Portrayed By Lee Hyun-Jae
Gender Male
Place of Birth Fort Weyr
Occupation Harper
Current Location Harper craft


This youth has not reached his full potential for height. He has medium length brown hair that generally looks carefully messed up at any given time. His eyes are a greyish blue in colour, one colour showing dominence depending on his mood. He pretty much wears just sturdy dark pants and a lighter button up shirt. Sturdy boots adorn his feet.


Eiram is the son of Bronzerider Ly'am and Greenrider Eirwyn. He spent much of his youth raised by his grandparents at Rubicon River hold though he did visit his parents or had visits with them or other members of their extended family growing up. As he came to the age of choosing he wavered between following the family 'business' and become a sailor/fisherman and or follow in the shared passion of his father and enter Harper craft. Though there was certainly salt in his veins, he chose the later and entered into the craft at 12 turns.


Name Relation Location Position Status
Ly'am Father Fort Weyr Wingrider/Harper on Bronze Odryth PC (retired)
Eirwyn Mother Fort Weyr Wingrider/DragonHealer on Green Xucieth PC (retired)
Lady Ryeira Grandmother Rubicon River Hold Retired Lady Holder PC (retired)
Lord Gaerwyn Grandfather Rubicon River Hold Warden PC (retired)
Ryna Aunt Rubicon River Hold lady NPC
Lyerdes Uncle Rubicon River Hold Lord Holder NPC
Rygel Uncle Rubicon River Hold lord-Steward NPC
Kristhalis Grandfather Healercraft MasterHealer PC-Deceased
Maharet Grandmother Healercraft master Healer PC (retired)
D'len Stepgrandfather Xanadu Jman Healer and Rider to Green Szayelth PC (retired)
Lyn Great-Aunt Dolphincraft/Xanadu Retired rider for Xanadu/Jman Dolphineer with Blue Liraeth PC (retired)
Lisle Great-Aunt Ierne Retired WW with Gold Umniyath PC (retired)


Name Notes
Riohra Rio is a hunter and became fast friends and pranksters in arms. He is like a big brother figure to the young man.
Sephany A weaver that Eiram met and became fast friends with. He looks up to her like a big sister.
Leuka His new Journeyman mentor which has allowed him to stay full time at Fort. He was amazed at the man's musical style and hopes to emulate him someday!


Title OOC Date Cast
Little Scamp and Innocent Princess July 28, 2017 Sephany, Eiram
S&R Games, Day 3 : Snowman Building! August 4, 2017 Risali, D'lei, Kassala, Riohra, Sephany, Eiram
Drinks And Dancing! August 5, 2017 Sephany, Eiram, Zevuki, Risali, Riohra, Etzlix
Eiram visits August 9, 2017 Riohra, Eiram, Sephany
Challenge Accepted! (also, Leia is nuts) August 10, 2017 Sephany, Zevuki, Eiram, Riohra, Leia
Hunts, harpers, and fears unknown August 14, 2017 Riohra, Sephany, Eiram
Hunting Wild Cats September 9, 2017 Eiram, Leuka, Riohra, Sephany, Kielric
Crafter's Crafting September 10, 2017 Eiram, Sephany, Leuka
Harpers Harping; Dancers Dancing. September 11, 2017 Thautseruck, Sephany, Eiram, Leuka, S'ndri, Risali, D'lei
A Day on the Lookout September 12, 2017 Eiram, Inri
Fort Weyr - Karaoke Night! Now with TABLE DANCING September 13, 2017 Leuka, Sephany, Eiram, Thautseruck, Riohra, Abigail, K'yan, Zhirayr, Inri, Risali, Syn, Taimri
A Blindfold and a Kiss September 14, 2017 Leuka, Sephany, Eiram
Cave Of Wonders - bring Redwort September 15, 2017 Riohra, Eiram, Leuka, Sephany
Crossing Paths September 19, 2017 Eiram, Th'ero
Morning People & Not-So-Morning People September 19, 2017 Sephany, Eiram, Leuka, Yulise
Altered Gloves a New Song & Thrown Mugs September 21, 2017 Sephany, Leuka, Eiram, Kaitlyn, Riohra
Lord Fizgig of SnowHill Arrives September 22, 2017 Sephany, Riohra, Leuka, Yulise, Eiram
Strawberries are EVIL September 24, 2017 Leuka, Sephany, Eiram
Your Worst Nightmare (Eiram is Searched!) September 25, 2017 Eiram, Syn
Two Harpers Tick People Off September 26, 2017 Sephany, Riohra, Leuka, Eiram, Thautseruck
Candidates talk over dinner September 30, 2017 Riohra, Jaelynn, Eiram
Leuka Strikes Again October 3, 2017 Eiram, Leuka
Tears and Explanations - Eiram and Sephany October 3, 2017 Eiram, Sephany
See You When We See You. October 9, 1017 Eiram, Leuka, Sephany
Something Snitchy This Way Comes! October 11, 2017 Riohra, Leuka, Jaelynn, Eiram, Kaitlyn
Lunchtime Egg Touching October 12, 2017 Eiram, Jaelynn, Inri, Leuka, Riohra
Romance isn't against the rules.. October 13, 2017 Riohra, Kassala, Kaitlyn, Eiram, Leuka
Whine, Women, and Song October 16, 2017 Riohra, S'ndri, Leuka, Eiram, Kaitlyn, Jaelynn
Concert For The Eggs October 17, 2017 Inri, Ila'den, Risali, Leuka, Eiram, Riohra
Kouzevelth and Teimyrth's Eggs Hatch October 22, 2017 Ila'den, Sephany, Z'ki, Eiram, Inri, Leuka, Riohra, Kaitlyn, Jaelynn, V'sri, Syn, R'hyn, Kassala, Quinn, S'dny, Kelani
Sephany Returns to Fort November 2, 2017 I'am, Lu'ka, Sephany
Catching Up December 6, 2017 Lu'ka, I'am, Sephany
Weyrling Graduation Party! December 31, 2017 Jaelynn, Lu'ka, I'am, Sephany


Shades of brown coat this firelizard's hide with whirls and smudges that hint at hidden images to be spied if one looked at him long enough. Burnt sienna emblazons his hide in swirls and patches over the surface of this firelizard's skin, serpentinian spirals etching around redwood calico and patterning flanks to dance rondels around svelte sepia tail. Desert sand wingsails glisten, wingtips dashed with the same dark sienna as sides and deepening belly. Overprominent headknobs set at a kilter to his little head prevent him from ever being graceful, although his soothing nature is evident in the subtle gleam from gently whirling eyes.



Everything about him screams streamlined power — from his overlarge size to his sturdy proportions, he is the epitome of the perfected fighter. On the cusp of being the largest for his color, he is an adonis of lean muscles and raw strength. Sculpted features are masked by dusky turquoise framing his narrow-shaped eyes, further accentuating his blunted muzzle and squared jawline. Colors darken as they span the length of his neck, a gradual fade of moonlit night down to his broad, heavy muscled chest, chasing long limbs and sweeping back to powerful haunches. He wears this nightshade like a form fitting suit, dark hide flawed in the subtle play of light and shadow that gives the illusion to creases, and lines, and a spattering of nebulous stars. His flaw is in the sense of aged weariness, hide marred in places by ‘scars’ — thin, almost invisible, slashes of white against the deep midnight of his body. Wide wings are sweeping and tapered, balanced perfectly to give him a keen edge in the skies. Notably, however, his tail is short and just barely long enough to keep him from being too top-heavy.


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