brother and Esiae, Wherry is no sweet kitten. She's snappy, prone to shredding furniture like it's made of tissue paper, and hiding under the shredded furniture to go for your ankle tendons. Wherry's one redeeming factor, beyond the hilarity of mauling visitors to Ibby's weyr? She's an excellent hunter. No tunnelsnake still daring to venture forth into the too-high weyr will escape the notice of this feline. She's bigger than most, very muscular beneath that fur, and even missing one of her canines she takes chunks out of anything she damn well pleases. The cat can't even claim 'cuteness' as a redeeming factor, since she's a rusty kind of orange, stripes blending out into wiry long fur. Her face looks like she was squashed as a kitten, and her giant golden eyes almost always have rage in them. Precious.

Bovine Moo


While Moo might not be in her immediate vicinity, Ibreily still very much considers her bovine her pet, thank you very much indeed. The cow lives at home, at Xanadu, with her parents and any assorted cousins still living there. She's not the best milk cow, and she's a horrible old wher that has gored every cousin at least once, but Ibby adores her. She loves the mean old cow, and goes home specifically to visit her. She can pick her nose with her tongue, scare off any weyrbrat who thinks trying to tip the family cow is funny (and leave them with souvenir-scarring to boot), and she has cute, fuzzy calves every year. What more could you possibly want out of a pet? Violence, fuzzy, gross — she's the total package. If she could, Ibreily would take the old wher with her on her every move. Instead, she brings her grass from all over the world.

Runner Whiskey


Depending on who you ask, the family pony is named either for her color or what a certain somebody was drinking when she was purchased. Nearly as old as Ibby, Whiskey has been passed down through various children, and has developed a few odd habits, as such. She follows any human who's shorter than the fence around like a puppy; she is otherwise nearly as ill-tempered as the bovine. Even grubby, grabbing hands and sharp heels don't bother this old girl. She's unflappable, and gentle with little people, content to follow them around in the hopes that they'll lead her to greener pastures. Or at least allow her to escape to terrorize the neighbor's dragon, who finds a runner completely unbothered by him alarming. Whiskey doesn't give any bothers.