Gender Female
Aliases Taru
Place of Birth Igen Weyr
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Weyrbrat
Portrayed by Hayley Williams

Art is courtesy Katie W.! Please visit her page!



Hotaru's face is sourrounded by a mop of layered auburn hair, which goes to about her chin in the front and her shoulders in the back. She generally lets it alone in a wild bed-headed sort of look. Most of the time red tinted reading glasses sit on a small pointed nose, half covering big icey blue eyes. The glasses are similar to the ones her grandmother wears, however Hotaru's are for aesthetics only, the red glass in them is not for vision correction. Her face is thin, but not long, and tapers down to a somewhat pointed chin. Hotaru is of short to medium height for her age, and unlikely to grow much more. Generally she would be considered thin, with more muscles than most girls have.

Hotaru generally wears dark colored sleeveless tunics or just straight tank tops or wife beaters in the warmer weather. Her pants are usually big and baggy, with as many pockets as she can find or sew on herself. The pants are rolled at the bottom and held up with a red belt. She has a thick pair of leather dragonriding boots that look worn, but are not in bad shape. During the colder months she just wears a man's long leather dragonriding coat over everything.


Hotaru was born at Igen weyr to greenrider Hika. Though technically a flight baby, Hotaru was planned when Hika and her weyrmate, female brownrider Cs'ra, decided to expand their little family. Having never met the man who fathered her, Hotaru regards Cs'ra as her second parent. And in fact she was fostered with Cs'ra's parents, who run a small cothold near Fort Hold. Throughout her time with Cs'ra's parents, Hotaru remained close with her own parents and spent a good part of her life mingling with the other weyrbrats.

Hotaru's grandparents had settled into a quiet farm life, but neither were actually farmers by trade. Her grandfather had been born a renegade, but made a life for himself trading. He had developed his own style of martial arts used for meditation and self defense, which he'd passed down to his daughter and now his granddaughter. Hotaru's grandmother had been a huntress who specialized in archery, and had taught her granddaughter how to use a bow.

When Hotaru turned fourteen, her parents propositioned her with moving to Igen permanently. While anxious to be back at a weyr, Hotaru didn't feel comfortable leaving her grandparents so far away at Fort. Instead she opted to move to Fort Weyr to try her luck there.


Name Relation Location Position
Hika Mother Igen Weyr Greenrider
Cs'ra Mother Igen Weyr Brownrider
???? Biological Father ???? Weyr Bronzerider
Cain Grandfather Cothold outside Fort Farmer/Trader
Ressa Grandmother Cothold outside Fort Farmer/Huntress


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Title OOC Date Cast
Nothing is Wrong January 07, 2013 Abigail, Borodin, Hotaru
Fresh Meat Janurary 11, 2013 Hotaru, Taegan, Yurolt
Round Up! January 25, 2013 Anoryn, D’ani, Datsun, Garait, Garawan, Hotaru, Idrissa, Jethaniel, Laera, Mikal, Muir, Soriana
Return to Fort February 15, 2013 Hotaru, Borodin, Abigail
The Safest Place in the Weyr March 24, 2013 Abigail, Hotaru, J'son
Want a Snack? April 18, 2013 Hotaru, Rayathess
The Princess and the Peanut April 19, 2013 Hotaru, Yurolt