Craft TechCraft
Rank Journeyman
Specialty Engineercraft
Birthplace Landing
Posting Fort Weyr
Dragon N/A
Played By Lily Collins


There is something delicate about this girl, something fragile in the way her slender frame bears itself, as though any touch might shatter her. Her height is perhaps slightly less than average, but the way she is often caught hunching her shoulders and curling in upon herself might suggest that she is far smaller than mere measurements claim. Her hair is a rich, dark chestnut, falling to mid-back, where the ends twist in loose waves. Her strong jaw is softened by delicately feminine features. Her most striking feature is undoubtedly her thick, expressive eyebrows, which add a uniqueness to her conventionally attractive features. Although her body is not entirely without womanly curves, she cannot boast an ample chest or an hourglass figure. She treads just on the verge of being too slim, that porcelain skin threatening to stretch too tight over bone, but never quite crossing that line.


As the daughter of two Computer Crafters (no one ask how that came about!) based out of Landing, Hedvika seemed always to be destined for technology. While she was painfully shy and struggled with the very idea of socializing with other children, she always found comfort in wires and gadgets, and clung to the safety of that insular world that her parents so favored. Given her reticence for social interaction and her parents' dedication to their work, Hedvika spent most of her time alone as a young girl, inventing her own entertainment in the form of toys she built herself.

As she grew older and reached that age when Apprenticeship was looming, she was forced to admit to her parents that she didn't want to pursue their darling Computer Craft. She didn't want write code or compile data, she wanted to innovate with her hands… although still stay within that realm of technology. It wasn't exactly what they'd planned for their daughter, true, but they couldn't be too disappointed having a Tech Crafter in the family.

While Hedvika excelled at her craft, she remained something of a failure socially. When she wasn't entirely wrapped up in her work, it became clear that she was too afraid to speak her mind around other people. When it came to concrete knowledge of her craft, it wasn't a problem, but the moment her personal opinion came into play Hedvika would immediately step away from any form of conflict, however minor. This earned her a reputation as a pushover, and she found it alienated her from all but a few peers. Still, she was an exceptional crafter, and a few months before she turned nineteen, she earned her Journeyman's knot. For the first time in her life, Hedvika will be posted somewhere other than home, and she's terrified.


Name Relation Location Position
Hediyla Mother Landing COC Sr. Jman
Carovikan Father Landing COC Sr. Jman


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